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I've been looking into the possibility of getting a new job over the past couple of weeks. My current job of roaming stock-taker pays well enough (when there's work, that is), but it leaves me utterly exhausted after each shift and it's more often than not mind-numbingly boring. And I need a job that's able to keep at least some of my attention.

So later today I'm going to be ringing up one of our local casinos to enquire about the job of poker dealer that's been advertised. That should be interesting for sure...
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I'm still alive! Really.

It's just that it's taken me a bit of time to get used to my new job (which I haven't been fired from yet) and the crushing exhaustion I get when I get home from each shift. Also, I've not exactly had the best run of luck at work so far:

On my first shift I came down with food poisoning or something, threw up twice in the toilets and had to sign off after only 5 and a half hours.

On the second shift it rained so badly on the way to work that I was drenched before I even got on the bus.

On the third shift it rained again, only this time it was while I was at work... in the garden centre. I got drenched again.

On the fourth shift a shelf full of heavy rolls of vinyl wallpaper fell on my arm, thus introducing me to the wonderful world of Health and Safety proceedures.

So yeah... it's been an interesting time. The job itself isn't that difficult - you get a special barcode-reading gun and get sent out to scan everything in the area you're assigned to, making notes of how much stuff there is as you go along - but it's usually in B&Q warehouses in the middle of the night, after several hours' worth of driving to get there, and then several hours back (Earliest I've gotten in so far is 5:30am). So there's lots of walking up and down aisles, and lots of shifting stock around so that you can scan it, and a fair bit of climbing on ladders and the like. It can get tiring very quickly.

Still, they've not fired me yet, so I only have nice things to say about them. Honest.

This upcoming week, I got to go to Exeter on Monday (five hour drive each way), Warminster on Wednesday (wonder if I should look out for the 'Thing') and Chester on Sunday. So I may not be posting too much in the first half of the week again.

Oh, and here's something I saw on Amara's journal:

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I did it for my writing journal too (you know, the one with the slash), only it came out as G-rated...
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No work this (upcoming) week.

I called them on Wednesday, after I got the letter, and left a message as that seemed to be the only thing I could do. I never got called back, but since I don't know how this all works yet I didn't think too much of it.

I called again on Thursday, trying a different phone route, but got cut off entirely.

This morning I was supposed to get a work schedule for the upcoming week in my e-mail. I didn't so, as the letter advised, I went and called them again. Left another message. And actually got called back this time.

Turns out that until I've spoken 'voice-to-voice' with an actual person I'm not put down for anything. Woman on the phone seemed to be implying that it was my fault, despite the fact that I've called them repeatedly, left messages and not a one has come to it till now.

Also, apparently since it's a bank holiday next week there's no to little work anyway. She said that the woman who should have called me when I called the first time and left a message will call me on Tuesday to sort everything out.

Ah well. I guess this means I get to go to both nights of the SG recruitment fair...


May. 22nd, 2007 09:02 pm
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First and foremost...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ebon_bear!
Not to mention a happy honourary birthday to Jelli as well, as it's been a year (give or take a few days) since she decided we were interesting enough people to move in with.

Nick's brother [ profile] wantmybed is up at the moment, gracing his brother with his presence for his birthday and buying him stuff like this month's issue of Powerslam and Green Goblin figurines. Right now they're downstairs playing poker, with Mac occasionally trying to join in by trying to grab the cards as they're dealt or pouncing the chips, which is quite possibly one of the most adorable things ever.

In other news...

I have a job. I got a letter this morning from the stock taker - sorry, contractual auditor - people, and they've put me on their database to get work. It's casual, as and when required, but with any luck I can still get a reasonable amount from it. Even working once a week for them would get about £200 a month for us, which would help a lot.

Becuase it's casual, however, I'm still looking for work, and I've got an assessment-interview on Thurday with BT for a job of "Foundation Billing Advisor", which sounds really good. So at this rate I might end up with two jobs for a while...


May. 14th, 2007 07:51 pm
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Vodafone were supposed to be ringing me this evening to do something involving roleplay for my application to be a retail monkey at one of their stores. They didn't call.

Instead, I get an e-mail an hour after they were supposed to call, telling me that they're cancelling my face-to-face interview for the call centre drone job that I was supposed to have on Wednesday (due to "recruitment at the current time", according to the e-mail, whatever that means) and that they'll call me to rearrange. Only they don't call, they just send a text telling me to call them.

And no word about the call I was supposed to be getting this evening.

Screw it, I'm going on the JSA. Filling out forms and jumping through hoops for the government actually seems like a better prospect round about now. And easier.
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Well, that was a fun morning.

First off, we all (me being the only girl and the only one who'd bothered to turn up in a suit) got to watch a short video telling us about the glamourous work of the stock taker. No, really. We get to travel all round the country (and sometimes out of it!) in a minibus and work long unsociable hours scanning barcodes and counting how many of each item there is. Sometimes the work even requires us to stay overnight somewhere (Harrods, for example, takes six days to audit and so that requires a five-six night stay in London).

A fair few of the guys at this presentation though worried me somwhat, in that they didn't appear to have the intelligence to understand the job spec as it had originally been given to them. They thought 'permanent' meant 'full-time', for example, and needed some convincing otherwise. A couple also thought they could work seven days out of seven (even though the ad had said shift work, nights and 'when needed') or were guaranteed at least four days' work a week. One guy in particular was pretty damn adamant about these things (at one point he insisted that no-one could stop him if he wanted to work more than 40 hours a week in one job... well, you're more than welcome to try but I think the Health and Safety executive and the EC Commission might have something to say about that), and just spent a ridiculous amount of time arguing about how the job wasn't what he wanted. Finally, though, when he had to make a decision he said - quieter - "I'll have to speak to the wife," and went to call her. He came back in a couple of minutes later, somewhat more subdued, and filled in his application form with barely another word.

So I applied, of course (I knew what I'd be getting into at least). Downsides - I'm not going to know if they're taking me on for a couple of weeks, and even then it'd be a while before I actually got paid as they pay monthly rather than weekly, and it's on the 15th of each month for the month just gone. Bah. Still, at least it's another opportunity, and it's not like it's the only one as I've got Vodafone calling me this evening to do some roleplays for the retail monkey job, and then on Wednesday I get to go into town for another Vodafone interview, this one for the position of call centre drone.

I'm starting to have problems keeping track of what I've applied for and where I'm up to with them...
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This morning I had an interview for a call centre drone job at an insurance company. It was a three-part interview, the three parts consisting of a maths test, a date entry test and a customer service test. Oh, and after that there was a generic interview thing as well.

I don't know how I did yet - the lady who was doing the assessment/interview said they would 'be in touch shortly', which is the sort of thing that always fills me with dread. Especially since I'm convinced I messed up on all three of the assessments - I had to guess on the make of a car that I'd never heard of before when I was doing the data entry (I was taking mock calls and having to input data from them), I'm always terrified that I didn't do something right on customer service calls and as for the maths test... They asked for me to show all my working out. I mean, everything was pretty simple stuff (no triganometry or anything like that), but as I'm dyscalculic, I've had to develop my own ways of doing a lot of sums. Which means that my working out often has nothing to do with the answers I've actually gotten (my maths teacher hated me for this), or uses some really strange methods.

So now I guess I'm waiting for the rest of the day to see if I actually did better than I'm currently fretting about. The company's really nice, you see, and the salary and hours are good, so it would be a good job to have (even if it is somewhere where there's only one bus out and it comes once an hour).

I tried to improve my karma on the way back by giving some money to the Cats Protection people who were collecting in the shopping centre, but I guess now I'm just going to have to wait and see...
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It can get quite disheartening sometimes, to go through the job listings online week after week and see jobs that you applied for weeks ago and never heard anything back from still up there. You really start to wonder what exactly the companies are looking for, and just how desperate they'd have to be before they'd consider having you in for an interview (because they're obviously not that desperate just yet).

On the other hand, I have a couple of leads so far this week - one is for a Stock Taker working evenings and nights, doing, well, stock taking. The job's actually been up for a few months now, and I was feeling slightly desperate this week so I applied. Got a call from them this morning, and I'm now going to a presentation on Monday about it. My one hope is that there isn't some hidden clause about needing your own driving license (the bane of my life now!) that about 90% of jobs seem to demand now. The job spec mentioned travelling extensively using the employer's transport, so I'm hoping that's like a bus or truck or something that ships the employees from supermarket (or whatever) to supermarket. Pay's not too bad either - £50-60 per night.

I've also got an interview with another recruitment agency on Friday, which should be interesting as right now I've actually got no idea where the recruitment offices are. Google's been no help to me, so I'm hoping that my job advisor can save me on this one or it's going to be an interesting Friday morning...

I just wish I'd gotten more than two hours' sleep last night...
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Everything happens at once.

Firstly, I heard back from the Sellafield people, and my father wasn't one of the ones on their list. Which is a relief. I haven't had time to update till now though, whoch was annoying as just about every time I wanted to something else would come up.

But I suppose that the new big news is that, after weeks and weeks of putting myself abouty the job market with barely any response, all of a sudden people are interested in me. Only problem is, they've all decided to be interested at once and half of them are really far away. I got one call for an interview (or pre-interview, we're not sure) on Thursday afternoon at 3... but it's in Keele, which is some considerable distance from where I am right now. I got another wanting me to go into Newcastle-under-Lyme at 10 tomorrow. I've got another wanting me to call them back, and Vodafone are giving me a telephone interview tomorrow at 10.30.

The problems I have is that right now we don't have the money to get into Keele or Newcastle, or possibly even to call someone back (bloody lack of credit on phone). So right now I'm hoping that the Vodafone telephone interview goes really, really well, because I'm ditching at least one other interview for it at very short notice. Then again, from what I've heard Vodafone take nearly anybody.

On the other hand, I still have to e-mail them to make sure they've got the right phone number to actually ring me on.

Now add to all this the fact that I got about 4 hours' sleep between Sunday and today. Yes, it's been fun times round here - especially since my body shifts into 'hyper' mode when I don't get enough sleep. I was practically making like a hummingbird this morning trying to get stuff sorted.
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I really need to remember to update this more often sometimes...

So, what have I been up to?

Had a job interview last week, for BHS, which I think went well, but of course I'll only know that if, by the end of this week, I've been called back for a second interview. It't be a good job to get - easy to get to, nice people, good hours... but we'll have to wait and see.

[ profile] jackthecake worked some magic and managed to get us a pair of sofas for the house today. They're very nice indeed, as well as very big - we can't currently open the front door properly, so we're either going to have to enter and leave the house through the back door for a while or rearrange Nick's office. The cats certainly like them though.

Put my back out somehow, so I'm having a few problems standing, walking and sitting at the moment (no word on lying down as I haven't tried it yet). Just waiting now for the painkillers to kick in.

Been neglecting my writing over the last few days, which is especially bad of me as I'm taking part in this year's April Fools. Then again, it's not like I've been consciously doing so - I just keep getting caught up in other stuff whenever I sit down to write, or getting short-term writer's block. I intend to try and fix that this week, though.

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter too, as my RP SG in CoH is meeting, and we're going to be running missions, doing a TF or something like that, all in-character. So I got all my sleeping in this afternoon. It's all go around here sometimes...


Mar. 31st, 2007 12:20 pm
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Well, I can now safely say that I do indeed pay my taxes.

In fact, after seeing the wageslip that came through today for the two days' work I did last week, I think I might be paying someone else's taxes as well. Like maybe the Queen's. £16.74? Out of £77?
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So there I am, sprawled on the living room floor with a cat on my hip, eating Milka chocolate and watching Junk (Japanese zombie film, lives up to its name for the most part) when my phone rings.

It's a lady ringing to talk to me about the job I applied for with British Home Stores in an admin/HR role.

Thank Eris I'm not a bad actress is all I can say, because I don't remember applying to BHS for a job (then again, most of the jobs I apply for don't say who they're with on the initial application details). Thankfully, I managed to bluff my way through the impromptu telephone interview (including questions such as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" and "Why do you want to work for BHS?")

It also apparently helped my case that Jelli decided to start talking to me while I was on the phone, prompting me to apologise to the lady for any strange sounds she was hearing. Turns out the lady was also a cat lover, and had in fact just lost her cat of 19 years (!). So after our cat-lover solidarity was established, things went smoother.

I now have a (provisional) in-person interview next Thursday at 11:30. I should probably work out what job it is that I've applied for and look up some stuff about BHS before then...
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Today I made attendance sheets.

Then I shredded documents. And shredded. And shredded. And, just for some variety, shredded some more.

...Then I got binned. Whovever had 'two days' in the pool wins the pot.

Seriously, what is it about me that's apparently so unemployable? No-one says anything to my face, it's all done via the agency. In this case, it was a case of "they just don't feel the work is panning out". They might as well have given the reason as "Well, you know, it's stuff."

So, it's another job to add to the CV with the hope that no-one looks too closely, and back to the hunt...
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My new job isn't with the Workbank.

It's actually in the university. In the Clinical Psychology department, to be exact.

So, today I:

- compiled 80 folders of articles and fliers for an upcoming residential course/workshop/whathaveyou for the people who supervise the DClinPsy students here. Each folder had 10 seperate items in it.

- collected and delivered post.

- used a photocopier that was - I swear to Eris - the length of my kitchen.

- made, printed out and then guillotined 200 business cards.

I also had to walk there and back - which was about 8 miles in total - and I haven't eaten a thing all day.

I had planned to write more, but it turns out I don't have the energy right now.
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For anyone who's wondering, this is who I'm now working for:


The ironic thing is that while I was at university (oh so long ago now...) I actually did temp work with the Workbank - I was a silver service waitress at two functions, despite the fact that I'd no experience whatsoever if silver service or waitressing...
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Yesterday it looked like it was going to be one of those days.

Today it was looking more like one of those weeks.

Then I got a new job.

Details, details... )
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It's probably reasonably obvious to everyone that, what both the 'flu and the unexpected ending of my new job only one week in, I've been rather depressed this week.

I'd been kind of aware of this, but the point was really brought home to me earlier this evening when I realised that I was eating a can of condensed milk (you know, the kind that's really thick and sweek that you use for making stuff like Banoffee Pie), straight out of the can.

It's weird. I don't actually remember feeling this bad for quite some time - this horrible sort of listnessness where you don't want to do anything because you just can't see the point, and even the things that you do enjoy doing just aren't any fun. So you end up eating condensed milk because you like the taste and you can't think of anything else to do.

I don't like feeling like this, but I don't know how to get out of it.
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Someone had to be let go today.

It was all kind of sudden - we got given an unexpected break when the team leader's team leader (that's pretty much how she decribes herself) came in and asked to speak to the two teaching us. When we got back one of us was gone, as was his bag, and all we got told is that they had to let him go as they thought 'he wasn't right to work for the Royal Mail'.

Well, that sort of thing just starts all sorts of theories running in your head, doesn't it? Had he failed his Criminal Background Check, was he an undercover reporter trying to do a special report on call centres...

I managed to find out what had happened in the end - I came back early from lunch and found one of the tutor-people there. He asked how I and everyone else was finding things, and I joked that the big topic of the day was this guy being let go and how everyone was wondering if it was like Big Brother or somesuch (which we actually were) and we were going to be gradually voted out or something. So he told me that they had had several problems with this guy in the short time he'd been in training, including the fact that he really did nothing but draw when the tutors were talking and was perhaps a little too dismissive of things that they were teaching us for his own good.

And that was pretty much the high point for the day. Did stuff on Active Listening, Diversity, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and listened in to calls for the final hour before going home.

Apparently tomorrow they're actually going to start us on the various systems used.

Of course, I was uncomfortable for most of the day as I got a very slow-developing migraine that started about 10am and just grew... and then after lunch I started cramping too. It's so very difficult to actively listen to things when you just want to lie down on the ground, raise one arm above your head and start moaning about the pain till someone brings you painkillers. But such is life.
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Well, for me Horny Werewolf Day (Thank you, Warren Ellis), turned out to be something of a Fat and Ugly Day.

Everything was fine till the afternoon, when I had to go down to the employment office that's brokering for my new Royal Mail job to give bank details and finalise a few things. There, they guy takes the details, asks how everything went, checks that I know what time to turn up on Monday (8.30am, which means I'm going to have to get up no later than 7am and probably go to sleep straight after Supernatural)... and then re-emphasises the 'wear a suit' point.

...Yeah. Apparently it was an issue, just not a big one. Even though it wasn't an issue with everyone else I checked with, including the woman from Maatwork who'd been working with me, who saw what I'd been wearing and pronounced it perfectly suitable. Apparently I have to look like a bloody pallbearer to work on the phones at the Royal Mail.

So, big fucking problem. I have no suit, and no viable means of getting a suit as we don't really have the money. Oh, plenty of money is coming out way, but not till next week or so. Cue stressful 'conversation' with Nick over the subject, who eventually agrees to juggle a few things financially till next week so that I can get the money to get a suit from M&S (they're doing a deal at the moment where you can get a suit for £50).

Off to town again, about half-an-hour before store closing. And there we have more fun, as I have to find a jacket that fits me - we eventually settled on a size 20, although I'll be dammed if I'm going to be able to close it any time soon - a pair of trousers in a size 20, and a blouse. In a size 24.

In related news, I can now conclusively say that Robert Kilroy-Silk is talking out of his overly-bronzed arse when it comes to the subject of M&S changing room mirrors (although Kilroy-Silk often talks out of his arse, it's true. I just can't prove it so easily with the other times). I've got terrible pale skin that blotches way too easily, I look like a half-deflated Mitchelin Man and the entire left side of my upper chest looks like I've been attacked by a particularly clumsy killer with an icepick (Jelli likes to climb me in the morning to give 'kisses' and the like, and she refuses point-blank to let us trim her claws. Really. She bit Nick the one and only time he was brave enough to try). And I need a size 24 in a blouse before my oversized cleavage isn't in any danger of bursting the buttons and revealing itself to the nation.

So I'm feeling rather self-conscious at this point.

Things haven't really been helped by finding out that, if the employment office had told the woman at the Royal Mail who'd been doing the assessments that I'd been off work for four years due to disability, she wouldn't have taken me on. Oh, it was all well and good the guy at the office saying that, in retrospect, she's glad she didn't know because it turns out I was really good (despite my lack of a suit), but yeah. Way to lift my self-esteem (although thank Eris for the Disability Discrimination Act which meant that the guy couldn't tell her by law). The idea that I would have been binned before even getting through the assessment for something out of my control isn't exactly doing anything for my mood.

And now, if no-one minds, I'm going to go off to bed and fret about things which are (mostly) out of my control.
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I got the job.

Really, the assessment wasn't too bad at all. There was me and three other guys, all of whom were in much better suits than I was (although obviously in the end it didn't matter) and who all had large bags with all their stuff in while I just had a single pink folder I'd grabbed five minutes before I left.

Yeah, I felt like I stuck out a bit.

First part of the assessment was a multiple-choice grammar and spelling test, which was pretty easy. It was a 10-minute test, and I still finished so far before everyone else that I got self-conscious and went back over all my answers with a second pencil to make sure they were all properly filled in. Second part of the assessment was teaching us how to use the postcode lookup, which is pretty much like the one on their public website only with a couple more bells and whistles. Then they started taking us out of the room one by one.

It was when there was only me and one other guy left that I discovered that the computers we were using were internet-enabled as well as intranet-enabled, which led to the earlier post. Obviously I wasn't caught, dragged outside and beaten by large men with sticks, but really, I do think it was a bit lax of them to leave people unsupervised with internet-ready computers. Still, at least it wasn't as bad as yesterday, when I was left to do my typing test in a room where the administrator's username and password for the company's database were left on a card propped up next to the keyboard...

Eventually I was the only one left, which was more than a little unnerving. Eventually they came for me, and told me that they had left me till last because I got the best score in the spelling and grammar assessment out of everyone (which had included a middle-aged executive-type...) Then I had to take a couple of mock calls, giving out postcodes to people who asked. I forgot what the phonetic for 'U' was (it's 'Uniform', but I used 'University' because I figured at least it was clearly a 'U' word), spelt Grovsenor wrong and had to ask someone to spell Llandundo for me, but I must have still done well because they offered me the job after that.

After they offered me the job they also allowed me to 'listen in' to another person taking calls for about half an hour, which was really interesting (although I felt slightly overwhelmed at first at the number of buttons on the phone she had. I think I was lucky as I was able to listen to a quite wide variety of calls, from "How much is first class delivery?" to someone's mail being opened before they got it to someone actually pretending to be a sorting office to find out someone's mail details! The woman who did the assessment with me said that I would get 'screamers' (and I did hear the woman sitting next to me and the woman I was listening itto say to her caller at one point, "Don't swear at me, sir,", but I'm pretty confident I can cope with it all.

I start two weeks of training on the 19th, and after that I'll be working 22 hours a week - 4 days on out of the five weekdays with one rota-ed day off, and Saturdays - from 9/9.30 to 1.30 or thereabouts.

I'm quite happy.

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