Jun. 6th, 2017

sareini: Amanda from the Saw movies wearing an reverse bear trap (Saw)
Despite the fact that I already have more than enough TV shows to try to keep up with (Twin Peaks, American Gods, Supernatural, Criminal Minds and more...) this weekend I started watching The Originals on Netflix. It's a vampire/supernatural show; a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries which I never really got into despite trying twice. But somehow The Originals has drawn me in; I think it's because it tends towards balls-to-the-wall ridiculousness.

The show centres around three vampire siblings, the Mikaelsons, who are 1,000 years old and the very first vampires, hence the title The Originals". One is a dilettante, one is the "honourable" one who tries to keep everyone friendly all the time, and one is psychotic and a hybrid werewolf/vampire. And all three, as well as just about every other main or semi-main character, seems to be a proud graduate of the Starscream School for Backstabbing. Every single episode has at least one character making secret plans against another character (or faction) - usually Klaus, the psychotic one - and nearly all of them end badly for someone who isn't the target. It's like the most bloodthirsty version of speed chess ever.

The show also goes through plot arcs like they're going out of fashion as well, and I think it's this point that's captured my attention the most. It reminds me somehow of the old daytime soap opera Sunset Beach, which I watched when I was a new student last millennium. That was a batshit crazy show as well, the high point of which was a Christmas episode in which someone literally descended into hell (It ruined itself with its final episode, when it was revealed that it was all one character's dream just before her wedding, because you never go with the "It was all just a dream!" resolution unless you're The Wizard of Oz.) I'm only just over halfway through the first season and already we've had about five or six major plot events happen. I think I'm just too curious/fascinated to find out what's going to happen next - 10 Biblical Plagues? Human hunters? Klaus does something nice for selfless reasons?

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