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So, there's a new MMO out called Champions Online. It's a superhero MMO, and so of course everyone who plays or has ever been interested in City of Heroes is all a-buzz with talk and opinions about it. Well, this weekend there was a completely open beta for anyone who wanted to give it a try just before it went live, so Nick and I downloaded it (well, let's be exact - it got downloaded onto Nick's machine because my computer currently doesn't have the graphics to run anything much above Minesweeper) and we spent most of Sunday giving it a test-run.

Cut so that the majority of you uninterested in my MMOing can be unassailed by the wall-o-text... )

CoH Fun!

Apr. 16th, 2007 03:36 am
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I've been immortalised!

...well, one of my characters has, anyway. (NOT Bruno) Can you guess which one?

(It's just a cameo, really, if that helps, although I do have a speaking role...)
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I really need to remember to update this more often sometimes...

So, what have I been up to?

Had a job interview last week, for BHS, which I think went well, but of course I'll only know that if, by the end of this week, I've been called back for a second interview. It't be a good job to get - easy to get to, nice people, good hours... but we'll have to wait and see.

[ profile] jackthecake worked some magic and managed to get us a pair of sofas for the house today. They're very nice indeed, as well as very big - we can't currently open the front door properly, so we're either going to have to enter and leave the house through the back door for a while or rearrange Nick's office. The cats certainly like them though.

Put my back out somehow, so I'm having a few problems standing, walking and sitting at the moment (no word on lying down as I haven't tried it yet). Just waiting now for the painkillers to kick in.

Been neglecting my writing over the last few days, which is especially bad of me as I'm taking part in this year's April Fools. Then again, it's not like I've been consciously doing so - I just keep getting caught up in other stuff whenever I sit down to write, or getting short-term writer's block. I intend to try and fix that this week, though.

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter too, as my RP SG in CoH is meeting, and we're going to be running missions, doing a TF or something like that, all in-character. So I got all my sleeping in this afternoon. It's all go around here sometimes...
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Well, that was a fun weekend. Gained at least one level on all of my major characters, and had a lot of fun doing so. A few specific points of note:

- spending five hours battling through a Strike Force with [ profile] jackthecake (and Vraenar for the first two missions), only to discover when we got to the final mission that the two of us, being a Mastermind and a Dominator, couldn't put a dent in the Hero we had to defeat. That was mildly frustrating, but a learning experience at the very least.

- watching Nick slowly succumb to altitis and create character after character. He currently has seven, and this is after only three days of play.

- developing a severe RSI to my upper right arm (I'm calling it "gamer's bicep") after playing for about ten hours straight on Saturday which left me unable to move my arm in any position except "extended to hold mouse/use computer keyboard" and "pulled in across chest". This left me unable to do anything else, so I just did the same on Sunday too. Today, still in utter agony (I had to get Nick to help dress me, for crying out loud!) I went and got some very strong painkillers (Ibuprofen and Codine) which have given me back about 50% of the movement of my arm and have left me quite pleasantly high.

...I'm telling people I fell down the stairs.

And now I'm back in the 'real' world, at least for a while...
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I'm exhausted today. I stayed up all night doing a combination of RPing on both the hero and villain sides, and then after logging at around 4am I stayed up for another five hours to teach Nick the basics of playing CoV.

...Yes, Nick has finally caved, after two-and-a-half years of wating me and others play and hearing about it non-stop, and he's trying out CoV (EVE's Devs must really be pissing him off, that's all I can say). He's also considering trying out WoW, but as CoX is my area of expertise, I sat with him and walked him though the first few levels with his new Brute.

Having watched him play, I realise now that I'm going to have to re-think my opinions of new players to the game. Because Nick, of course, is far from a little kid or an idiot, but several of the things he did while learning were making me want to leap up, grab the mouse/keyboard from him and scream, "NO! THIS IS HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT!!" Nothing was major, of course, it was all learning curve and playstyle differences, but I've realised that I've become an elitist gamer somewhere along the way.

This worries me slightly. But only slightly.

As to why... )

And finally, although he will never admit it in public... Nick actually enjoyed playing CoV.
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Thanks to Christmas, a whole load of new players have joined the game, and some of them are... well, let's face it, some are newbies and some are n00bs. Over the past week or so I've seen quite a few interesting things while playing...

Cut for the disinterested, which means Nick and most of you, in fact... )

Hmm. I also need a more up-to-date CoH icon...
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I had plans for this evening. Plans that involved writing, including a couple of things I really need to get stuff down for (not saying whether NaNo might have been one of them).

But then I got upstairs, and turned the computer on, and discovered that Issue 8 (and all the Veteran Rewards - I have 21 months' worth) had gone live on CoH. So, cue nearly an hour's worth of downloading and applying files, followed by an hour and a half of testing new stuff out. Imagika now has a rainbow aura when she runs, when I get round to it several characters will be getting trenchcoats... but unfortunately I didn't have the privileges to edit Evil Industries' base to add in the weapon racks.

After that, I figure I'll have an early night and go downstairs to check on the cats before bed. I go into the office and discover that Jelli has eaten her dinner a little too fast and been sick twice - one time on Nick's work contract. She's rather upset by this - the being sick and the being in a room with sick that hasn't been cleaned up yet - so I had to clean all that up, get her a bowl of water in case she wanted to drink something that wouldn't upset her stomach too much, sneak a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy on her coat to try to soothe her, and sit with her till she felt better. All of which took another hour. I am now shattered.

I suppose I should just be thankful the mattress hasn't deflated again.

CoX Bios

Sep. 18th, 2006 03:03 pm
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There's a thread on the official CoX forums highlighting some of the more... interesting bios that people have seen around. Some of them are amusing enough that I thought I'd share them here...

'Evolutionary Theory'

'KC Knight' (signed away his soul to satin!)



'Lighting Stud 2'

CoV Rant

Sep. 13th, 2006 12:34 am
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(Although this could just as easily pertain to CoH, or indeed any MMO)

Blind invites (ie. someone invites you to team without sending you a tell asking if you're free, want to join, or indeed giving any details about what they plan to do). Opinion is divided as to whether they're good or bad. Personally, being the soclially avoidant/malajusted individual that I am, dislike them with the passion of a thousand firey suns, to mix a couple of perfectly good metaphors. The interrupt my playing time, generally indicate that the person doing the inviting hasn't read the info on the 'Seek Team' menu (mine always says "No blind invites") and rarely if ever leads to a good teaming experience. If someone is polite enough to send me a tell, I'm polite enough to reply politely (the answer's usually 'no', but I'm polite about it, and thank them for asking). Since CoX implemented a "Do not accept blind invites" option on the 'Seek Team' menu, my life has also been so much better, but that's not what's grinding my gears right now.

I just received two blind invites to join Supergroups (Villainside) from two separate people, within a minute. Both had been advertising their groups in the Broadcast channel only moments earlier - apparently they then decided to do a little cold-calling.

I ask you, who in their right minds would think that people would honestly want to join a Supergroup from a blind invite? And what are the odds of getting two separate invites for two separate groups in that short a time period?

Totally killed my enthusiasm for playing, I can tell you. Especially when one of them then sent me a tell, presumably wanting to know why I clicked 'No' (I didn't hang around to find out, just quit there and then).

Gah. It's the downside to SGs getting prestige for each memeber that joins - everyone and their dog are desperate to get as many people as possible in their group so they can have the phat base.

Hero Corps

Aug. 28th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Updated the profile for one of my villains, Penelope Dreadful.

She's taking a while to level, but it's worth it just to be able to throw cars and forklifts at enemies...
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(OK, so the definition of 'amusing' may vary from person to person...)

I was reading a couple of the threads on the official CoH boards about PuGs (Pick-up Groups, so called because the team members are usually just picked from the team seek list at random) from hell and n00bs (as opposed to newbies) who say silly things and it reminded me of a couple of things that have happened to me on my various characters:

- My level 32 Empathy defender, who has to take a moment to recover after fighting more than three mobs, gets a tell from a level 16 Tanker in Independence Port.

[16 Tanker]: can u help me kill
[Me] (after trying to work out just what he might be asking; am I being hired for a hit, for example?): Sorry, I have a timed mission.
[16 Tanker]: o

I've heard of the random powerleveling requests that happen to the most unlikely of characters, but I never thought it would happen to me...

- My level 13 Fire/Fire blaster is having to run through Atlas Park on her way to a mission when she gets a tell:

[recruiterperson]: hello
[recruiterperson]: do you want to join a sg?
[Miss FireDancer]: No, I'm fine right now, thanks.
... Long pause ...
[recruiterperson]: are u in a sg?
Miss FireDancer]: No, and I really don't want to be in one right now.
[recruiterperson]: y
... I zone at this point.

I just can't help but notice though; when I get people complimenting me on my RP characters' backgrounds (which happens more and more), they can generally type in complete sentences and use the correct grammar, but the rest of the time I get stuff like this.

And people look down on RPers in-game...


Aug. 9th, 2006 09:15 am
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I didn't get any sleep last night. And now I have to go out to get money, pay bills, post things and maybe get a book and/or something to eat.

It's entirely my own damn fault.

I've been CoX-less for a few months now, ever since mine and Nick's credit cards reached their limits and we couldn't afford to sort them out enough to get everything we had on them back up and running. But that was okay. I could live with that (even though I missed the launch of I7, a Double XP weekend and several game-breaking bugs... although the last one doesn't actually seem so bad...).

Yesterday evening, through a rather convoluted Google, I discovered a site that had CoX game time cards. Nick owed me £35 ($70).

An hour and a half of waiting for them to call Nick to verify him because he was a new customer, and then three hours of waiting while the game downloaded and patched 380Mb of stuff (told you I'd been away for a while), and I could play my beloved City of Heroes again.

To be completely honest, I didn't even mean to play that long. Just log in, see how things were, re-aquaint myself with where I was... And then I remembered why my main character was on the mission he was on. Because the last time I played, all those months ago, I'd tried to complete it for three hours before giving up in frustration after not being able to find the final hostage out of 21.

Well. Surely it wouldn't be that bad this time, right?

Five hours.. Five bloody hours I spent on that mission. I rescued all the hostages. I found the altar with the book that was the clue. I defeated every cultist I could see. I even destroyed seven demon portals and defeated 70+ behemoths (and I didn't even get any XP for them!). Nothing. But I wasn't going to reset the damn thing again, so I put in a petition and sat down to wait.

After an hour I got bored of waiting and went for a final look in some of the awkward corners of the caves. And at last I found my final cultist, defeated him and completed the mission! At which point I realised it was light out and I had to go into town in about three-four hours, so I thought 'sod it' and stayed up anyway.

And now I'm really regretting it. Ah well.
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I just got one of the coolest compliments I've had in a while.

Was running around Port Oakes with my latest RP-enabled character, Penelope Dreadful (an anthropomorphic personification of the idea of the 'bad' imaginary friend, the 'other little girl' who's always blamed when kids do something wrong, and a kind of 'dark mirror' to my other main RP character, Imagika - I got the original idea for these two from Terry Pratchett books, particularly Hogfather and Masquerade) when I get a random tell.

Said tell informs me that my character concept is one of the most original they've seen in a long time, and is even better than the orc lawyer.

I'm better than an orc lawyer!

I've also ended up with a potential RP partner in a couple of levels (Penny is currently only level 7, and still takes bloody ages to clean out a mission).

Not bad for what was intended to be only half an hour's play.
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...and I'm having the time of my life watching the Labour party imploding.

Between everyone wanting Charles Clarke to resign over this massive blunder involving 1,000+ released prisoners who should have gone back to their own countries but didn't, and not only that but we've now apparently lost them, and Patricia Hewitt being heckled by nurses at a nurses' conference, it's been an amusing day politically-wise. All of this is just perfect timing for the elections on the 4th, even if they are only local elections.

Although I have to give some kudos to John Prescott for taking one for the team today - coming out with the revelation of his affair with an office secretary, just as the Labour party desperately need something to distract the public and the papers from their other disasters. It's just a shame that no-one's taking much notice of it...


Of course, I could also be happy because I've got CoH back.
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It has been over a week since I bought it, and I still can't play City of Villains.

Oh, they finally got back to me over the EU/US code incompatibility, and provided me with a new code... but while the account details updated, I still can't actually play, because CoV still tries to connect to the EU server, which won't accept my US password.

I e-mailed them last night to tell them about it, and got a respnse which can be read essentially as "We have no clue; please stop bothering us now."

Gah. I think I'm going to have to get Nick involved in this, both in trying to figure out just what is up, and in trying to work out what exactly I'm going to be writing to CSR to make them take notice without seeming like a total arse...

Edit: Never mind. Seems I needed to check CoH. Off now to the Rogue Isles!
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That's it.

I've had enough of reading people whining incessantly (so much so that I can't even be bothered to spell it right) about how much of a hardship it'll be when the newest proposed changes come out on City of Heroes. (For examples, read this, this or this, just to pick the latest three)

I'm unfriending the community till the majority of them grow the fuck up.

Which is sad, because when they're not all being complete assholes, I actually like the comm.

Honestly, if this proposed change (which isn't affecting me, because I've always played my charcters the way the change will be encouraging people to do)is getting to someone to the point where they have to insult anyone who has a contrary opinion, then just fucking quit! Who knows, they might even live longer!

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Just had one of my stranger gaming experiences for a while...

I'm leveling up a new alt (Invulnerability/Energy Melee Tanker) and so I have to spend more time than I might like in the newbie zones, Atlas Park and Galaxy City. Popping out of a mission into Atlas, I find myself in the middle of a large Broadcast conversation concerning religion (broadcast being the 'default' channel for the zone). Most people are goofing off with it ("The Rubbermaid is your one true God!" et al.), but I soon get to see that there are a couple of live ones mixed in there.

I actually want to devote more time to the guy who seemed to think that Wicca and Feng Shui were 'exactly the same', but really, what can I say? One is a Pagan path which embraces the Goddess, the other is to do with arranging furniture (massive generalisations, I know). Plus, he didn't actually say much else about this belief of his.

No, the real prize here was the guy who started proselytizing in the middle of a MMORPG. Lots of, "Jesus died for your sins, and you reject him"'s, along with a "I feel sorry for you because you're lost," thrown in for good measure. Plus your usual lot of sub-witnessings. He wasn't going for any one person here, either - just anyone who had the misfortune of listening to him. I wondered at first if he was just playing around, but as he continued I decided he wasn't - if he had been lampooning Christianity, he would have used RANDOM CAPS!, while this guy didn't use any. In fact, I don't even think he used punctuation.

So yeah. First time ever I've 'seen' a Christian witnessing in an online game. Hopefully it'll be the last too, as while I don't have a problem with it in principal, I don't play CoH to be converted.

The things you see online...


Jan. 4th, 2005 09:46 pm
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So, the long awaited Update 3 went live today.

I picked a great time to hit level 20, it seems. Three new zones for me to explore - one of them arriving with I3 - loads of new villain groups, new events, and a lot more fun to be had in general stuff. People 'roleplay' more in Broadcast, for one, rather than just spamming for teams, powerleveling or teleports to the costume store.

I've been taking pictures, might post a couple later.

One of the best bits so far has been fighting one of the new villain groups (to me, anyway), the Freakshow. Now, the Freakshow are kind of techno-anarchists - not only have they rejected society and spend a lot of time fighting and smashing things up, but they've cyber-enhanced themselves. So you end up fighting great big spiky people with scythes instead of forearms, that sort of thing.

Then, in the mission, I came across the boss. His name was Teh Pnxorrz. Yup, taking l33t-speak to a whole new level.

The down sides:

Arrrgggh - the lag.

Arrrgggh - the mapserver crashes.

Arrrgggh - the repeated idiots on Broadcast asking about the respec (not live yet due to a bug), the Council (read the website), the giant squid (same answer, or listen to one of the earlier bloody explanations), the new zones (check your map) and the difficulty slider (ok, so that one's a bit difficult to find at first). Really, I know I can get unnecessarily cranky sometimes, but how difficult is it to look stuff up yourself or read someone else's answer to your question?

Grrr. The internet really brings out the worst in people, doesn't it? I mean, look at me...

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