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The past couple of days have been good for yarn, as I've had two separate packages of the stuff delivered to my door. First off was yesterday's delivery, which consisted of the last ball of yarn I needed to complete the Shawl of Secrets (the shade is called Secluded Lake) and a ball of the new Scheepjes Whirl yarn, which is 1000m of 4ply cotton/acrylic that has long colour changes all the way through it, making it great for shawls, scarves and anything else that you might want that kind of effect with.

Two balls of yarn

The name of the colourway I got this time is Melting Macaron. It's not the kind of colourway I would normally have gotten - I generally prefer darks, or blues and purples - but most of the colourways were out of stock and I wanted to try working with some new colours for once. With the Whirl I'm making a Mandala Cardigan, using a pattern designed specifically for the launch of the yarn, which can be found here. And of course I started it already despite having a ton of other prokects to be getting on with, because I like the instant gratification and playing with new things.

The beginning of a mandala cardigan

Then this morning I got my monthly yarn club delivery from Devon Sun Yarns. they're an indy yarn company who specialise in hand dyed yarns in numerous and striking colours, and I've been in love with them for ages now. They have several yarn clubs but I'm a member of the Sock Yarn Club, which delivers me a skein of 4ply yarn every month to do with as I please - although right now I've got several months' worth sitting waiting to be used because I haven't decided what to make with them, need the time to start them and because Callie bit through my bamboo sock needles (she has a powerful chew on her). This month's colourway is a gorgeous blue-green.

A skein of yarn

So I have plenty to keep me busy for a while.


In other news, I finally accepted that my computer chair's hydraulics have died, after only a week of sitting on a chair only 6-8 inches off the floor and developing a constant pain in my left leg from it. So I've swapped out my dead chair for Nick's old computer chair, which involved moving half the stuff in the front room around to move a chair four feet and confused the cats greatly, but right now Callie is sitting behind me in the chair while Lily is boxhopping, so they're happy enough. Hopefully my leg will stop hurting now as well because it was starting to affect my sleep.

More Cats!

Jun. 18th, 2006 12:47 pm
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Well, it looks like word has gotten around about us... waiting for a taxi for Nick this morning when we heard a meowing from somewhere nearby. Upon investigating we found a small cat sitting on next door's windowsill, who was absolutely delighted to see us and kept us company for the following hour or so.

She got into the house first opportunity she could, and spent a lot of time nosing around, climbing on stuff and trying to open an empty pizza box in the kitchen because she was convinced there was food in it. This picture is one of the few times she was actually still (cleaning herself, obviously).

She thought Nick was wonderful, and kept jumping up onto the wall to be with him, or standing up on her hind legs to get extra scritchies. Nick was, of course, delighted with the attention and encouraged it. Here we see her partaking in the ancient cat game of "Can I Fit My Head In Your Armpit?"

Only two things bothered us - one, it was pretty clear she was someone's pet, because she responded to being called 'Puddy', of all things, didn't mind being picked up and liked to play, but she had no collar. Now, she might have been chipped, but I think overall I've seen about two cats in this whole street whose owners actually bother to put collars on them, and they're strictly indoor cats. Secondly, we think she might have been in heat, which of course will cause all sorts of problems for her owners if she is.

Gah. Why does it seem like so many people have no idea how to look after their pets?

(A post with actual content will have to wait till I am no longer annoyed over what else happened this morning.)
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Managed to get her while she was eating just now - sadly they're still with the camera phone, but at least she doesn't look like she's going to eat the motorcycle shop nearby anymore...

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