Aug. 12th, 2017 09:09 pm
sareini: "Made a note in my diary on the way here. Simply says, 'Bugger'." from Blackadder (Bugger)
So the audio connector "thing" in my computer just fell out. Well, in, to be exact - the part of the internals that was the USB and headphone jack plugs (which had already been having problems for a while now, not connecting microphones or anything) just fell into the tower base of my computer, leaving me with a perfectly intact outer case but no way of plugging headphones or anything into it. No audio, no music, no sound. And for me, no way of fixing it myself because I have a track record with technology that can be politely called the "Luddite's Touch" and which is the reason Ross won't let me touch any of his tech whatsoever (I once checked my email on his computer and 15 minutes later the hard drive caught fire. This is not hyperbole.)

So I am left with two options.

1 - Try to get it fixed myself somehow. Highly unlikely to happen.

2 - Get a USB extension cable, plug it into the back, and hope that works. Might work, but then again my headphones also require a jack to be plugged in so it might not.

There is also Option 3 (because there's always an Option 3). Move to Nick's computer. But that involves a lot of rearranging of the front room which won't be easy.

In the meantime, I guess I'm watching stuff on the tablet or in the front room (where I have to sit on the floor because the sofa, even when it's not covered in junk, has no padding and eats people alive).

Still, 21 months before something broke that I would have required Nick to fix isn't that bad of a record. And at least I have at least two other techies that can be reached online to offer assistance (and possibly mild disbelief that only the weird stuff happens to me).
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I have:

- a total of 512Mb DDR RAM in my computer, thanks to Perry.

- a Creative MuVo 1Gb MP3 player, which I am listening to right now (best thing: the little headphones that came with it are soft, rather than the horrid hard unprotected plastic that hurt your ears and slide out every ten minutes).

I am a happy geek.

I am not happy, on the other hand, about the fact that it took me fifteen minutes to get served in Dixons (yes, yes, I know). During this time no less than three assistants were standing no more than three feet away from me having a conversation!

Nick informs me that for once I am not being paranoid and it is because I am a young female who actually knows what she's shopping for. I just don't fit their profiles of 'clueless person who can be milked for cash' or 'techie who knows what they want'. It always surprises them when I don't need advice on what I'm buying.

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