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I cut my hair short a couple of weeks ago. Not for any self-punishing or self-harm reasons like I have in the past, but because it was getting difficult to keep under control and becoming uncomfortable in the summer heat flashes we've been having.

I have a love-hate thing going with my hair. It's mid-to-dark brown in colour (with flashes of red), which means that, if I ever want to dye it interesting colours (which is most of the time lately), I've got to bleach it quite vigourously first. It's also curly in the Irish way, which means that if I have a bad day or two and don't brush it to within an inch of its life, it snarls up very quickly and becomes even more difficult to handle. So it's great when I'm in a state of mind to appreciate it, but otherwise very high maintenance. So cutting it short like this is probably for the best right now.

(Nick hated me cutting my hair short. It was a weird thing; he would really get upset if my hair got too snarled up to be saved by brushing and would have to be strategically trimmed. I think maybe some of my feelings about having it cut short are still tied into that.)

Of course, the best case scenario would be to get it done by a professional hairdresser, but that costs money and I'm trying to save as much as I can for later this month when I visit my niece and we go to a yarn festival together. So I looked at a few pictures on Google, tipped my head forward so that my hair all hung down, and set to it with scissors. It didn't turn out too bad in the end, I think - I managed to get it more or less even on all sides, with no random bits of long hair sticking out that I missed or anything. Which really is the best you can hope for, I think, when you're cutting your hair yourself.

The style I think I've ended up with would be best described as "fat and slightly punk Rachel Maddow" (because I've still got a few random streaks of pink and purple from where I tried to dye my hair blue a few months ago. There was no blue in the end result). If I can, I'd like to bleach and dye it again before I go up to see my niece in two-and-a-half weeks, but that will also depend on whether I can force the motivation into myself to do it. But if I do I think I'll see what makes a better purple - the purple hair dye or the blue one.

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