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Ah, payday.

This morning I finally managed to get the three months' free that LoveFilm were offering me (it seems slightly counter-productive that I had to have money in my account to be able to use a gift card to give me the free time, but there you go) and will soon be going into town to put money on the pre-pay card to re-activate my WAR account. Happy days, and the strong chance that no-one will see me for several days after this, as I'll be suddenly inundated with DVDs and the desire to play a Black Guard/catch up with being ganked by Witch Elves while playing my Archmage.

While I'm in town, I'm thinking I'll also check out Woolworths, to see if I can get any cheap Chocolate Oranges there now that they've started their "Closing Down" sales. Granted, I'll also need my best crowd-beating stick and my BPAL perfume that, when I wear it on my wrists and gently waft it around, seems to clear a space for me with remarkable speed (New Orleans actually smells really nice, it's just really strong for some reason and makes people back away...), but cheap chocolate is worth the effort.


Dec. 8th, 2008 07:38 pm
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I like my neighbours, I really do. They're always friendly when they come to pick up parcels from our house, and they have a cat (who seems to think our house and back garden is his, but that's cats for you).

Unfortunately, right now I'm not feeling too well-disposed towards them, because every time I settle down to do work, they start up doing something noisy. Yesterday evening it was being visited by kids, and I didn't feel comfortable working in case they could hear me, and then there was a nice couple of hours' worth of being serenaded by karaoke.

And today it's drilling.

Gah. Gah gah gah.
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In today's mail there was a letter from LoveFilm. Months ago I had a subscription with them, but we had to let it lapse and never got round to re-upping it. It's been on the list of "things to do when we have the spare cash" for some time now.

Well, in this letter was a giftcard that could be used to get up to a 3-month subscription with them, and on the little card it's presented in it says "Use this gift card yourself or pass onto a friend."

Ooohh. Free DVDs.

But I am a cynical person, and so this seemed too good to be true. Surely, since I'd once been a member, they wouldn't just give me a free £50 credit to get my account going? I strained my eyes to read the small print, and saw the part where it said the offer didn't apply to existing customers, which likely included me.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

...oh yes, the pre-pay credit card isn't valid any more. Okay, put in my Solo card.

...what do you mean, it "Failed a Pre Auth Check"? Hmm, wonder if Nick's card will work...

...that's better. Now, to input the giftcard code again...

...oh, come on! You accepted the card details just a moment ago! They can't be failing a check now! Fine, fine, to customer service I go...
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Two days ago, I woke up to heavy snow falling and about two inches already on the ground. There had been no weather warnings for the snow.

Last night, I saw on the BBC that heavy snow and blizzards were expected for parts of the country, including mine. Instead, it just rained a little and all the snow that hadn't already melted disappeared.

I love British weather.
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So. I've been registered with work to do their Text Chat thing for about three weeks now, which coincided with them rolling out a new service where they would have us texting for another company as well, which would gwt us lots of extra texts. In theory. Unfortunately for me, in the three weeks I've been registed, I've not received a single one, while others have been getting loads. So yesterday I rang into work to ask if everything was okay with my console (they'd been asking people to ring them if they hadn't received anything so they could send a dummy text to make sure everything was working). turned out that, despite being able to log into the console, having uploaded three pictures and having changed my intro text and having it approved, I wasn't down as registered for Text Chat. Somehow my details had just disappeared from their system. So now I'm waiting for IT to figure out just what's gone on and fix it. The poor girl on the phone had no idea what could have happened.

And then, just to continue the theme of the day, yesterday afternoon I had to go into town to transfer money from Nick's account to mine. Just as I get to the bank, one of their ATMs jams and they have to close the bank to be able to fix it, leaving about ten of us standing outside in the freezing cold waiting for them to let us in.

I swear to Eris, I need to just be wrapped in an anti-static bag some days...
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There is a slug in my kitchen sink. I don't know how it got in there - did it slither its way up the cupboards? Come up through the plughole? Or worse, come through the taps? (Can slugs come through taps?)

...and I was in the middle of making dinner too.

These things just love happening to me, don't they?
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We have strong indicators that is written by a man (98%).

From GenderAnalyser
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I just got this through Twitter:

Are you addicted to World of Warcraft?

I think my favourite comment so far has to be this one though:

"Yes, they are addictive. The government should set up a department to review these games for addictiveness, ban the most addictive and put a sliding scale tax on the rest. It should pass a law that forces IP's to monitor how long each person is playing them and then require them to send waring notices and finally cut off internet connections. These addicts are a danger to society. One of them killed my Troll"
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It is cold here. Too cold to do very much but complain about the cold, as is the British tradition.

I got my hair cut at the weekend, thanks to Nick the Hairdresser (his secret talent, useful for when we don't have the money for getting my hair cur by a professional). Apparently I now look a little like Dorothy Parker. Whether or not that's a good thing I don't know; I just know that I like it.

Jelli has been having a mad day; hurtling round everywhere, jumping on things and generally being a streak of black and white fur about the house, who periodically stops dead to clean a paw slowly and carefully, and then zooms off into another room again.

Also, I've had a headache for two days. It's very annoying and distracting from my writing, which I've really got to catch up on after I've had a bath. Bleh.
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First off, a NaNo update:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,438 / 50,000

As with every other year, I'm being my usual luddite self and handwriting my novel, because sitting at a computer and trying to write it just gives me too many distractions and I never get anything done. Plus, I can write pretty much anywhere in the house and I'm not limited to whenever Nick isn't using the computer that way. I don't think I'm doing too badly this year; yes, I'm a little behind on words as I didn't actually write on Tuesday due to watching Election coverage and on Wednesday due to recovering from watching election coverage, but catching up isn't too big of a problem, especially since I've already written over 1k words today and that's even with having to stop to do things on the computer every half hour.

In other news... still not got a computer of my own and so having to share Nick's. It's a strained situation, especially since a lot of the people I usually need to talk to are only on in the evening or at night... which is usually when Nick's on as well (not to mention the fact that I can't update lj whenever I feel like it like I used to...)

I've started playing around on Twitter a little, much to Nick's horror and dismay. I'm @Sareini over there.

Also, I think I broke another lightbulb yesterday.
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- I'm now 29. Got Supernatural season 3 (Dean is still such a woobie!),the complete set of American Gothic and a month's subscription to Warhammer Online from Nick; a box of Lush stuff from my brother and nieces (Rachael now has pillar box red hair. I approve!); and two of those Scraperfoil kits and a bar of chocolate from Nick's mother.

- It snowed here on Monday and Tuesday. Snow. In October. What really did it for me, though, was seeing the news reports of it: "Meteorologists say snow caused by Arctic air". Well I never. Next they'll be telling me that cold weather is caused by a drop in temperature.

- I broke our microwave. And quite possibly the light fitting in the kitchen. And Nick's keyboard. My friends have dubbed this ability the "Luddite's Touch". I like it.

- Everywhere I look there are zombies (although, sadly, not literally). I'm just kicking myself that we don't have cable so I can watch Dead Set on E4.

- I have done practically no preparation for NaNoWriMo. It's going to be a fun November!
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It's October.

I've signed up for this year's National Novel-Writing Month in anticipation of November... but as of now I have no idea what I'm going to write. Well, to be exact I have several ideas, all vague, floating round my head, and I have no idea which, if any of them I'll end up using. Or how they could develop. Ah well.

This weekend I also got an invitation to my school reunion, which served to remind me that it's now been ten years since I was 18 (and nearly 11...). Plus, the idea of seeing most of those people ten years on - most of whom really did expect me to end up in a mental hospital - is slightly scary. Visions of Grosse Point Blank keep going through my head. Although I think the chances of me having to stab an assassin to death with a cheap pen in a hallway are somewhat slimmer. Sad, that. It would be interesting entertainment.

And now I'm off to wait in the cold (and probably rain) outside the doctors' to get an early-morning appointment. Bah.

Oh, and I have dragon eggs: Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

(my first two died :( )
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First off, we have some stuff from GamerDNA... Basically, it's personality tests for gamers, and a good way to express my inner geek.

I've also hopped onto the Dragon Egg bandwagon:

Adopt one today!

...yes, it's a geeky day today...
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I broke my computer again.

Actually, that's not exactly right, mainly because I don't actually know what I do to computers that make them go belly-up with such startling frequency. But they do, and it's always with some bizarre final noise or because some piece of it has decided to make its exit with a spectacular send-off.

The fan on my graphics card is dying. This, surprisingly enough, is not what caused today's computer-death. No, that just makes a noise that's a cross between a goose stuck in an air vent and a small prop-plane juddering down a runway. No, this time we think it was the hard drive (think because Nick doesn't have the stuff to test it here) that was sending us BSODs every time I turned it on.

Thank Eris I have a spare hard drive (with all my important stuff on it too) that Nick could fit up. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what my sound card was, so the only noise in the room now is the bloody graphics card, but I guess it's a small price to pay.

With my track record, is it really any wonder that Nick sends me out of the room whenever he has to fix the computer?
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Here's a question I never imagined I'd be asking.

Does anyone know how to burp or sneeze on command? And if so, can you share the secrets with me? me, the great majority of you don't want to know why.


Aug. 18th, 2008 10:00 pm
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...I just got hit in the face by an airborne frozen sausage, courtesy of Nick.

I could explain, but it would detract from the mental image I've no doubt given you all now.
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Nick does not like and will not allow me to get the DVDs of the TV series Lexx.

I don't even know him any more.
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So what have I been doing lately?

Well, there's been the usual City of... playing, as well as some WoW as well (yeah, yeah, I know, but I have a 23 Blood Elf Warlock and it's actually fun), some writing, some failed job hunting (I nearly became a poker dealer, but alas, it was not to be)...

I discovered a new webcomic thanks to Nick - Looking for Group - which my icon for this post is from, because Richard is cool.

I've also been watching a lot of movies. We got a LoveFilm subscription, and after an initial snafu or two, things have been going well.

Here's what we watched on Monday, for example...

The Covenant )

Death Proof )
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I'm thinking/wanting/planning on moving to the States.

I just have to work on Nick. Any suggestions?
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Right, one day late, but who's counting...

Really, I intend to do some of these this year... )

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