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I was going to post complaining about the heat and the stickiness and how I'm certain I have some sort of reverse SAD, but then I discovered that Stephen Furst died on Friday at 63.

I don't think I ever saw anything with him in that I didn't enjoy, but the two things that stand out the most for me are National Lampoon's Animal House and Babylon 5. The latter fandom has developed a little tradition when any of the cast pass away, that started with Citizen G'Kar/Andreas Katsoulas - it's said that they have travelled "beyond the Rim". So now Vir Cotto joins him, Dr. Franklin, Zack Allen and Mike Garabaldi as they travel beyond the Rim.

(I wanted to add the scene where Vir faces down a Technomage despite the terrifying illusions they throw at him, because, "
I work for Ambassador Mollari. After a while, nothing bothers you." but alas, no-one seems to have put that clip up on YouTube.)
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As seem in [ profile] ebon_bear's journal...

If you could assemble your own superteam of any characters (fictional, historical, or modern real people) for some world-spanning epic fantasy adventure, who would they be? Pick your team according to role and function. Some characters can play multiple functions. Who would work well together and who would clash?

TEAM LEADER/ORGANISER: Mina Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Anyone who can control Mr Hyde and make the rest of the League get on (for the most part) has to have a leadership role.

OTHER TEAM LEADER/FIELD LEADER: Six-Pack (Hitman/Section 8). He knows all the other superheroes, he's loyal, brave... and if he's this good drunk, what's he going to be like sober?

GADGETEER/INVENTOR/OCCASIONAL MYSTIC: Forge (X-Men). His mutant power to understand machinery and build just about anything would always come in handy, and he's also got some shamanistic powers (even if he doesn't like to use them). Also useful for reining in the team damage-dealer (see below).

TANK/SIEGE-BREAKER/GENERAL HEAVY-HITTER/TEAM CONSCIENCE: The Thing (Fantastic Four). When it comes to hitting things till they break/fall over, there are very few better. Plus, he's down-to-earth enough to keep the others grounded.

TOO-POWERFUL DAMAGE-DEALER/TELEPATH: Nate Grey (X-Man/X-Men). Oh, come on, you knew he'd be in here somewhere...

DEUX EX MACHINA: Galen (Crusade/Babylon 5). Always turns up at the last minute to save the day with his technomage abilities. Plus he and Forge would get on brilliantly.

SCOUT/NINJA/HACKER: Shadowcat (X-Men). Her ability to phase would be pretty much invaluable in getting into places, plus she can take care of herself if she's ever caught.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/PUBLIC SPEAKER/TANK: Statesman (City of Heroes). He's patriotic and a known and loved superhero symbol. If anything ever goes wrong, he'd be able to talk the authorities out of prosecuting.

COMIC RELIEF: Baytor (Hitman). I am BAYTOR!

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