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It's local election time here soon, and this morning we got the British National Party's "vote for us!" flyer in the mail. Here's a few choice quotes from it, complete with my... translation/rebuttal/snarking:

A doctor says: "I'm voting BNP because I see what immigration is doing to our NHS." - What, bringing in badly-needed nurses to fill roles in hospitals that our own country can't do? Yeah, that's some insidious evil there...

The text next to a picture of a soldier says: "We're fed up of being sent ill-equipped into foreign wars. The BNP will bring our troops home and ensure that British soldiers are not abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims." - Okay, first off, unless you're planning a second civil war (and knowing the BNP I wouldn't be too surprised) all wars are going to be "foreign" by definition. Second... so instead they're going to be abused by drunken yobs?

Next to a picture of an elderly couple: "We're with the British National Party because it's not fair that people who've worked hard and paid in all their lives are pushed to the back of the queue behind bogus asylum seekers." - of course, since the definition of "bogus asylum seeker" in BNP language is "anyone and everyone we don't like who doesn't look white", that's a really misleading line.

Also, I tell a lie - there are some non-whites on the leaflet. There's a picture of a line of dark-skinned men next to the line "Oppose the dangerous drive - backed by the other main parties - to give 80 million low-wage, Muslim Turks the right to swamp Britain." 80 million? That many? That's impressive... especially when Wikipedia tells me that, according to Turkey's 2008 census, the population of Turkey is 71,517,100

All in all, this is a rather disappointing flyer from the BNP. Hardly anything to rip apart in it - well, apart from the above and the rather insulting "Battle for Britain 2009" logo with a WWII bomber they've got. Because, you know, WWII was all about fighting to allow facism in Britain wasn't it? It's almost enough to make me want to miss some of their earlier gems (snarked here and here).

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Did they not fuck up regarding the bomber? I believe, if I remember rightly, the plane they chose was actually used by a lot of Polish squadrons who fought on behalf of Britain.

Fortunately the worst leaftlet I've had through the door is a UKIP one which highjacks a picture of Winston Churchill. The BNP are not terribly popular in Scotland. A work colleague remarked he saw them campaigning in Argyle Street and a massive crowd surrounded them. Not in support but loudly telling them to fuck off.

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