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After two years, I've finally started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition again.

I got DA:I back in October 2015, for my birthday, after I'd watched a friend playing it and decided I wanted a go (especially after he showed me Dorian and told me he was a gay romance option). Unfortunately, I only played it for about two weeks - I think I'd barely gotten to the halfway point - before Nick died, and after that I didn't feel like playing it, and certainly not cultivating a relationship with the most dashing mage this side of anywhere. And this went on for some time. Occasionally I'd think to myself, "I should get into DA:I again," but never actually do anything about it, as I was either too stressed, depressed, distracted or all of the above to actually sit down and play such a huge game.

But this week I finally decided to get back into it, so I started a new game (because it's been so long that I needed to go through the tutorials and stuff again), and so far I've got around 14 hours of play put into it while still not being at what I think is the big halfway battle (I'm deliberately putting it off to raise my companions' approval ratings and have as many conversations with Dorian as possible to get the relationship started). And it's pretty much as fun as I remember it.

Of course, I do have the usual problems that I have when I'm gaming anything more complicated than LoL, the first among those being my complete lack of direction. I like to think my party companions, when we're out questing, must turn to each other and say things like, "You know, our Inquisitor is great and everything, but... why's he trying to climb a waterfall?"

"Eh, he'll stop in a minute."

"But it's the second time in five minutes!"

"Yeah, but he means well, right? He's just got so much Inquisitorial stuff going round his head that he... gets a bit lost sometimes."

I have no sense of direction in video games. Following maps, platforming, finding hidden passages... I blunder around zones either opening the map every 10 seconds to try to work out what direction I'm facing or to see if I'm any closer to whatever waypoint I've hopefully marked as being reachable in this decade. I've fallen into inescapable crevasses twice already (personally, I'm surprised it's only been twice), and blundered into way too many fights that I really shouldn't have because I was too busy looking for a landmark to notice all the red dots on the radar.

I was trying to explain the game to my brother the other night as well, and it went a little something like this: "So you're a video game protagonist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and fell into hell, then came out of it with a thing on your hand that can open and close the hellgates, and that makes you able to form the Inquisition, only it's a good one, not like the Spanish Inquisition... except you can walk into people's houses and root through their belongings for anything you like the look of, so it's a bit like that Inquisition... Anyway, you also get a whole load of companions for your adventuring party, and they include Joan of Arc, Ianto Jones with pointy ears, a dwarf, Grizzly Adams, a minotaur, an anarchist elf, the black Emma Frost and Devlin Waugh."

Somehow, this has made my brother interested in playing the game himself. If his laptop can handle it.

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