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So, there's a new MMO out called Champions Online. It's a superhero MMO, and so of course everyone who plays or has ever been interested in City of Heroes is all a-buzz with talk and opinions about it. Well, this weekend there was a completely open beta for anyone who wanted to give it a try just before it went live, so Nick and I downloaded it (well, let's be exact - it got downloaded onto Nick's machine because my computer currently doesn't have the graphics to run anything much above Minesweeper) and we spent most of Sunday giving it a test-run.

Cut so that the majority of you uninterested in my MMOing can be unassailed by the wall-o-text... )
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Well, what an... interesting week I've had.

The first week of the new BNet forums and social networking stuff pretty much took up all my time, free or no, so that it was pretty much the only thing I was doing when I was awake and at the computer.

then, just as things were slowing down this weekend, I had a SG recruitment fair to help out with... and then Nick hurt his back and couldn't move out of bed. He may still be stuck there today, in fact, but at least things are slowing down somewhat.

So yeah, it's been busy, and that's where I've been. I'm back now, though,
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The fic series I've been casually writing for my main RP hero in City of has unexpectedly bloomed. This is mainly because I've finally come up with a workable antagonist for him who fits into the story without too much jigging about.

There is really only one problem with this:

It'll mean I'll be trying to concentrate on this and on NaNo at the same time from now till... whenever it gets finished or the end of November at least, whichever comes sooner.

I suppose I could write City of fanfic for NaNo, using this plot as a springboard and writing big chunks of backstory for both Psychist and Tommy Bedlam (antagonist!) and re-writing (for NaNo) what I've already written to fit in... but I'm loathe to do that. For one, it'll mean I'll be way too easily distracted by the game in the form of "character research" (I know what I'm like). And for two... I'm not sure if I want to do fanfic this year. I mean, I use NaNo as a writing exercise - something to get me to write in large chunks, on a regular/daily basis, because otherwise I'm a sporadic writer at best despite all the stuff I've got on the computer and on paper round my room that needs to be finished - so whether or not I write something that can be published is of no real consquence to me. But on the other hand there's a part of me that always enjoys coming up with the world and new characters and plots and stuff...

Arrgh. Why can't my head just stick with one idea?
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Good news: the money Nick's mother sent Special Delivery on Monday finally arrived today.

Bad news: it arrived five minutes after our doctors' surgery closed for the day (half day on Thursday), so we can't pick up the perscription till tomorrow.

At least I have chocolate (and Nick can haz pizza tonight).

On the other hand, I can't sleep right now despite having been up all night (I settle down to play City of for a couple of hours, and the next thing I know my friends are joking about what time it is over in the UK and the milk floats are driving through the streets. At least I got two levels on my Warshade and had some good fun teaming). So I'm wandering round the net and doing random things. I may try doing some writing even, or perhaps even some NaNo prep (I have that Snowflake Method thing somewhere in my bookmarks...).

Although knowing me, I'll just end up reading random stuff on the web for a couple of hours till I'm ready to drop...
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After having played pretty much since launch (give or take the odd month when money was a problem), I finally achieved something big this morning, at 6am, to be exact.

I dinged 50.

I even got a picture! )

Of course, since this was my very first 50, it unlocked the epic archetypes for me - Peacebringers and Warshades.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I had been planning out a Warshade character for the past ten or so levels... but by half six I had my first Warshade created:

Meet Shadowglider... I wanted Shadowdancer but the name was taken )

Now, I guess I should get some sleep...
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i11 is starting to loom in the horizon, ever-so-slightly, in the City of world, and people are starting to speculate just what, exactly, is going to happen with it. So far we've had a wallpaper of an Ouroberos and a very bizarre in-game newspaper story that have really led to more questions than answers...

And just now, I found this. Someone was lurking over on the UK boards, and found some unusual comments from a dev over there:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to thank you for all these wonderful postings - reading threads like this always makes my day!

Let me tell you this:

Twenty particles of space dust per cubic meter, fifty-two ultraviolet radiation spikes, and a class two comet.

I think that covers quite a lot.

Obey the laws! Hail Eris!


(Link to the whole thread

That's just two of the comments the dev made, and people are pouring over every detail and making guesses as to what they (and the other comments) mean.

Me? The fact that my religion is apparently playing a major role, if not in the game itself then in some of the design process, is making me a happy person this morning.
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So, the second Rikti invasion is still going strong in City of... right now, with the Rikti coming along in their great big dropships every few hours and carpetbombing a whole load of zones.

Back in the i10 beta, a group of heroes working together actually managed to take down a bunch of the ships (and you can see the video of that here). After they did this, the devs went, "Oh crap, you weren't supposed to be able to do that!" and tinkered with the ships, making them stronger and harder and generally more difficult to bring down.

Still, there's been plenty of talk about actually trying to take down these 'new and improved' dropships... and today we managed it!

...Yes, that does include me, even though my Mind/Kinetics Controller would have done more damage to the ship by simply hurling himself suicidally into its hull, and that's before you take the lag into account.

Here's a thread with some pictures of the event (before we went and pwned the dropship, there was a RP memorial for a character who had died in a Rikti attack the day before, which is what the first picture is about... and you can just about see me there too!), which is totally cool.

I took a couple of pictures myself, although between my computer and the lag they didn't turn out too brilliantly (and one of them got taken as I was plummeting dead from the sky after being hit with a Rikti Fusion Cannon or whatever those ships are equipped with), but they're below the cut if you're interested in my geeking out over this.

Rikti: Do You Want Karate? )

...sorry, I'll go to bed now. Just wanted to brag.
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Thanks to the bloody i10 invasion in City of Heroes, I am now terribly behind on my pre-Blogathon preparations.

Ah well. It's not like I don't do my best work under pressure or anything... And at least I have the most important things already sorted - the food.
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Gods-freaking-dammit Paragon City!

I have the Blogathon this weekend! The Rikti can't invade this week!

*urges game updater to go faster, faster*


Jun. 8th, 2007 08:21 pm
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I haven't posted for a while. I know, it's terrible.

So, what's been happening?

- after a slight problem involving my email not getting the worksheets being sent to me, I got my schedules for this week and next for work. My first job is on Sunday. Then I've got another on Monday (goodbye sleep!) and one on Wednesday. I'm at least glad that I don't have to work next weekend, as there's a double-XP weekend going on CoX that I don't want to miss (and I'm already having to miss a roleplay event happening this Sunday night).

- I've started my planning for Blogathon '07.

- [ profile] learnedrobb is coming down to see us tomorrow and staying overnight, so Jelli can sit on him and Mac can run away whenever he moves (Mac is slightly scared of big people)

- I'm writing porn for [ profile] amara_m/[ profile] phantisma's Inappropriate Content ficathon. You may all start trembling now.

I think that's all the salient points...
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I am still alive... I've just been hibernating for a while.

Well, that and playing City of now that i9 has gone live. It's strange how the Inventions system has gotten so addictive, even though all I'm doing is picking up salvage. Oh, and Nick had a case of Newbie's Luck and got a drop of the Insect Wings costume piece... which he was then able to sell for 30 million infamy (and before anyone accuses him of price gouging, he didn't set the price at 30 million, but because it's a blind auction system that's what someone was willing to pay). So I'll never have to lend him infamy again.

Oh, and I found a cool website: Emergency and Disaster Information Service. Tells you where all the active volcanoes are, heat waves, earthquakes, epidemics and such like. For example, there's anthrax in Russia right now, and bubonic plague in the States...

CoH Fun!

Apr. 16th, 2007 03:36 am
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I've been immortalised!

...well, one of my characters has, anyway. (NOT Bruno) Can you guess which one?

(It's just a cameo, really, if that helps, although I do have a speaking role...)
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I really need to remember to update this more often sometimes...

So, what have I been up to?

Had a job interview last week, for BHS, which I think went well, but of course I'll only know that if, by the end of this week, I've been called back for a second interview. It't be a good job to get - easy to get to, nice people, good hours... but we'll have to wait and see.

[ profile] jackthecake worked some magic and managed to get us a pair of sofas for the house today. They're very nice indeed, as well as very big - we can't currently open the front door properly, so we're either going to have to enter and leave the house through the back door for a while or rearrange Nick's office. The cats certainly like them though.

Put my back out somehow, so I'm having a few problems standing, walking and sitting at the moment (no word on lying down as I haven't tried it yet). Just waiting now for the painkillers to kick in.

Been neglecting my writing over the last few days, which is especially bad of me as I'm taking part in this year's April Fools. Then again, it's not like I've been consciously doing so - I just keep getting caught up in other stuff whenever I sit down to write, or getting short-term writer's block. I intend to try and fix that this week, though.

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter too, as my RP SG in CoH is meeting, and we're going to be running missions, doing a TF or something like that, all in-character. So I got all my sleeping in this afternoon. It's all go around here sometimes...
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Natural Scrapper (or maybe Tanker). Either Martial Arts or Katana for the primary; Super Reflexes, Regen or Invulnerability for the Secondary.


[X] was just a regular citizen in Paragon City, albeit an unemployed one. It seemed that she was just unable to keep hold of a job, because every time she got one, some villain group would invade the premises and go on a rampage. Getting tired of the same thing happening every time, and noticing that just about anybody seemed able to get a Hero licence in the city, she decided to try that out for a career...

Now all I need to do is come up with a name and a battlecry...
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See what happens when two slightly unhinged people are bored?

The saga begins... )

Yes, [ profile] jackthecake decided to join me on Virtue last night, and the two of us created new RP characters for the occasion - Dr Nitrous Brio and his long-suffering lab assistant Ellie Diskordia.

So I just felt I had to do a little something to commemorate the event...
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Well, that was a fun weekend. Gained at least one level on all of my major characters, and had a lot of fun doing so. A few specific points of note:

- spending five hours battling through a Strike Force with [ profile] jackthecake (and Vraenar for the first two missions), only to discover when we got to the final mission that the two of us, being a Mastermind and a Dominator, couldn't put a dent in the Hero we had to defeat. That was mildly frustrating, but a learning experience at the very least.

- watching Nick slowly succumb to altitis and create character after character. He currently has seven, and this is after only three days of play.

- developing a severe RSI to my upper right arm (I'm calling it "gamer's bicep") after playing for about ten hours straight on Saturday which left me unable to move my arm in any position except "extended to hold mouse/use computer keyboard" and "pulled in across chest". This left me unable to do anything else, so I just did the same on Sunday too. Today, still in utter agony (I had to get Nick to help dress me, for crying out loud!) I went and got some very strong painkillers (Ibuprofen and Codine) which have given me back about 50% of the movement of my arm and have left me quite pleasantly high.

...I'm telling people I fell down the stairs.

And now I'm back in the 'real' world, at least for a while...


Jan. 4th, 2005 09:46 pm
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So, the long awaited Update 3 went live today.

I picked a great time to hit level 20, it seems. Three new zones for me to explore - one of them arriving with I3 - loads of new villain groups, new events, and a lot more fun to be had in general stuff. People 'roleplay' more in Broadcast, for one, rather than just spamming for teams, powerleveling or teleports to the costume store.

I've been taking pictures, might post a couple later.

One of the best bits so far has been fighting one of the new villain groups (to me, anyway), the Freakshow. Now, the Freakshow are kind of techno-anarchists - not only have they rejected society and spend a lot of time fighting and smashing things up, but they've cyber-enhanced themselves. So you end up fighting great big spiky people with scythes instead of forearms, that sort of thing.

Then, in the mission, I came across the boss. His name was Teh Pnxorrz. Yup, taking l33t-speak to a whole new level.

The down sides:

Arrrgggh - the lag.

Arrrgggh - the mapserver crashes.

Arrrgggh - the repeated idiots on Broadcast asking about the respec (not live yet due to a bug), the Council (read the website), the giant squid (same answer, or listen to one of the earlier bloody explanations), the new zones (check your map) and the difficulty slider (ok, so that one's a bit difficult to find at first). Really, I know I can get unnecessarily cranky sometimes, but how difficult is it to look stuff up yourself or read someone else's answer to your question?

Grrr. The internet really brings out the worst in people, doesn't it? I mean, look at me...
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So, on Sunday I got a mission from one of my contacts: go to this warehouse and investigate what the Tsoo are doing with the Outcasts. Pretty straightforward mission; I breeze through the minions, even the ones which con yellow to me, till I reach the boss. Except it's not a boss. It's bossess.

Ok, I think. One of them only cons green to me (two levels below; yellow is one yellow above) and the other is your regular orange boss. I can do this.


Finally completed the mission today, with a total of 7,010 debt (it was higher than that, but I got award for defeating the damn Tsoo boss and completing the mission. Part of the problem was the bos himself - he was able to create a localised hurricane around himself, which interfered with my accuracy and kept knocking me off my feet. He also had a kick which did 126 damage each time. Ow. This meant that I couldn't repeatedly snipe him, because even if he couldn't hit me to interrupt me, the hurricane did.

The other problem was that, every time I seemed to start up the mission, my computer would start to rebel. Stalling, freezing, rubberbanding, crashing... the last was the worst, because if you crash out in the middle of a mission, when you log back in the mission has reset and you have to do it all again. To call it 'frustrating' would be an understatement.

In the end I came up with a workable strategy, though - with a full tray of inspirations I knew I could take him down to about half health (he had 605), and then I ran. As I ran, I shot offoccasional mental bolts and the like, and eventually he would give up chasing me and leave me alone. He was at about one-third health at this point. I then followed him back, and repeated the process (minus the inspirations part.

When he finally fell, I could have danced on his corpse (except for the fact that we don't kill, we 'arrest', and because my computer froze again for a few seconds when I landed the final blow, so that when I caught up with things he had already been teleported to prison).

Now, I hope I never have to do that mission again.
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So, Update 2 for CoH just went live on the servers. I managed to log in for three minutes before being booted again (and for once, it's not the non-broadband, but the poor CoH servers being bombarded by everyone and their dog trying to get in to see what it's like).

The big thing for me, considering that I'm not interested in capes (they don't look good on my current character, who wears a battlesuit), is badges - and admittedly, I wasn't even that bothered about them. I liked the game just fine before. But anyway, logging in told me that I have gained two badges - the 'Negotiator' badge, for stopping a gang war between the Skulls and the Clockwork, and the 'Protector of Innocents' badge, for achieving level 10. Personally, I had half-expected to have gotten one of the badges they award you for dying a certain amount of time - they have names like 'Unflinching' and the like, so you don't feel like too much of a maroon - considering the way I've been playing for the past few days.

Ah well. Back to trying to log in.


Aug. 24th, 2004 07:37 am
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Better today. Sleep helped. And, strangely enough, a cheese omelette.

Currently sitting at the foot of a great big statue in Steel Canyon (CoH, of course), looking to see if anyone wants to do a TF. There was a group who formed earlier, but they seemed like a bunch of...well, how can I put it... idiots. Not to mention the fact that they wanted 'healers' rather than defenders.

There are a lot of asshats around this morning though. I've seen a 'Sargeant Undies', whose bio informs us all that he is "one bad ass n****r" who wants to do nothing but kick ass... strange, then, that he was a Controller... and a 'Dry.Ice', whose bio tells us that he is a 'machine below the belt' and not to hate because "he owns [us] and [our] women.bitches".

I'm not making any of this up.

Heh. Just got a tell from the leader of the TF that was forming earlier, wanting to know if I have time for a TF. I do, but I'm not doing one with people who expect me to heal them rather than buff/debuff, which is what I do, and will therefore have no concept of such things as tactics, not running off like a madman etc. etc. And most of his group were AR blasters anyway. Hate to say it, but they're the worst for getting people killed.

Anyway, back to the game.

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