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We got a takeaway menu through the door this weekend. We get a lot of them round here, and for the most part they get a cursory look-over before being put in the great big pile of takeaway menus that we never use because we already have our preferred outlets for each type of food.

But Nick calls me through Saturday night to look at this latest menu.

Apparently all its pizza come with herpes.

For each pizza listed, it gives the ingredients. And the last ingredient listed is always "herpes" - ie. Margharita: Cheese, Tomato and herpes.

Typo or no, this is one place I don't think we'll be ordering from...

Oh, and current NaNo word count: 7125
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I *am* still alive!

I just had a really exhausting week-and-a-half (or so). I'd go into detail, but I'm saving that for later, plus, I know that if I do, I'll end up forgetting what I actually want to write about, get distracted and end up getting nothing done for most of the day).

I have started NaNo though, despite the pull of City of... (although stress levels are rising there - again, I'll talk more later), and have mangaged to get to a grand total of 1,517 words so far, which according to the spreadsheet I downloaded means I'm 3% done. Which I think is an average start, if nothing else.

Especially because Jelli has apparently taught Mac one of her favourite tricks.

Whenever Jelli sees me writing, be it on the computer or on a notepad, she immediately comes over and either sits on the notepad or gets between me and the keyboard. Either she thinks very little of my writing or she considers the whole practice to be a waste of good stroking time, but the end result is the same. And now Mac's started doing it - or his best approximation, as he can't climb up on my computer desk. Instead he tries to scale the back of my chair. He's gotten the "sitting on notepads" thing down pat though.

If they weren't so damn cute and appealing when they do it, I'd shut them in a closet...
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The fic series I've been casually writing for my main RP hero in City of has unexpectedly bloomed. This is mainly because I've finally come up with a workable antagonist for him who fits into the story without too much jigging about.

There is really only one problem with this:

It'll mean I'll be trying to concentrate on this and on NaNo at the same time from now till... whenever it gets finished or the end of November at least, whichever comes sooner.

I suppose I could write City of fanfic for NaNo, using this plot as a springboard and writing big chunks of backstory for both Psychist and Tommy Bedlam (antagonist!) and re-writing (for NaNo) what I've already written to fit in... but I'm loathe to do that. For one, it'll mean I'll be way too easily distracted by the game in the form of "character research" (I know what I'm like). And for two... I'm not sure if I want to do fanfic this year. I mean, I use NaNo as a writing exercise - something to get me to write in large chunks, on a regular/daily basis, because otherwise I'm a sporadic writer at best despite all the stuff I've got on the computer and on paper round my room that needs to be finished - so whether or not I write something that can be published is of no real consquence to me. But on the other hand there's a part of me that always enjoys coming up with the world and new characters and plots and stuff...

Arrgh. Why can't my head just stick with one idea?
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Good news: the money Nick's mother sent Special Delivery on Monday finally arrived today.

Bad news: it arrived five minutes after our doctors' surgery closed for the day (half day on Thursday), so we can't pick up the perscription till tomorrow.

At least I have chocolate (and Nick can haz pizza tonight).

On the other hand, I can't sleep right now despite having been up all night (I settle down to play City of for a couple of hours, and the next thing I know my friends are joking about what time it is over in the UK and the milk floats are driving through the streets. At least I got two levels on my Warshade and had some good fun teaming). So I'm wandering round the net and doing random things. I may try doing some writing even, or perhaps even some NaNo prep (I have that Snowflake Method thing somewhere in my bookmarks...).

Although knowing me, I'll just end up reading random stuff on the web for a couple of hours till I'm ready to drop...
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I keep getting e-mail notifications for the thread about CoH I started on the NaNo site... yet whenever I've tried to actually go to the site for the past two-three days, I get consistantly timed-out.

How are other people getting to post? Is there a secret handshake I've missed somewhere down the line? A hidden entrance?

This is definitely going down as one of the top 10 Most Annoying Things to Happen Online: Getting e-mail notifications for a site you can't access.
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Ok, scratch yesterday's idea. It was deeply fun and all, but I don't think I would have been able to find the momentum to carry it all the way through.

This is my new plot idea:

"A teenage boy, recently released from a mental hospital, survives an attack from a serial killer and discovers that he now has a mental link to the killer - seeing what he sees and the like. With nobody believing him for obvious reasons, he takes it upon himself to try to warn the killer's potential victims and stop the killer himself."

There's a fair bit of The Eyes of Laura Mars in there, and I keep seeing the Corinthian standing in for the killer so far so something may be done with that... as well as some other stuff I haven't identified yet... we will also leave until later the discussion as to why I always seem to use the same characters/character types in my stuff (I have a theory, but it's long and complicated and rather weird, plus I have to think on it some more).
sareini: Official NaNo participant icon (NaNoWriMo)'s utter crack, but hey, it's better than nothing.

"A teenager in a mental hospital seems to have no grip on reality. He has delusions of being several different people, all of whom are 'special' in some way, and several of whom have connections to pre-existing fictional worlds.

What the doctors (and, to some extent, the patient) don't realise is... he's right. The teenage boy is in fact a nexus of sorts, and therefore does 'exist' in several worlds at once. The problem is that the various different versions shouldn't be aware of each other, but they are starting to notice... and that the 'version' in the mental hospital shouldn't exist at all, and certain forces are attempting to correct that fact. If the 'nexus' version dies, all the others will cease to exist...", I have no idea where this has come from, except that it maybe borrows a little from the BtVS episode "Normal Again". On the other hand, it'll allow me to write both fanfiction (and get away with putting an OC in there!) and original fic in one, and when I get stuck, I can write short episodes involving the various different 'versions' as filler.

...This really does confirm that I am utterly, utterly crazy, doesn't it?

NaNo 07

Oct. 2nd, 2007 08:11 am
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Well, I've just signed up.

I have no idea what I'm going to do this year, but that's just a small hurdle right now. I have a few half-formed ideas that I could go with.

*insert moment of flailing and "Why am I doing this?"*

...Right. Now all I need to do is come up with a workable plot, plan it out so that I can at least start the thing come November, and at get to at least a good stage to go 'on hold' with my RP story I'm writing for CoH right now. The last part being slightly more difficult as apparently people are enjoying it and are looking forward to more.

*insert more flailing*
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Gods, I've not been properly online in days. First I got smacked with a dose of that good ole' CFS exhaustion (that is, more than usual), which left me crawling out of bed and barely able to do anything past the basics of keeping yourself alive. Then, just as I was starting to feel human again, I think I caught a mini-bug that Nick had and passed onto me. Still got that, actually. It's not fun.

So, what's been happening in the Meat-World while I've been gone?

The House )

The Cats )

The Novel )

So that's what's been happening. Now, to feed the cats...
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,069 / 50,000

Yes, I've well and truly broken 20k, and I think I can get up to 23k by the end of today. In some ways it's easier working downstairs in the living room with the TV on, because if I watch VH1 Classic or Magic (my two music channels of choice) I can time my writing sessions by the hour because that's how long a lot of their programme segments are. Magic is currently doing a week of power ballads, apparently, while VH1 is the same as it ever was - 80s and 90s music. I guess this is another sign that I'm officially old - I just don't like the 'new' music that plays on the other channels.

Also had a strange experience today when going shopping - the taxi driver decided to point out to me where all the local brothels were. I'm not sure what I should be more bothered about - the fact that he just spontaneously started twlling me this, or the fact that he knew where all of them were...

Now though, time for a nap.
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I finally managed to type up the entirity of my first chapter! It's incredibly rambling and wordy because I'm going for length right now and planning to edit most of it out after I'm done, but here it is for anyone who's interested...

Chapter One )
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,974 / 50,000

Ok, things are going better now. Starting to get away from the setup and into the actual horror/action of the story. I am mildly concerned that I might have too much setup which leads to a too-slow buildup, but I guess if that's the case I can just edit like mad when I finally finish and come to go over it. I just need to remember that this month, at least, is just for getting the damn thing down...

Also don't know how much time I'll have to write tomorrow, as Kerry is coming down to see me. The theory is that we'll be going out for something to eat and to the cinema, but that may be subject to change as I have absolutely no money till Wednesday (we spent the last of our funds yesterday on kitty litter). So we might end up in the living room watching DVDs and eating what food we have in the freezer (thankfully there's plenty of that)...

Also discovered the source of the mystery puddles on my bed - it was Mac, who apparently decided to start widdlling on my bed. Which would have been bad enough, except that he did it while I was in it. He was thoroughly told off for that (I was so angry that I scared him into running away from me for five minutes, which made me feel really bad once I calmed down), and we've moved his litter box out into the upstairs landing in the hope of reminding him that he isn't to go anywhere but there. Currently he's watching me trying with some interest.

Edit: Also, having just loaded a word count widget from the NaNo site, I am amazed to see that I'm actually over 1k ahead of the word count I should be at! I'd worked it out that I was supposed to be at 16,667 (that's the daily count of 1,667 multiplied by 10), but apparently my dyscalcula has struch again. Or maybe I'm reading the widget wrong. Anyway, I should probably stop procrastinating now...

NaNo Day 7

Nov. 8th, 2006 03:19 pm
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,911 / 50,000

We shall not talk about Monday, becuase that was a sucky day. A sucky day when I had too much to do and was then to tired to get more than a few hundred words done.

No, we shall instead focus on how I managed to redeem myself yesterday by geting up to just below 11k, despite the mystery of the puddle of liquid that appeared on my mattress with no indication of where it came from...

Also have to keep myself motivated this week, because this is where I usually start to fall apart and stop writing. Since I still have a strong idea of where I'm going in general with this, and some detailed ideas of what's going to happen in the next few chapters, this shouldn't be too much of a problem, but there's always the risk of burnout from simply wanting a break from writing...

NaNo Day 5

Nov. 6th, 2006 09:59 am
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,715 / 50,000

...And the plot has arrived! Well, sort of. I've finally gotten to the hook that will get my MC to the town where the zombie hoards will soon be eating at theit all-you-can-eat long pig buffet.

This is nearly always something that frustrates me when I'm writing, actually. I get all these tense, action-packed ideas for stories, and I can't wait to get them down on paper... but then I realise that I have to write build-up to them, and set the scene, and so by the time I actually get to the action, I've quite often burned myself out.

This is why I quite often write in a fragmented, completely non-linear fashion - I write all the action scenes and exciting stuff first, and then try to fit in everything else around them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But this time I'm doing the old-fashioned A-to-B-to-C... route, just for tradition's sake. And it's not going too badly so far, although I'm still acutely aware that I may start to get burned out before I really get to the zombie hoards. Hopefully I can work out ways to avoid that, though. I really want to do well this year.

Now, to boring real-world stuff that has nothing to do with writing (or even the internet) for a while...

NaNo Comic

Nov. 5th, 2006 09:49 am
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I just saw this on the NaNo site and had to post it here... This is almost exactly what Mac was doing when I was using my computer, and pretty much what Jelli occasionally does at the moment...

Cats and NaNo

NaNo Day 4

Nov. 5th, 2006 09:45 am
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Not too bad, despite the disasters that are befalling me... I've at least been able to take the makeshift bandage/splint off my finger now that it's stopped bleeding and has scabbed over, so I can bend that finger again and therefore type properly once more.

As for the computer thing... well, I'm using Nick's computer when he's not, as I said yesterday, but he doesn't have MS Word (at least I don't think he does, and anyway, the point is moot now). Instead, he has OpenOffice, which I've never been able to get the hang of using for some reason. Plus I don't trust Nick to forget that I'm using hia computer and accidentally delete my document files.

So I'm using Google's online word processor instead. It's a bit basic in its layout - WYSIWYG - and I had a few problems finding things like the word count tool, but other than that it's working just fine for me. So I can continue to handwrite everything in my room, and then proceed with the long, long task of typing it all up when I have a spare hour or two. Like now.

Once I actually have a chapter finished, I'll even post it up here...

(And Jelli says good morning; well, actually she said "777tu48" when she walked across the keyboard, but it's close enough.)
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Oh, and before I forget...

Extract from Chapter One of 'All Flesh'... )

NaNo Day 3

Nov. 4th, 2006 07:58 pm
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(This would, of course, have been up much earlier if it hadn't been for lj being down for most of the day)

5510 words... and my NaNo curse has hit early this year.

My computer has died. The motherboard (probably) to be exact. So I'm limited to using Nick's computer when he's not, which isn't usually that often, till we can get a new one. Bugger.

And just to make matters even worse, I sliced open a knuckle on a cat food lid earlier, and the damn thing just wouldn't stop bleeding! In the end, and to try to stop it getting infected because we can't find the plasters, I had to wrap it in tissue paper and then bind it up with medical tape - which is fine except that now I can't bend that finger at all. I guess I should just be thankful that it's on my right hand and not my left, of I'd be completely done for.

In other news, there's fireworks going off like mad outside this evening, what with it being the day before Bonfire Night. I was worried that the cats wouldn't like all the explosions, but they're quite thoroughly nonplussed. Currently Mac is asleep in front of the fire, oblivious to everything, while Jelli is sitting up on Nick's computer desk and cleaning herself. She does look up when one of these really loud macaroons, or shells or whatever they're called, goes off, but other than that it's business as usual for her. I guess, in Jelli's case, she's used to them from being a street cat, and in Mac's case he's too young/daft to properly fathom what's going on...

Past NaNos

Oct. 12th, 2006 12:37 pm
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Saw everyone else doing it in the [ profile] nanowrimo community, and so I decided to jump in (it's a slow day).

2003 - Shadows: A witch trying to lead a quiet life as a teacher and her vampire girlfriend get caught up in a mysterious plot involving ritual murders, a dark sorcerer and an amnesiac teenager. What was Part One of my dark urban fantasy series (now Part Two). Got to about 20,000 words before having to stop because Nick's grandmother died.

2004 - Blooded: The only dhampir in a family of vampires living secretly in modern-day London finds himself at the centre of a mysterous group's plan to slaughter his family. Part Three of my dark urban fantasy series. Got to about 16,000 words because of ill health that month.

2005 - Untitled CoH fanfiction: Yes, I decided to have a break that year. The story of one of my CoH characters as he prgresses through Paragon City. Got to about 13,000 words before getting distraced by shiny new computer game.

2006 - All Flesh (tenative title): A small group of people find themselves trapped in a town when zombies overrun it. Now Part One of my dark urban fantasy series.

Gods... I look at my word counts and feel quite depressed. Personally, I'll be happy this year if I can break 20k...
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I saw this on [ profile] viralaserithan's journal, and thought I'd give it a go. It's one of those free-writing 'Outline your novel in 30 minutes!' things, so I may waffle and the like... wait I usually waffle anyway...

Will contain spoilers for November's NaNo )

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