Dec. 27th, 2008

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Here's hoping everyone had a good Christmas/Giftmas/whatever you choose to call it.

My presents this year...

- chocolates from Jelli
- pyjamas from Nick's mother
- DVD of Dead Set from Nick's mother
- a couple of scented candles from Nick's mother
- some Winnie the Pooh shower gel from Nick's mother

- DVD of Diary of the Dead from Nick
- DVD of The Shining from Nick
- DVD of Candyman from Nick
- DVD of Lord of Illusions from Nick
- DVD of The Cottage from Nick

...yes, that is a lot of DVDs. But I'm happy, of course.

I got Nick a book about hating Bill O'Reilly, a Vampire Counts batallion box, a box of Twiglets and the DVD of Iron Man. Nick was so happy with the Iron Man DVD that I almost wouldn't have had to get him anything else. It was good to watch him marking out like a giddy kid.
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I was recently provided with a link to a website called Dyscalculia Forum. I think most people already know that I have dyscalculia, also known as numerical dyslexia. I wasn't diagnosed until I was in university - before that, everyone just thought I had really bad math skills. I'd also been aware of the fact that there were very few dyscalculaics (is that a word?) around - or at least, ones who knew that they were, in fact dyscalculaics.

Anyway, I had a look round the site, and found it very interesting. One part that I found particularly interesting was their "symptoms" page - there are considerably more symptoms than I'd known about (and of course, reading the list convinces you that you've got all the symptoms...)

Symptoms below here... )

Which makes 8 or 9 out of 11, I think...

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