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I've been tired all weekend and I'm not really sure why. Either I've been sleeping badly and not noticing (I'm one of those people who sometimes dreams of not being able to fall asleep, thus completely confusing the fuck out of my already addled brain and leaving me exhausted in the morning), or Friday's cinema trip was more emotionally draining than I realised (it was a pretty busy screening for 1pm on a Friday). Either way I've spent a fair amount of time in bed, doing very little and/or dozing.


One thing I did do yesterday was watch a horror movie called The Dark Tapes, a found-footage anthology movie that felt to me like it was trying to fill the void left by the V/H/S series. Apparently it's been winning awards on the festival circuit and getting good reviews in lots of places... which makes me feel slightly guilty that I really didn't like it.

The film is basically four segments (one wraparound and three standalone) dealing with people encountering paranormal phenomena. Interestingly, the wraparound story is the best, dealing with extra-dimensional creatures and Planck time, of all things, but the other three stories just... annoyed me. They pulled twists and revelations out of nowhere (a good twist is discovering after everything that Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze; a bad twist here would be revealing out of nowhere that your lesbian cam girls are possessed by demons with no lead up to this whatsoever.) In one segment we're told that the creatures/aliens - it's never explained what they are - interfere with electronics so the protagonist has gotten a 1920s gramophone that records onto wax records and some 1950s 8mm cameras and I got rather interested in how things were going to look... but when we saw the footage it just looked like digital video with a Photoshop noise filter on it. Basically the film had a great deal of potential, and stuff like the wraparound story were genuinely good and I could have watched a whole film around the concept, but story-wise it just annoyed the hell out of me.


Despite knowing better, I continue to play League of Legends on weekends. At this point I think I deserve every bad game I get just because I won't follow my own advice and not play. There is little more frustrating than going 4/0/1 in your lane making sure your lane opponent can do very little but lament his choices in life, then have your team come mid and feed him kill after kill so that he ends up carrying his team to victory.


I am vaguely toying with the idea of some Loki: Agent of Asgard fic stuff. It's kind of nibbling at me right now. We shall see.
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