Aug. 15th, 2017


Aug. 15th, 2017 07:03 pm
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If I ever needed any proof that the UK economy is in bad shape right now, it came with this morning's mail.

Some extremely optimistic person at Barclaycard decided I was a good candidate for a credit card. With a £1200 limit.

Yeah, I know. I'm bewildered too. Most days I can barely be trusted with bus fare.

I applied out of boredom last week, when they sent me a letter telling me that as I have a bank account with Barclays, I was of course pre-approved for one of their Platinum cards. Yeah, right, I thought, but as I said I was bored and so I did the online application anyway. And now here we are.

I'm being responsible though. Much as I would like to race out of the house and buy a PS4 and a copy of Bloodborne, I'm restricting my use of the card to emergency purchases only, or purchases that I could afford in a few days' time but need at that very moment. And I've got to pay it off every month without fail, or as close as.

...okay, I did buy a mouse mat with it today, but that was just to make sure it had activated properly and it cost £4.

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