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Lovefilm by Post DVD rental service to close.

This rather sucks. Yes, things are very different from when Lovefilm started a decade or so ago and there are a ton of streaming services now for people to choose from... but Lovefilm's selection was huge, and even with Shudder, Amazon Prime and Netflix combined I wouldn't have anything near the selection of films that Lovefilm had (we're not mentioning Kodi here because of the legal grey area). And I'm not the only one to point out the vast difference in available titles either. Maybe Amazon will listen and be able to make more titles available for streaming, so people won't have to resort to... other sources for films.


In other news I've started on season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow and after two episodes I'm still happily hooked - thus breaking the season 2 curse I've been labouring under lately. Nick would have been all but peeing himself with glee, of course, as we've now got the Justice Society of America which Nick was a total fanboy for. Any questions I might have had about them (such as which was Obsidian and which was Dr Mid-Nite, because they had such similar powersets that I got a bit confused) would have been answered in great detail rather than my having to go to Wikipedia to look things up. The rest of the Legends are still awesome as well - I still miss Captain Cold, but because it's near-impossible to avoid spoilers sometimes I'm aware that isn't a lasting condition - and I love that Sara Lance gets to be a bisexual with an active sex life with both men and women. There's not nearly enough of that in movies and TV.
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Last night, Callie had a Mad Half-Hour (which turned into a Mad Two Hours - Lily climbed into her cardboard box, pulled the lid over herself and stayed there for the duration) and during her extended Zoomies she decided that the Suicide Squad poster in the front room had to go.

To be fair, it's partially my fault. I put the cat tree right next to it, within easy reach of over-excited kittens.

She shredded Slipknot and took half of the Joker's face off (ironic, really), before grabbing the piece of poster that she'd removed, squeaking excitedly, and running out of the room with it. I found her later crouched over it like a fresh kill, utterly pleased with herself. I suppose when you're a 100% indoor kitty you have to hunt what you can.

But the event did remind me that I've wanted to put more posters and pictures up in the house for some time - I've just been delayed by forgetting repeatedly and by the cost of a lot of posters. When I finally finish things like the Horror Movie Maniacs cross stitch and do other stuff for myself I'll be putting them up, of course, but that could take some time with the way I work on things and the randomness of my depressive apathy attacks. So that leaves posters in the interim, but they're (a) difficult to find the ones I'd like; and (b) usually very expensive.

I got lucky today though, and found an internet place with a "Today only!" 40% sale going on, and so bought myself a couple of posters. If I had infinite money, I'd have gotten this or this, but the cost to get a decent-sized one, even unframed, was too much for me right now. So I got a couple of more qaffordable posters, and when they arrive I shall stick them to the wall with BluTac or whatever else I can find, and hopefully they'll be in places where certain cats can't reach them.

(Callie appears to have decided just now that tonight Captain Boomerang must fall, while she finishes off the Joker. Maybe I should get her a Catwoman poster.)
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My brother came down to visit and we went to see Spiderman: Homecoming.

Non-spoiler thoughts: Very good film. Funny in all the right places, with a good-action-to-real life ratio. Michael Keaton is really good as the Vulture - far better, I think, than some of the previous over-the-top villains we've had in previous Spider-Man films.

Spider-Spoilers! )

Last night I also watched up to the end of episode 4 of season One of Preacher, which I'd been meaning to do for some time but I'm easily distracted. I decided to make a go of catching up on everything because I'd been talking with my brother about it on the phone last night, and how much it was different to the graphic novels. Well, I'd already known some of the differences, but I hadn't known how far they went...

Spoilers for the first four episodes of season One of Preacher )

So yeah. I'm going to keep watching Preacher, despite my complaints, because apparently Season Two starts following the books more, and what I've seen so far of the Saint of Killers, Fiore and Leblanc, and Herr Starr (all 30 seconds of him) give me hope that there's still good stuff in there waiting to come out. But I just do not get the reasons for such massive changes to backstories, especially when the changes actually feel weaker, plotwise.
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I was at the cinema yesterday with my friend Ross, for our Nick Whitehouse Memorial Moviewatching Day. (we normally hold it at my house, but Ross didn't feel well enough for pizza or a late night so we hit the cinema instead.) We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (second time for me) and Wonder Woman (first time for both of us).

So you can safely count me among the throng who thought Wonder Woman was really, really, really good. In keeping with my usual pop culture descriptions of movies: Diana of Themyscira teams up with Captain Kirk, Gomez Addams in a fez, a Native American and No True Scotsman (you'll understand that when you see the film) to fight the Axeman of New Orleans (I spent most of the film staring at him and questioning whether he was Walter Bishop from Fringe or not, but no, I knew him from American Horror Story). I really enjoyed the way the film managed to surprise me and subvert my expectations on more than one occasion, thus making it considerably better and more original than the majority of films out there right now (and never mind superhero films). It also did a good job of reminding us about the fact that war is nasty, horrible stuff, rather than the great and noble enterprise that many other war films (or films that feature wars) tend to do.

When I woke up this morning and saw the news of yet another bunch of shitgibbons in London who thought that the best way to get on the ins with their god was to go on a rampage, I was left feeling both very tired and depressed. Seeing all of this endless hatred on both sides, each trying to one-up the other it seems, does my mental state no good whatsoever, because I just can't understand how twisted up all these people are. For most of my life I've constructed elaborate fantasy worlds to retreat to whenever bored, distressed, scared or for any other reason (At one point my mother sent me to a child psychologist because she was deeply concerned that I was spending more time in my imagination than in the "real world", which didn't go well at all, but that's another story). It's on days like this that I want to go back to those worlds, because the "real world" is just too depressing and bad nowadays. At least in the worlds of superheroes, you can still have hope that there's someone out there who can save the day.
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I've been ruminating a bit over the last few days over the current Marvel comics event, Secret Empire. For those of you not in the know, Steve Rogers, Captain America, was old for a while then got returned to his youthful self by the/a Cosmic Cube, which was in the form of a little girl called Kobik. Unfortunately, when Kobik de-aged Cap, she also re-wrote part of his history because of manipulation by the Red Skull, making him into the perfect Hydra sleeper agent. Several in-continuity months later, Hydra puts their plan into action and takes over the United States with Captain America, thoroughly believing that Hydra is what's best for the country, in charge. The majority of heroes get locked outside the planet by a defense shield, New York gets put into a Darkforce Dimension bubble and cut off from everything, mutants get "relocated" to a new country and Inhumans get put into camps. Oh, and there are public executions and Las Vegas gets bombed into the ground for harbouring a resistance movement. Fun stuff all round.

The reason I've been thinking about this lately is not just because I've been following the story, but because I've been wondering what Nick would have thought of all this. Those of you who knew Nick know that he created his "Benevolent Dictator for Life" idea, and his cynicism (and depression) led him to believe that humanity couldn't be trusted to govern itself, so someone should step in to do it for them, for their own good. He'd also jokingly "Hail Hydra" sometimes. So I'm wondering how he would have reacted to Secret Empire.

Short answer: I think he'd have hated it.

Long answer: Oh boy, where to begin. First off, I think Nick would have empathised with the over-written Captain America - he's clearly supposed to be thinking this is the best for everyone, that Hydra really will help Make America Great Again (hah). The problem is - and this is most likely down to bad writing - that Cap's actions don't always mesh with the fact that he's still supposed to be trying to do the right thing. Look at the things I listed above, to begin with. Concentration camps? Public executions? Bombing a city into rubble and killing thousands of innocent civilians just to send a message? There is no way that Captain America can still be thought of as "trying to do the right thing" when he's taking part in any of those actions. I don't think even Doctor Doom in his villainous prime went so far as to have concentration camps, and yet here we have Steve Rogers going along with this like it isn't a big deal at all. The man fought in WW2! (There was a page from a 90s X-Men/Avengers crossover event called Bloodties that I wanted to put here to illustrate the point - it takes place on Genosha where the mutate population have been put into camps to "protect" them from the Legacy virus that was ravaging the country, and when Captain America finds one such camp he is... less than happy - but I can't find a scan of it anywhere and I don't know where my own copy is, so just take my word for it.)

So we have those problems with the whole thing. Then we have the way Hydra is keeping control of the US now that they have it. Propaganda and information blackouts are one thing, but they're also putting mind control agents in the water and encouraging people - including children - to inform on anyone they think is harbouring "anti-Hydra" thoughts. And if they catch you... well, it seems all you have to do to stop the torture/execution is to "Hail Hydra", and again, how the hell can Captain America still be thought of as in any way "good" or still heroic if he's going along with this? He kills two of his friends because of this! In panels where they discuss these things he looks more annoyed by the bureaucracy than anything else.

It seems that Marvel might be starting to realise that they've written themselves into a corner with their portrayal of Captain America now, as the end of #2 of Secret Empire seems to be setting up a "good Steve/bad Steve" situation, but certainly right now they can't go on trying to make Captain America be all, "It's all for the best! No really, my murderous brainwashing Hydra allies aren't bad!" without completely destroying the character forevermore.

So in conclusion: no, Nick would not have been agreeing with Steve Rogers and Hydra on this. At all.
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Well this sounds interesting.

I know Karl Urban had expressed interest in playing Dredd in a TV series, but whether or not that could actually happen is another thing entirely. It will also be very interesting to see what stories and characters they end up bringing into the TV series - the Angel Gang are probably a shoe-in, especially Mean Machine just because he's iconic without being too difficult to adapt; Rico Dredd too. On the other hand, I can see them wanting to do things like the Dark Judges and Judge Caligula, but those might be a bit too big/dark/close to the bone in places.

We shall have to see.
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I've been tired all weekend and I'm not really sure why. Either I've been sleeping badly and not noticing (I'm one of those people who sometimes dreams of not being able to fall asleep, thus completely confusing the fuck out of my already addled brain and leaving me exhausted in the morning), or Friday's cinema trip was more emotionally draining than I realised (it was a pretty busy screening for 1pm on a Friday). Either way I've spent a fair amount of time in bed, doing very little and/or dozing.


One thing I did do yesterday was watch a horror movie called The Dark Tapes, a found-footage anthology movie that felt to me like it was trying to fill the void left by the V/H/S series. Apparently it's been winning awards on the festival circuit and getting good reviews in lots of places... which makes me feel slightly guilty that I really didn't like it.

Probably some spoilers here )


Despite knowing better, I continue to play League of Legends on weekends. At this point I think I deserve every bad game I get just because I won't follow my own advice and not play. There is little more frustrating than going 4/0/1 in your lane making sure your lane opponent can do very little but lament his choices in life, then have your team come mid and feed him kill after kill so that he ends up carrying his team to victory.


I am vaguely toying with the idea of some Loki: Agent of Asgard fic stuff. It's kind of nibbling at me right now. We shall see.
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My brother came down for a visit today and we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (yeah, it's a rare occasion where the UK gets a big film release early).

Non-spoiler thoughts:

What a fun film that was! I certainly thought it was as good and as funny as the first one, possibly even better in places. It filled in backgrounds for several characters (Yondu, or Blue Merle as I call him whenever I forget his name - hey, it's better than Blue Henry Lee Lucas - being the primary recipient there), as well as managing to introduce new characters and continue the arcs of established characters without leaving anyone with a thin edge of story wedge. It's also got the regular Stan Lee cameo - and it's one that really quite fits him - and a couple of others as well (Sylvester Stallone and Miley Cyrus among others). And Baby Groot is adorable.

Spoiler Thoughts. BIG spoilers. Read at your own risk )

Trailer-wise, I was personally just glad I didn't have to see yet another Fate of the Furious trailer. Instead, we got Baby Driver, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman. Oh, and Transformers: The Last Knight, wherein Optimus Prime appears to have gone and lost his marbles, and things explode, because Michael Bay.

So all in all, it's been a good day.
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Large picture behind cut )

...yeah. It was already hard enough waiting for November when the first issue of this mini comes out. Waiting for December's going to be even worse now.
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There is an ad that plays regularly when Nick watches his various politics shows on the internet lately. It's for Duracell batteries, and it's had several different versions, each dealing with a different type of technology that's supposed to be life-saving/incredibly important, that wouldn't be as efficient without Duracell batteries. Their latest one apparently has to do with night-vision goggles, and finishes with the line (or something very much like it), "Even in the blackest night..."

So now Nick and I have decided that Duracell power the Green Lantern rings.

"In brightest day,
In darkest night...
Duracell Batteries, proud sponsors of the Green Lantern Corps."
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The second trailer for the upcoming Watchmen movie is out.

My thoughts:

What a great-looking film! What wonderful effects and cinematography! Really, it looks like it's going to be a great action flick!

...but why is Rorschach speaking in complete sentences? Why does everyone look so shiny? Why does Rorschach seem so... sane?

See, this was my fear when I found Zach Snyder was the director. In the back of my mind, I've never quite been able to forgive him for his Dawn of the Dead remake, and so I freely admit that I was maybe a little biased in my worry over whether he could pull Watchmen off. After this, though, I have to say that - in my opinion at least (although Nick agrees with me - it looks like it's all flash and no substance.

I could be wrong, of course. And hey, it really does look like a great action movie. But Watchmen isn't just about that.
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Looks like my comics budget is getting a little bigger for a while...

First off, theres the upcoming 200th issue of X-Men, which is going to feature Mr Sinister (one of my favourite villains full stop, never mind just in comics, if only for the fact that he's teaching whole generations of comic book readers what being Machiavellian is all about), and what's more, it looks like the writer (Mick Carey, who also wrote Lucifer) is actually going to be writing him right (to my standards, at any rate).

Then there's the Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness crossover. Zombie superheroes (and villains!) and Ash... sounds like a good combination to me.
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TITLE: Culture Shock
FANDOM: Fables
CHARACTERS: Red Riding Hood; mentions of Boy Blue and Flycatcher
PROMPT: #037 – Loud
SUMMARY: After arriving in Fabletown, Red Riding Hood has to get used to living in the big city.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Fables and all associated characters are owned by Vertigo and Bill Willingham. I am making no money from this fanfiction.
Contains spoilers for various events up to the end of Homelands.
Written for [ profile] 100_situations


She wishes it were quieter. )
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FANDOM: Fables – General Series
CHARACTERS: Baba Yaga; mentions of Frau Totenkinder, Bigby Wolf, the Adversary and Snow White
PROMPT: #083 – Prison
SUMMARY: After the battle, Baba Yaga reflects on her situation.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Fables and all associated characters are owned by Vertigo and Bill Willingham. I am making no money from this fanfiction.
Contains spoilers for the end of March of the Wooden Soldiers.
Written for [ profile] 100_situations.


Once upon a time... )

Russian-English Translation )
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...You see how much Fables has gotten into my brain?

Table of prompts under here )

[ profile] 100_situations


Sep. 13th, 2006 12:18 pm
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Nick's latest comic book discovery is Fables, and of course I've been drawn into it all as well. The story is that all the 'fables' - storybook characters, myths, legends and all that - have been driven our of their homelands by someone known only as The Adversary, and forced to live in a small area of New York known to them as Fabletown, hiding away from the 'mundys' - regular people. Old King Cole is the mayor of Fabletown and Snow White his deputy, while Bigby Wolf is the town sheriff. There's also characters like Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming (who spends his time trying to avoid his three ex-wives and sponging off any pretty girl he can find), Blue Boy and lots of others. Basically, if you can think of a fairy-tale character from your childhood, they're probably in there in some form.

One of the things I like best about Fables is the fact that some of the characters are really quite obscure - almost to the point that I appear to have been one of the few people who even heard of them before the comic book started. The prime example of this is Rose Red, Snow White's fraternal twin. When I was a child I remember reading a story featuring the two of them, but as I grew older I couldn't find anyone else who had heard of her. I even began to think I had made the whole thing up - and then she turns up in Fables. There's also people like Baba Yaga, the Snow Queen, the Wandering Jew... the little references are really good.

Also, the whole idea of fairy-tale characters living hidden in modern-day New York is a great one, as they sometimes have to go to great lengths to hide their presence from the Mundys, and their reactions to living in this world are great as well.

We are fans. Most definitely, we are fans.


Apr. 19th, 2006 01:37 pm
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It makes a certain amount of sense that, when I finally have money for the first time in several weeks to spend on things other than food and bills, that the comics shop suddenly develop delivery problems (they're about two months behind on most of the comics I collect or want to start collecting) and get rid of most of the graphic novels I wanted, and the DVD store in the shopping center announces that it's closing down. Still, at least in the latter I'll be able to get a few bargains next week with the loan payment.

In the end, all I could get from the comics shop was Transformers: Infiltration #4 (which, as a side note, is the first damn issue from this series they've even had in!), and the graphic novels Batman: Hush and Robin: To Kill a Bird. Yes, I'm on a Bat-family kick at the moment.

Oh, and I am going to see/dragging Nick to see Silent Hill when it apparently opens this weekend. Everything I've seen about this movie looks extremely promising...

Mind Numb

Apr. 25th, 2005 06:27 pm
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This is the fic I wrote this morning that pushed me over my 10k goal. It was inspired by yesterday's [ profile] museteasers prompt, but rather quickly grew bigger than a drabble (in fact, I think there's probably a fair bit still to come).

Nick, look away now - fanfic ahead... (828 words, including disclaimer) )

For the record, this is set in Marvel Comics' Age of Apocalypse, a dark alternate universe that was supposed to be just a limited series but has kind of stayed in people's heads and just celebrated its 10th anniversary. If you ask me, their recent 'revisiting' has kind of ruined a lot of it - but hey, I'm just one bitter fangirl. What do I know.
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Sandman character... )

I was hoping for Del, but hey, this is cool too...
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Hot weather makes people go mad. And if you ever needed proof of this, all you would have to do is hop on over to the Christianity Debate board today and watch as posters tore into each other as if the book of Revelations was being opened tomorrow and this was their last chance to get their licks in.

I swear, between the anti-Semitite accusing people of having a 'bisexual agenda', denying the Holocaust and wailing that the 'liberals' were censoring her (yeah, I'm trying to figure that one out too), and the fundamentalist Christian stating that the Bible says she can hate non-Christians, threatening suicide and attacking a 12-stepper when she also claims to be an ex-alcoholic, it was just like an episode of Jerry Springer today. Only not as much fun, because instead of just watching and laughing far away, I'm part of the security team and I have to both remain nice and pull everyone apart when they try to bitchslap each other.

I'm so glad I was just helping out on that board today (not that my attempts to calm everyone down were noticed in the slightest) and my own territory is better behaved (except during a full moon...). Gah.

In other, kookier news, however: Marvel are no longer to make Princess Diana into a superhero

... I don't know; can't we have the Duke of Edinburgh as one? His special powers could be saying the worst thing possible at all times, and making his enemies feel like they hiked up and down a Welsh mountain with a 3st rucksack on their backs...

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