sareini: Image of the Bursar from the Discworld universe (Bursar)
1. How did you name your pets?
2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?
3. Do you have a FB account too?
4. Books - hardcover or paperback
5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

1. Of the current two? Lily came with her name. Callie's full name is Calliope Tulip Shodan. I wanted a muse name and a strong name (Mazikeen was a close second). And Shodan was because every cat has a bit of supervillain in them.

2. Of the two, I think I watched more Miss Marple growing up, but honestly neither of them are on my list. I much prefer DI Jack Frost from the Touch of Frost series.

3. Yes, although I'm on hiatus from it right now. Periodically all the bad news and stuff I can't help my friends with gets too much for me and I have to step back for a while or get too depressed to function.

4. Both. And eBooks. And sometimes audiobooks (I've discovered they're good if you're working on a long crafting project). Basically if it's a book-like entity, I'll probably try to read it.

5. Android all the way. I refuse to use anything as overpriced as an Apple and I don't trust Windows phones enough yet.

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