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I just spent the last two or three days searching for a very specific piece of information. I needed it for my Champions Online character, so that I could write his background better and not make some big mistake in connecting the background I was writing with the background of the CO universe.

...yes, this is even though my CO subscription runs out in about a week and a half. (Nick's response upon finding out why I'd been obsessively searching for two days and eventually clogged up the downloader for ten hours last night: "But you're not even going to be playing Champions!")

This, I think, is a side-effect of being both a roleplayer and a writer - and also in my case, of having mild OCD. I have to make sure that everything in my character makes sense, regardless of how important that detail might be or how much I'm actually going to be playing the character. (this character, incidentally, is my 'main' in CO, an alternate version of my 'main' in City of Heroes, so he'd be played a lot in theory) It also makes me curious, though - am I just a slightly-obsessive abberation, even among roleplayers, or is this something that others do as well? Is this also connected to the fact that I consider myself a 'writer' (although I should probably be properly published for that), or not - my bookcases contain books on a writer's "Book of Poisons", a writer's guide to body trauma and a guide to the forensics of a zombie uprising, just to pick three at random. If I'm going to write something, I like to get it right, rather than put in what I hope is a rough approximation or guess and hope it sticks (Dan Brown and the writers of the movie Stigmata, I'm looking at you).

Or maybe it's because, when I find a character I really like and want to play and/or explore, I want to get as much detail as possible into them as possible, right down to birthday, scars or distinguishing features and favourite books. I want to make them both original and stand out - sometimes by not standing out, if the character's supposed to be an introvert as several of mine sometimes turn out to be. And if that involves geeking out and researching information that I'm likely to use only once, then so be it.

Ardy says

Date: 2009-09-26 07:41 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
I've seen people go insane trying to get their name >exactly< like they want with all sorts of meaning...that unless you research or are told is essentially pointless and just a personal touch.

Im going to say this is a roleplayer thing :P

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