Aug. 12th, 2017 09:09 pm
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So the audio connector "thing" in my computer just fell out. Well, in, to be exact - the part of the internals that was the USB and headphone jack plugs (which had already been having problems for a while now, not connecting microphones or anything) just fell into the tower base of my computer, leaving me with a perfectly intact outer case but no way of plugging headphones or anything into it. No audio, no music, no sound. And for me, no way of fixing it myself because I have a track record with technology that can be politely called the "Luddite's Touch" and which is the reason Ross won't let me touch any of his tech whatsoever (I once checked my email on his computer and 15 minutes later the hard drive caught fire. This is not hyperbole.)

So I am left with two options.

1 - Try to get it fixed myself somehow. Highly unlikely to happen.

2 - Get a USB extension cable, plug it into the back, and hope that works. Might work, but then again my headphones also require a jack to be plugged in so it might not.

There is also Option 3 (because there's always an Option 3). Move to Nick's computer. But that involves a lot of rearranging of the front room which won't be easy.

In the meantime, I guess I'm watching stuff on the tablet or in the front room (where I have to sit on the floor because the sofa, even when it's not covered in junk, has no padding and eats people alive).

Still, 21 months before something broke that I would have required Nick to fix isn't that bad of a record. And at least I have at least two other techies that can be reached online to offer assistance (and possibly mild disbelief that only the weird stuff happens to me).
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I broke my computer again.

Actually, that's not exactly right, mainly because I don't actually know what I do to computers that make them go belly-up with such startling frequency. But they do, and it's always with some bizarre final noise or because some piece of it has decided to make its exit with a spectacular send-off.

The fan on my graphics card is dying. This, surprisingly enough, is not what caused today's computer-death. No, that just makes a noise that's a cross between a goose stuck in an air vent and a small prop-plane juddering down a runway. No, this time we think it was the hard drive (think because Nick doesn't have the stuff to test it here) that was sending us BSODs every time I turned it on.

Thank Eris I have a spare hard drive (with all my important stuff on it too) that Nick could fit up. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what my sound card was, so the only noise in the room now is the bloody graphics card, but I guess it's a small price to pay.

With my track record, is it really any wonder that Nick sends me out of the room whenever he has to fix the computer?
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So, yesterday my computer died.

I was playing away on it, when it just turned itself off abruptly and started playing a very annoying siren at me which didn't stop until we unplugged it at the mains.

Turns out that, out of the three fans in the base unit, one of them had coughed its last and the other two had about half a cat in them.

If I only had two fans, I'd be typing this post from Nick's computer or the server. But three fans means that I at least have a redundency, and so after cleaning the cat fur out of the other two we were able to get it working again - albeit running somewhat hotter than usual (it melted a bar of chocolate when I placed it on top for a few minutes last night). So I don't have to wait till Nick's not using his computer/bribe him with teh_bewbies (point made by my SG the other night, after one of them realised I was a girl and nearly had a heart attack because he'd thought I was a gay guy for about six months) to get to do anything.

Still have to get a new fan when the wages come through though. And a new PSU, apparently, as that's coming to the end of it's line as well, says Nick. Meanwhile, my monitor approaches its tenth birthday... (really!)
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My computer is working again! Just like that, without having to tinker with anything or replace anything!

Thank you Eris! (Bast isn't technologically minded enough for this)

NaNo Day 3

Nov. 4th, 2006 07:58 pm
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(This would, of course, have been up much earlier if it hadn't been for lj being down for most of the day)

5510 words... and my NaNo curse has hit early this year.

My computer has died. The motherboard (probably) to be exact. So I'm limited to using Nick's computer when he's not, which isn't usually that often, till we can get a new one. Bugger.

And just to make matters even worse, I sliced open a knuckle on a cat food lid earlier, and the damn thing just wouldn't stop bleeding! In the end, and to try to stop it getting infected because we can't find the plasters, I had to wrap it in tissue paper and then bind it up with medical tape - which is fine except that now I can't bend that finger at all. I guess I should just be thankful that it's on my right hand and not my left, of I'd be completely done for.

In other news, there's fireworks going off like mad outside this evening, what with it being the day before Bonfire Night. I was worried that the cats wouldn't like all the explosions, but they're quite thoroughly nonplussed. Currently Mac is asleep in front of the fire, oblivious to everything, while Jelli is sitting up on Nick's computer desk and cleaning herself. She does look up when one of these really loud macaroons, or shells or whatever they're called, goes off, but other than that it's business as usual for her. I guess, in Jelli's case, she's used to them from being a street cat, and in Mac's case he's too young/daft to properly fathom what's going on...


Jul. 17th, 2006 12:55 am
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So there I was, just about to go to bed, when I suddenly noticed a blue bag that I'd never really paid much attention to before. There was stuff in it that looked vaguely familiar...

...said 'stuff' included a box of floppy discs that I've actually been looking for for months, and my DVD of A Tale of Two Sisters - which I've also been looking for for months...

I've spent the past hour going through the stuff on the discs.

Oh my gods, but I was writing some terrible stuff five/six years ago. And some amusing stuff as well - amateur MSTings I'd done that I never intended to show to anyone (although, alas, thedisc that contained the MSIing that Nick and I working on is still AWOL, which is a shame as I'd love to read that again), but mainly bad stuff.

Now all I have to do is decide whether to sleep or watch A Tale......
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I hadn't realised until today just how much damn stuff I had regarding movies - lists of movies to see and write up, the reviews themselves, a huge bookmarks folder fiulled with all sorts of useful reference information...

And now I'm having to put it all back together. From memory.

I'm not sure whether I should be thankful or not that I had hand-written versions of a good deal of the stuff filed safely away. On the one hand, I now have to type them all up again, which will take quite some time even with my typing skills. On the other hand, it means I don't have to re-watch Zombie Creeping Flesh while sober.

And of course, once it's all finally up-to-date once more I won't have to worry as much, because Nick has finally given me a CD-writer.

But right now, looking at about 50 hand-written, A4, narrow-ruled pages (and I have small haldwriting) of stuff that I have to transfer back to Word documents is kind of sapping the will to live out of my body...
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I now have my new 80Gb hard drive.

Now to begin the task of reinstalling everything (which includes about 3Gb of CoX stuff, a good deal of which is downloads), re-doing my entire bookmarks list and getting Nick to give me copies of all my music again from his collection.

It's going to be a long night.
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My computer - or to be exact my hard drive - has died. It had been making a strange little clunking noise for a while now, but over the past few days it had started to get rather repetitive. Then today it started freezing every ten seconds, and when I tried to reboot everything went pear-shaped. We couldn't get past the WidXP 'loading' screen, or the BIOS check or the 'safe mode' screen.

So I'm stuck on the server again until at least Monday, when Nick says he will either get me a new hard drive (although I'm wondering if he'll think it's all too much effort and just downgrade me to a wooden abacus), and then I'll have to reinstall everything. And all the stuff that was on the hard drive that I didn't have paper copies of (Nick used to think I was so strange for making handwritten copies of things... until today) is gone, as there was no CD-writer on my computer and the floppy drive crashed the machine whenever we tried to use it.

One day scientists will discover just what exactly causes computers, cash machines (and associated cards), burglar alarms and so many other electronic devices to die around me - and likely harness it as a weapon of some sort - but until then I'm just someone who gets through computer equipment at a disturbing rate and once caused someone's computer to spontaneously combust< just by checking my e-mail on it.

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