May. 11th, 2017

sareini: "Things I am not allowed to do at Hogwarts, No.61" (Cats and Dragons)
I think I may have reached the point where I should be getting loyalty points or air miles (vet miles?) for the amount of time Lily and I have now spent at the vets'. She was sick at 6am this morning, so unfortunately for her it was time to take her in to check her out and get her back on the meds. Lily, of course, was not pleased with this course of action at all, especially after I tricked her into coming close with treats so I could get her in the carrier. In the end, the vet checked her out and there's no jaundice and no fluid buildup or swelling in the abdomen so we caught it early enough this time, and we've now got steroids and antibiotics for a whole month so that will be easier on both Lily, myself and my bank balance.

I also got licked by three Staffordshire bull terriers. One in particular was just trying to go from person to person with a waggy tail and a big licky tongue, as if saying, "And you're my best friend, and you're my best friend...!"


In other cat news, I leveled up with a local cat today. Way, way back in February, a stray cat took up residence in my shed, and because I'm me I of course started feeding him. I named him Terry, because he was orange. I hoped that I could get him to stay around long enough to get someone from one of the local cat charities to come and pick him up and rehome him (I'd have had him, but two cats is my limit and Lily would have had conniptions), but unfortunately the other local cats took a dislike to him and eventually chased him off. But in the meantime, I was putting out GoCat for him every other day or so in case he came back... but instead one of the local cats, a big black-and-white cat with white markings on his face that give him a big curly moustache, decided he wanted the food for himself. This cat likes to hang around in my yard, and once even killed a wood pigeon in it (and then left it for me to put in the bin). Turns out his name is Marley and he lives only a few doors down from me, and he's a dry food fiend because the other cat he lives with is on a wet-food only diet and Marley misses his biscuits. So, for the past several months (and with Marley's owner's blessing) I've been the source of 2nd Breakfast for a cat that's not mine.

Marley has always been quite cautious around me, which I've been fine with because I worry about cat so friendly that they just wander up to anyone, but today he must have decided that if I've been feeding him for nearly four months now then I'm probably not going to skin him, and so he deigned to let me touch him. Only a brief stroking, mind, as you can't just roll over for anyone who gives you extra food, but just enough to let me know that, yes, I have been given the honour of petting him.

He also sniffed me and pulled a face when he smelt GIRLCAT on me.

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