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This post is where I'm keeping the prompt lists and bingo cards I've picked in May 2017 to work on. As I write stories for them, I'll link to each completed prompt. In theory, this should all work very well and I should get some nice bingos and filled prompt lists...

For [community profile] allbingo :
hostagesmultiple personalities: always thereostracised from societywerewolves: silver poisoningheat stroke
old school medical treatmentcrucifixionloss of voicehallucinationsStockholm syndrome
accidentsisolation / accidentally locked inzombie apocalypseloss of job / incomeminor illness (cold
severe / life-threatening illnessrape / recoverysexual extortion: to protect someone elsebruisestoothache
drowningcombat scenariosheadachesstranded/survival scenarioundercover: forced to hurt your partner

For [community profile] rainbowfic:
Theme: Weather
1. blanket of fog
2. rolling thunder
3. flash of lightning
4. clear blue sky
5. furious rain
6. raging winds
7. withering drought
8. wave of heat
9. nip of frost
10. winter chill
11. pounding hurricane
12. fast as a tornado
13. earthquake weather
14. cool mist
15. wall of humidity

For [community profile] origfic_bingo:
illness (major or minor) utopia fireworks worst case scenario vehicle
penance/punishment Stockholm syndrome shower (together) technology/mechanics birth
trapped magical/mythological creatures WILD CARD AU: meeting AU counterparts sleepy/unconscious (during sex)
apocalypse (or post-apocalypse) crossdressing amnesia suicide birthdays
ageplay historical roleplay hot cocoa (or equivalent) bad sex traditions

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