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Callie coughed up her first hairball this morning. She was quite disturbed by it - it's the first time she's ever ejected anything from her mouth that way (other than the time I found her swallowing 6 inches of yarn like a sword swallower or really extreme snake charmer) and she cowered a bit until I reassured her that it was okay. Frankly I'm surprised it's taken a whole year for her to have a hairball, considering how she grooms sometimes. Also, she helpfully did so on a piece of cardboard so it was easy to clean up (ie. I didn't have to touch it).

As for the planned weekend of playing Secret World Legends... Well, we got set up on Friday, eventually, ending up as an all-Templar group wandering around a New England town beset by zombies, giant lobster people and baby Cthulhus among other interesting landmarks. I ended up playing a version of Talia who's gone Sword/Elementalism, which basically means I have a katana and can set people on fire. I also swear a lot, so I'm having a lot of fun bringing out some of my more... interesting phrases, such as "Jesus fucking Christ on a gas-powered novelty unicycle!" and "Hay, LobsterFace! your mother sleeps with seagulls!" - the latter being used as a taunt for the afore-mentioned giant lobster people.

We were all set to play on Saturday and Sunday too... but play didn't get very far on Saturday before the chat server started hyperventilating and crashing all over the place, meaning there was no way to communicate in the team. I'd like to note at this point that, when the original Secret World game launched in 2013, the chat server had the exact same problem, leaving me to conclude that in four years they never had the idea to actually fix or upgrade the chat servers. So the game announced there was going to be a couple of hours downtime to fix this and some other problems on Sunday.

On Sunday, two hours became three. Then five. Then eight. Which was about the point we all went, "You know what, we'd be better trying this again tomorrow." Eventually this morning, the devs posted about the "extended downtime", explaining that there had been a bug allowing people to duplicate money and so that needed to be fixed pronto before people started dupin rares and the game would be gone to the Americans (that's some vintage CoX humour for you there). There was also a brief mention of the chat/community server being fixed as well... but when I was creating an alt and getting him through the tutorial, I saw the community server crash again. Ah well, at least it reconnected this time. We'll just have to see what the evening holds...
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So, there's a new MMO out called Champions Online. It's a superhero MMO, and so of course everyone who plays or has ever been interested in City of Heroes is all a-buzz with talk and opinions about it. Well, this weekend there was a completely open beta for anyone who wanted to give it a try just before it went live, so Nick and I downloaded it (well, let's be exact - it got downloaded onto Nick's machine because my computer currently doesn't have the graphics to run anything much above Minesweeper) and we spent most of Sunday giving it a test-run.

Cut so that the majority of you uninterested in my MMOing can be unassailed by the wall-o-text... )
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Ah, payday.

This morning I finally managed to get the three months' free that LoveFilm were offering me (it seems slightly counter-productive that I had to have money in my account to be able to use a gift card to give me the free time, but there you go) and will soon be going into town to put money on the pre-pay card to re-activate my WAR account. Happy days, and the strong chance that no-one will see me for several days after this, as I'll be suddenly inundated with DVDs and the desire to play a Black Guard/catch up with being ganked by Witch Elves while playing my Archmage.

While I'm in town, I'm thinking I'll also check out Woolworths, to see if I can get any cheap Chocolate Oranges there now that they've started their "Closing Down" sales. Granted, I'll also need my best crowd-beating stick and my BPAL perfume that, when I wear it on my wrists and gently waft it around, seems to clear a space for me with remarkable speed (New Orleans actually smells really nice, it's just really strong for some reason and makes people back away...), but cheap chocolate is worth the effort.
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I just got this through Twitter:

Are you addicted to World of Warcraft?

I think my favourite comment so far has to be this one though:

"Yes, they are addictive. The government should set up a department to review these games for addictiveness, ban the most addictive and put a sliding scale tax on the rest. It should pass a law that forces IP's to monitor how long each person is playing them and then require them to send waring notices and finally cut off internet connections. These addicts are a danger to society. One of them killed my Troll"
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First off, we have some stuff from GamerDNA... Basically, it's personality tests for gamers, and a good way to express my inner geek.

I've also hopped onto the Dragon Egg bandwagon:

Adopt one today!

...yes, it's a geeky day today...
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I'm exhausted today. I stayed up all night doing a combination of RPing on both the hero and villain sides, and then after logging at around 4am I stayed up for another five hours to teach Nick the basics of playing CoV.

...Yes, Nick has finally caved, after two-and-a-half years of wating me and others play and hearing about it non-stop, and he's trying out CoV (EVE's Devs must really be pissing him off, that's all I can say). He's also considering trying out WoW, but as CoX is my area of expertise, I sat with him and walked him though the first few levels with his new Brute.

Having watched him play, I realise now that I'm going to have to re-think my opinions of new players to the game. Because Nick, of course, is far from a little kid or an idiot, but several of the things he did while learning were making me want to leap up, grab the mouse/keyboard from him and scream, "NO! THIS IS HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT!!" Nothing was major, of course, it was all learning curve and playstyle differences, but I've realised that I've become an elitist gamer somewhere along the way.

This worries me slightly. But only slightly.

As to why... )

And finally, although he will never admit it in public... Nick actually enjoyed playing CoV.
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I shouldn't play MMORPGs when I'm feeling antisocial. It's then, and only then, that random players seem to want to talk to me. Such as right now in EVE, when all I want to do is mine kernite quietly for a couple of hours before going out, and I'm getting PM-ed by another (admittedly nice) player who wants to talk NPC-killing with me.

Maybe it's because my character pic is female? I certainly never get this much attention with my male character on CoH... which is bloody annoying when I actually need help with missions and the like...


Aug. 6th, 2005 03:58 pm
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Eating toast, listening to Blogathon Radio and browsing round some of the other blogs involved with the Blogathon.

One blog I'm enjoying reading is Dave Does the Blog - the author is planning on doing comic book reviews for the 24-hour period to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Being a comic book geek myself, this is something I can get behind.

Another interesting blog is Fragmentary Blue. Here the author is playing World of Warcraft for 24 hours straight, and blogging her adventures during this period. Personally, I wish I'd thought of that. Playing City of Heroes or Anarchy Online for an entire 24 hours for charity would have been fun. Alas, it wouldn't work too well with some MMORPGs. I can just see Nick blogging 24 hours' worth of playing EVE Online:

Hour 1 - Mining.

Hour 2 - Mining.

Hour 3 - Some bastard stole my ore!

Hour 4 - Mining.

EVE Online caters to a very... specific type of gamer.

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