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Good news: the money Nick's mother sent Special Delivery on Monday finally arrived today.

Bad news: it arrived five minutes after our doctors' surgery closed for the day (half day on Thursday), so we can't pick up the perscription till tomorrow.

At least I have chocolate (and Nick can haz pizza tonight).

On the other hand, I can't sleep right now despite having been up all night (I settle down to play City of for a couple of hours, and the next thing I know my friends are joking about what time it is over in the UK and the milk floats are driving through the streets. At least I got two levels on my Warshade and had some good fun teaming). So I'm wandering round the net and doing random things. I may try doing some writing even, or perhaps even some NaNo prep (I have that Snowflake Method thing somewhere in my bookmarks...).

Although knowing me, I'll just end up reading random stuff on the web for a couple of hours till I'm ready to drop...

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