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May. 3rd, 2017 02:32 pm
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I watched the first episode of American Gods last night, having forgotten it was going to be on Amazon Prime and thus stumbled across it while looking for something to while away an hour or two.

It was interesting. Intriguing. Certainly enough to make me want to keep watching. Ian McShane was very good as Mr. Wednesday (but let's be fair, there's very little he hasn't been good in) and everyone else was good too. I will say that it's probably less confusing if you've read the book beforehand (or even part of it, like me, because Nick went and lent the book to his brother when I was only one-third through it and I never got round to picking it up again), as when I was trying to explain things to my brother later that evening while also trying not to spoil things, all he knew of the series was that it was "based on that book by Neil Gaiman" and needed to think for a good few moments before he even got the "Mr. Wednesday" reference.

While we were discussing it and other TV shows though, my brother mentioned that he feels like the last of a dying breed in that he doesn't like to binge-watch shows season by season - he still likes the old-fashioned way of watching an episode every week or so. He's just finished watching Line of Duty, which he enjoyed both for the police procedural, the storyline and the opportunity to sit there and pick out the flaws in police operations, and he can't understand why so many of his friends have been waiting till the whole thing was over to watch it all at once. He still likes the episodic nature of TV serieses; the anticipation of having to wait a week to find out what happened with the previous week's cliffhangers.

Me, I'm somewhere inbetween. Some shows I watch in small chunks - Criminal Minds or Supernatural, for example. Then there's the ones I'm happy to watch one episode at a time - Lucifer and American Gods. And then there's the occasional show that I will just wait till the end of the season and then watch over two or three days - Gotham is the big one there. Thing is, I have no idea why I do this with some and not others; why some shows appeal to me in a more episodic fashion than others. Then again, I also watch old episodes of Crimewatch on YouTube, so I guess it can just be put down to me being so wonderfully strange that I just baffle everyone.
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I've been tired all weekend and I'm not really sure why. Either I've been sleeping badly and not noticing (I'm one of those people who sometimes dreams of not being able to fall asleep, thus completely confusing the fuck out of my already addled brain and leaving me exhausted in the morning), or Friday's cinema trip was more emotionally draining than I realised (it was a pretty busy screening for 1pm on a Friday). Either way I've spent a fair amount of time in bed, doing very little and/or dozing.


One thing I did do yesterday was watch a horror movie called The Dark Tapes, a found-footage anthology movie that felt to me like it was trying to fill the void left by the V/H/S series. Apparently it's been winning awards on the festival circuit and getting good reviews in lots of places... which makes me feel slightly guilty that I really didn't like it.

Probably some spoilers here )


Despite knowing better, I continue to play League of Legends on weekends. At this point I think I deserve every bad game I get just because I won't follow my own advice and not play. There is little more frustrating than going 4/0/1 in your lane making sure your lane opponent can do very little but lament his choices in life, then have your team come mid and feed him kill after kill so that he ends up carrying his team to victory.


I am vaguely toying with the idea of some Loki: Agent of Asgard fic stuff. It's kind of nibbling at me right now. We shall see.
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Because I found myself at a loose end today (mutter grumble limited release) I decided to go food shopping. Actually, I originally wanted to do this last night, but I fell asleep and when I woke up at half past midnight I just couldn't be bothered going out again even though we have a 24-hour Tesco, so today it was.

When I go food shopping, the food generally falls into one of three categories: food that doesn't need to be cooked; food that only requires a small amount of cooking; and food that requires a lot of prep and cooking, which means it will probably live in a cupboard or the freezer until the last possible minute. I try very, very hard to eat healthily, but decades of treating emotional distress with food and a tendency to not notice I need to eat until the last minute tend to get in the way of that. I've certainly gotten better though; I no longer buy cakes and cookies and whole bread and butter puddings that I eat uncooked (ask me about how I'm probably immune to salmonella by now!) and then some actual food as an afterthought. No, I bought things that can be made into casseroles with the slow cooker, and sauces that can go with Quorn... and a big container of potato salad. And a tub of hummous and some breadsticks. And Haagen-Daas because it was half-price. Hey, I never said I was completely better.

I did manage to beat most of my sweet cravings by buying greek yogurt in honey and salted caramel flavours, and a ton of fruit juice (although why is it so difficult to find grape juice now? All I can find is Welch's, and nearly all their varieties have stuff added to them.) I'm also trying out a Vimto Squeezy juice thing because, once again, Tesco are out of the Raspberry Lemonade Mighty Drops (I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy i bulk from eBay). The Vimto Squeezy is.... okay, I guess. It tastes a bit too... sweetened for consumption for my taste. I like a bit of bite in my fruit juices and cordials that aren't Ribena or elderflower-related.

In conclusion: I'm probably having potato salad for tea.
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So, I've apparently come to the attention of the BBC, as seen in this article listing bloggers from Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire (guess I'm now really officially a local, then). I wouldn't have even found out about this except that I was bored this morning after staying up all night reading Fashion SWAT on SomethingAwful, and was just idly browsing and wondering what was going on in the local area. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my name there, and when I showed Nick he nearly spat coffee everywhere.

For those who don't want to scroll 2/3rd of the way down the page to see my name in lights (so to speak), here's what the BBC have to say about me:

"Writers are also using blogs as their starting point for stories. Darkkat, as she is known, regularly posts notes that discuss possible ideas. She also occasionally posts reviews to films that she's interested in - which tend to be about horror and science fiction."

I'm not sure whether to feel impressed, self-conscious or worried that I've been distilled into, effectively, 'writer and reviewer of horror movies' (although when I think about it, that is an awful lot of what I do). But it has made me determined to kick myself up the arse and start posting more...

Also, Nick sulked because he wasn't on the list. So he insisted I pimp him on my blog. So, if anyone's interested in reading the rantings and ramblings of a 30something, hairy, opinionated and crazy liberal, you can find him here.
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This is something I've been meaning to write up for some time. I'm finally getting round to it now because I'm (a) down with the sickness right now (damn flu!) and (b) at something of a loose end while I craft things in Fallen Earth. So I might as well use the time productively.

The long, long story is behind this cut... )
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There is an ad that plays regularly when Nick watches his various politics shows on the internet lately. It's for Duracell batteries, and it's had several different versions, each dealing with a different type of technology that's supposed to be life-saving/incredibly important, that wouldn't be as efficient without Duracell batteries. Their latest one apparently has to do with night-vision goggles, and finishes with the line (or something very much like it), "Even in the blackest night..."

So now Nick and I have decided that Duracell power the Green Lantern rings.

"In brightest day,
In darkest night...
Duracell Batteries, proud sponsors of the Green Lantern Corps."


Jun. 18th, 2009 11:58 am
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I missed Blog Like It's The End of the World Day.
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I was recently provided with a link to a website called Dyscalculia Forum. I think most people already know that I have dyscalculia, also known as numerical dyslexia. I wasn't diagnosed until I was in university - before that, everyone just thought I had really bad math skills. I'd also been aware of the fact that there were very few dyscalculaics (is that a word?) around - or at least, ones who knew that they were, in fact dyscalculaics.

Anyway, I had a look round the site, and found it very interesting. One part that I found particularly interesting was their "symptoms" page - there are considerably more symptoms than I'd known about (and of course, reading the list convinces you that you've got all the symptoms...)

Symptoms below here... )

Which makes 8 or 9 out of 11, I think...


Dec. 18th, 2008 01:04 am
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I had to go to the doctor's today. The "feeling sick" that I had at the beginning of the week didn't go away, and instead was joined by constant trips to the bathroom, headaches, nausea, light-headedness and, this morning, rather excruciating stomach pain that made it very difficult, if not impossible, to work. the NHS Direct website didn't, for once, tell me to book a coffin and have a dance band ready to play Abide With Me, but they did suggest calling the helpline proper. Who promptly told me to get an appointment to see my doctor.

So down I went, at 5pm, to luckily see the best doctor in the surgery. After breaking his electronic thermometer and blood pressure machines, he told me that I had a fever of about 39-40 degrees celsius (that's about 102 degrees fahrenheit), which would neatly explain the light-headedness at any rate, and in general I had a moderate case of gastroenteritis.

Nick was disappointed; he was certain it would be kidney stones.


While I was out, I saw a billboard for the Twilight movie, which is opening over here on Friday. On the left-hand corner are Bella and Edward, with Edward kind of looming over Bella and glaring out at onlookers with dark circles under his eyes and a look that I think the publicists were hoping would portray intensity, brooding and/or attractive emo-ness. Instead, he looked like he belonged on Crimewatch UK in their Most Wanted Faces section - "Have you seen this vampite stalker?"

sigh. Sparkly vampires. What next?
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Ah, payday.

This morning I finally managed to get the three months' free that LoveFilm were offering me (it seems slightly counter-productive that I had to have money in my account to be able to use a gift card to give me the free time, but there you go) and will soon be going into town to put money on the pre-pay card to re-activate my WAR account. Happy days, and the strong chance that no-one will see me for several days after this, as I'll be suddenly inundated with DVDs and the desire to play a Black Guard/catch up with being ganked by Witch Elves while playing my Archmage.

While I'm in town, I'm thinking I'll also check out Woolworths, to see if I can get any cheap Chocolate Oranges there now that they've started their "Closing Down" sales. Granted, I'll also need my best crowd-beating stick and my BPAL perfume that, when I wear it on my wrists and gently waft it around, seems to clear a space for me with remarkable speed (New Orleans actually smells really nice, it's just really strong for some reason and makes people back away...), but cheap chocolate is worth the effort.


Dec. 8th, 2008 07:38 pm
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I like my neighbours, I really do. They're always friendly when they come to pick up parcels from our house, and they have a cat (who seems to think our house and back garden is his, but that's cats for you).

Unfortunately, right now I'm not feeling too well-disposed towards them, because every time I settle down to do work, they start up doing something noisy. Yesterday evening it was being visited by kids, and I didn't feel comfortable working in case they could hear me, and then there was a nice couple of hours' worth of being serenaded by karaoke.

And today it's drilling.

Gah. Gah gah gah.
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In today's mail there was a letter from LoveFilm. Months ago I had a subscription with them, but we had to let it lapse and never got round to re-upping it. It's been on the list of "things to do when we have the spare cash" for some time now.

Well, in this letter was a giftcard that could be used to get up to a 3-month subscription with them, and on the little card it's presented in it says "Use this gift card yourself or pass onto a friend."

Ooohh. Free DVDs.

But I am a cynical person, and so this seemed too good to be true. Surely, since I'd once been a member, they wouldn't just give me a free £50 credit to get my account going? I strained my eyes to read the small print, and saw the part where it said the offer didn't apply to existing customers, which likely included me.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

...oh yes, the pre-pay credit card isn't valid any more. Okay, put in my Solo card.

...what do you mean, it "Failed a Pre Auth Check"? Hmm, wonder if Nick's card will work...

...that's better. Now, to input the giftcard code again...

...oh, come on! You accepted the card details just a moment ago! They can't be failing a check now! Fine, fine, to customer service I go...
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Two days ago, I woke up to heavy snow falling and about two inches already on the ground. There had been no weather warnings for the snow.

Last night, I saw on the BBC that heavy snow and blizzards were expected for parts of the country, including mine. Instead, it just rained a little and all the snow that hadn't already melted disappeared.

I love British weather.
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So. I've been registered with work to do their Text Chat thing for about three weeks now, which coincided with them rolling out a new service where they would have us texting for another company as well, which would gwt us lots of extra texts. In theory. Unfortunately for me, in the three weeks I've been registed, I've not received a single one, while others have been getting loads. So yesterday I rang into work to ask if everything was okay with my console (they'd been asking people to ring them if they hadn't received anything so they could send a dummy text to make sure everything was working). turned out that, despite being able to log into the console, having uploaded three pictures and having changed my intro text and having it approved, I wasn't down as registered for Text Chat. Somehow my details had just disappeared from their system. So now I'm waiting for IT to figure out just what's gone on and fix it. The poor girl on the phone had no idea what could have happened.

And then, just to continue the theme of the day, yesterday afternoon I had to go into town to transfer money from Nick's account to mine. Just as I get to the bank, one of their ATMs jams and they have to close the bank to be able to fix it, leaving about ten of us standing outside in the freezing cold waiting for them to let us in.

I swear to Eris, I need to just be wrapped in an anti-static bag some days...
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There is a slug in my kitchen sink. I don't know how it got in there - did it slither its way up the cupboards? Come up through the plughole? Or worse, come through the taps? (Can slugs come through taps?)

...and I was in the middle of making dinner too.

These things just love happening to me, don't they?
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We have strong indicators that is written by a man (98%).

From GenderAnalyser
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I just got this through Twitter:

Are you addicted to World of Warcraft?

I think my favourite comment so far has to be this one though:

"Yes, they are addictive. The government should set up a department to review these games for addictiveness, ban the most addictive and put a sliding scale tax on the rest. It should pass a law that forces IP's to monitor how long each person is playing them and then require them to send waring notices and finally cut off internet connections. These addicts are a danger to society. One of them killed my Troll"
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It is cold here. Too cold to do very much but complain about the cold, as is the British tradition.

I got my hair cut at the weekend, thanks to Nick the Hairdresser (his secret talent, useful for when we don't have the money for getting my hair cur by a professional). Apparently I now look a little like Dorothy Parker. Whether or not that's a good thing I don't know; I just know that I like it.

Jelli has been having a mad day; hurtling round everywhere, jumping on things and generally being a streak of black and white fur about the house, who periodically stops dead to clean a paw slowly and carefully, and then zooms off into another room again.

Also, I've had a headache for two days. It's very annoying and distracting from my writing, which I've really got to catch up on after I've had a bath. Bleh.
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First off, a NaNo update:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,438 / 50,000

As with every other year, I'm being my usual luddite self and handwriting my novel, because sitting at a computer and trying to write it just gives me too many distractions and I never get anything done. Plus, I can write pretty much anywhere in the house and I'm not limited to whenever Nick isn't using the computer that way. I don't think I'm doing too badly this year; yes, I'm a little behind on words as I didn't actually write on Tuesday due to watching Election coverage and on Wednesday due to recovering from watching election coverage, but catching up isn't too big of a problem, especially since I've already written over 1k words today and that's even with having to stop to do things on the computer every half hour.

In other news... still not got a computer of my own and so having to share Nick's. It's a strained situation, especially since a lot of the people I usually need to talk to are only on in the evening or at night... which is usually when Nick's on as well (not to mention the fact that I can't update lj whenever I feel like it like I used to...)

I've started playing around on Twitter a little, much to Nick's horror and dismay. I'm @Sareini over there.

Also, I think I broke another lightbulb yesterday.

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