May. 29th, 2017

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Because the Friday Five was a little late this (last?) week...

1. What is your current main mode of transportation? e.g. car, bike, subway, walking etc.
2. Are you satisfied with your current main mode of transportation (answer to question 1)? Why?
3. Do you think you'll change your means of transit soon? e.g. buy a car, get rid of your car, walk more etc.? If so why?
4. If time distance and money were not factors how do you prefer to get from point A to point B?
5. What was your worst transit experience?

1. It's a combination of walking (very short distances as I don't like to go out), buses and taxis. I'd walk more if the anxiety didn't leave me a shut-in most of the time.

2. Taxis are expensive, but they're the only way to get to some places (like the vets, or home from grocery shopping at Tesco's). Buses are cheaper but often crowded and I occasionally get the paranoid belief that people on the bus are watching me or reading my thoughts. I like walking but it takes the longest and that doesn't fare well for the anxiety. So in conclusion, all my modes of transport have their problems, but they're not things I can easily fix so I'm stuck with them.

3. I'd like to walk more, but see above. The longer I'm out of the house, the more I panic; plus I get paranoid that people are going to randomly shout abuse at me from passing cars. So unless I win the lottery and hire a chauffeur or wake up tomorrow completely cured of all my mental illnesses, I can't see anything changing.

4. Trains. Trains are nice. Yes, they can get crowded too, but you can wedge yourself into a window seat and just stare out the window at the pretty countryside and play cow/sheep/horse spotting for the entire journey.

5. Oh, this one might be a long one. Way, way back in 2001 Nick and I went on holiday to Disneyland Paris (the holiday itself was great). On leaving day, we went to get on the coach to take us to the airport... only to be denied by the driver who believed we were scamming a ride (he thought our tickets were invalid). Eventually we got proof from the travel agent that the tickets were fine, but we had to get a different coach and so missed our plane. Then we spent eight hours in Charles De Gaulle airport trying to get another flight, being told we needed about £600 to even get put on a list for tickets and discovering that the airport actually closed at midnight, before our travel agent finally stepped in and saved us before we had to go native or find an underground poker game in the hopes that Nick could win us the money to get home without having to use me as collateral. Did I mention that Nick spoke all of two words of French and so I had to translate/negotiate everything?

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