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I was at the cinema yesterday with my friend Ross, for our Nick Whitehouse Memorial Moviewatching Day. (we normally hold it at my house, but Ross didn't feel well enough for pizza or a late night so we hit the cinema instead.) We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (second time for me) and Wonder Woman (first time for both of us).

So you can safely count me among the throng who thought Wonder Woman was really, really, really good. In keeping with my usual pop culture descriptions of movies: Diana of Themyscira teams up with Captain Kirk, Gomez Addams in a fez, a Native American and No True Scotsman (you'll understand that when you see the film) to fight the Axeman of New Orleans (I spent most of the film staring at him and questioning whether he was Walter Bishop from Fringe or not, but no, I knew him from American Horror Story). I really enjoyed the way the film managed to surprise me and subvert my expectations on more than one occasion, thus making it considerably better and more original than the majority of films out there right now (and never mind superhero films). It also did a good job of reminding us about the fact that war is nasty, horrible stuff, rather than the great and noble enterprise that many other war films (or films that feature wars) tend to do.

When I woke up this morning and saw the news of yet another bunch of shitgibbons in London who thought that the best way to get on the ins with their god was to go on a rampage, I was left feeling both very tired and depressed. Seeing all of this endless hatred on both sides, each trying to one-up the other it seems, does my mental state no good whatsoever, because I just can't understand how twisted up all these people are. For most of my life I've constructed elaborate fantasy worlds to retreat to whenever bored, distressed, scared or for any other reason (At one point my mother sent me to a child psychologist because she was deeply concerned that I was spending more time in my imagination than in the "real world", which didn't go well at all, but that's another story). It's on days like this that I want to go back to those worlds, because the "real world" is just too depressing and bad nowadays. At least in the worlds of superheroes, you can still have hope that there's someone out there who can save the day.
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