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Ah, payday.

This morning I finally managed to get the three months' free that LoveFilm were offering me (it seems slightly counter-productive that I had to have money in my account to be able to use a gift card to give me the free time, but there you go) and will soon be going into town to put money on the pre-pay card to re-activate my WAR account. Happy days, and the strong chance that no-one will see me for several days after this, as I'll be suddenly inundated with DVDs and the desire to play a Black Guard/catch up with being ganked by Witch Elves while playing my Archmage.

While I'm in town, I'm thinking I'll also check out Woolworths, to see if I can get any cheap Chocolate Oranges there now that they've started their "Closing Down" sales. Granted, I'll also need my best crowd-beating stick and my BPAL perfume that, when I wear it on my wrists and gently waft it around, seems to clear a space for me with remarkable speed (New Orleans actually smells really nice, it's just really strong for some reason and makes people back away...), but cheap chocolate is worth the effort.
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