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Fandom: Original
Prompt: Underground Forces Unleashed
Word count: 657
Ratings/Content Notes: PG
Summary History is written by the victors, even if the victors aren't who you might expect...

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Of all the ways that World War Three could have started, it’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of people hadn’t expected the cause to be Nazi flying saucers from the center of the Earth, emerging from a hole in the Arctic and launching attacks worldwide. Nazis who were seven feet tall and bronze-skinned at that.

The governments of the world at that time, in the early 21st century, were caught completely unprepared, of course, and at first no-one wanted to even believe what their intelligence reports were telling them. Russia, China and America were all quick to accuse each other of somehow being responsible for the fleets of domed disc-shaped craft that were attacking their cities, even though they all know that none of them really had the technology to do so. Some people pointed a finger at North Korea as well, only to quickly retract it when they saw that country come under the same attacks as the rest of the world, and their leader Kim Jong-un made a speech - which the majority of political commentators considered to be little more than a desperate rant - blaming the “decadent and corrupt Western powers” for everything.

It wasn’t until one of the flying saucers landed in Berlin, several days into the attacks, that people finally were told what was going on and who was behind it all. The unnaturally tall, blond-haired and bronze-skinned man who exited his craft outside the Bundestag and demanded a press conference told a terrified watching world that he was a representative of the “Thulians” - descendants of the members of the Thule Society - the so-called occult arm of the Third Reich - who had escaped into the Earth itself at the end of the Second World War, via hidden portals in the Arctic and Antarctic. There, they had found a race of people called Lemurians who, while technologically advanced, were a peaceful race unprepared for the Nazi forces, and so were quickly subjugated and their technology and settlements taken over. These so-called Thulians had then spent the next 80 years building their forces back up until they were ready, with their conquered Lemurian technology, to launch new attacks on the world and finish what the Third Reich had started.

This revelation threw the world into even more turmoil, if that was possible. While most people found it hard to believe what they had been told - what they really had been conditioned against believing from decades of dismissing and mocking the brave truthseekers known as conspiracy theorists who had been warning against such an attack - the evidence in front of them, from all over the world, was conclusive proof. There was some brief talk of bringing some of these conspiracy theorists - who we of course now refer to as “fringe scholars” - in to work alongside the government to come up with ways to fight the Thulians, but unfortunately a long-standing distrust of the government and a lack of first-hand knowledge of the topic lay in the way of any meaningful discourse there.

The Thulian menace seemed to be an unstoppable force, and it appeared inevitable that they would eventually conquer or raze the world with their technological superiority. It was at this point in the war that beings we know now as the Reptoids entered the fray; emerging from their own underground base in Dulce, New Mexico they came to fight by our side against the Nazi menace to humankind, and asked very little of us in return…

That’s all we have time for in class today! For your homework, I want you to be sure to read the next two chapters in the textbook, and be sure to come to class ready to discuss why the Reptoids’ long-standing practices of genetic experimentation and alteration helped to give us an edge against the Thulians’ use of biological weapons, and why the annual Harvests help to keep the genetic seed of our communities strong...

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