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Callie coughed up her first hairball this morning. She was quite disturbed by it - it's the first time she's ever ejected anything from her mouth that way (other than the time I found her swallowing 6 inches of yarn like a sword swallower or really extreme snake charmer) and she cowered a bit until I reassured her that it was okay. Frankly I'm surprised it's taken a whole year for her to have a hairball, considering how she grooms sometimes. Also, she helpfully did so on a piece of cardboard so it was easy to clean up (ie. I didn't have to touch it).

As for the planned weekend of playing Secret World Legends... Well, we got set up on Friday, eventually, ending up as an all-Templar group wandering around a New England town beset by zombies, giant lobster people and baby Cthulhus among other interesting landmarks. I ended up playing a version of Talia who's gone Sword/Elementalism, which basically means I have a katana and can set people on fire. I also swear a lot, so I'm having a lot of fun bringing out some of my more... interesting phrases, such as "Jesus fucking Christ on a gas-powered novelty unicycle!" and "Hay, LobsterFace! your mother sleeps with seagulls!" - the latter being used as a taunt for the afore-mentioned giant lobster people.

We were all set to play on Saturday and Sunday too... but play didn't get very far on Saturday before the chat server started hyperventilating and crashing all over the place, meaning there was no way to communicate in the team. I'd like to note at this point that, when the original Secret World game launched in 2013, the chat server had the exact same problem, leaving me to conclude that in four years they never had the idea to actually fix or upgrade the chat servers. So the game announced there was going to be a couple of hours downtime to fix this and some other problems on Sunday.

On Sunday, two hours became three. Then five. Then eight. Which was about the point we all went, "You know what, we'd be better trying this again tomorrow." Eventually this morning, the devs posted about the "extended downtime", explaining that there had been a bug allowing people to duplicate money and so that needed to be fixed pronto before people started dupin rares and the game would be gone to the Americans (that's some vintage CoX humour for you there). There was also a brief mention of the chat/community server being fixed as well... but when I was creating an alt and getting him through the tutorial, I saw the community server crash again. Ah well, at least it reconnected this time. We'll just have to see what the evening holds...
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Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, Callie will be going to the vets for her yearly vaccinations. Even though both she and Lily are 100% indoor cats (aside from the .5% when she pokes her nose past the front door for a fleeting second) it's important to get the vaccinations because (a) you can never be too careful; and (b) because Lily is on long-term steroids now she can't get her vaccinations, so Callie needs to step up to provide the herd (clowder?) immunity. Callie is significantly easier to get into the carrier than Lily, what with being small enough still to be picked up and held with one arm and her not psychically knowing when it's time to get into the carrier like Lily can somehow sense. Once that part is done it's relatively easy and so routine that even I and my anxiety can't come up with anything to panic about.

Then, later on in the day I will be joining several friends and friends of friends in the headstart for Secret World Legends, the new f2p version of Funcom's The Secret World. It's a new game, so new characters for everyone... and that's been causing me some deep thought and anxiety over the last few days.

You see, I've had a small pool of characters that I play/write about for a very, very long time now - some of them have been around for nearly 30 years at this point. And so with maybe one or two exceptions, I don't like to create new characters; not when I've got these perfectly good characters that I can tweak to that purpose! Over the years I've become aware that these characters are also facets of myself in one way or another - Talia (who over the decades has also been known as Tiffany, Kimberley, Abigail and Rebecca) is how I wish I was; while James is the part of me that identifies as male and (poor thing) gets saddled with my mental illnesses and anxieties (and angst). There's a couple of others, but these are the two that have been with me the longest. When I write, they're the characters who'll turn up in just about everything, carefully shaped to fit the situation. And over the years they've helped me through a lot of things as well - they're not real, of course, but working out what they'd do or say to me in situations when I've had no-one else around to turn to has probably saved my life on at least one occasion.

So it's difficult for me to just create new characters, because to make the cut as a character they really have to have something that makes me attached to them, otherwise I lose interest very quickly. And I feel awkward about this, because in my past I've had people tell me how wrong this is or mock me for it, to the point where now I expect it from people automatically. Even explaining this here is making me feel weird because I never actually talk about this stuff.

On a related note I should probably get back on with the character backgrounds I've been working on for the versions of them in my current original universe brainworm...
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To counter my last post of rage about a stupid team member, I decided I should do a counter-post, listing a couple of the great teams I've been on in my MMO adventures.

1. The MM team of WIN! )

2. The LFD group that was a lawnmower )

tl;dr - sometimes, good teams happen.
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So, I'm still playing WoW and, remarkably enough, enjoying it still (although searching a cave for an hour for a fricking Tattered Manuscript so I can get one step closer to having a Felhunter is going to be the death of me, I'm sure). Part of the reason I'm actually enjoying playing is because I've managed to find myself some good roleplayers, and currently I spend my evenings with them, hanging round Silvermoon City and getting into trouble. Of course, not everything is perfect though, and so I'd like to take the opportunity to get a rants off my chest.

Rant ahead )

In conclusion: tl;dr - godmoders suck.
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I just spent the last two or three days searching for a very specific piece of information. I needed it for my Champions Online character, so that I could write his background better and not make some big mistake in connecting the background I was writing with the background of the CO universe.

...yes, this is even though my CO subscription runs out in about a week and a half. (Nick's response upon finding out why I'd been obsessively searching for two days and eventually clogged up the downloader for ten hours last night: "But you're not even going to be playing Champions!")

This, I think, is a side-effect of being both a roleplayer and a writer - and also in my case, of having mild OCD. I have to make sure that everything in my character makes sense, regardless of how important that detail might be or how much I'm actually going to be playing the character. (this character, incidentally, is my 'main' in CO, an alternate version of my 'main' in City of Heroes, so he'd be played a lot in theory) It also makes me curious, though - am I just a slightly-obsessive abberation, even among roleplayers, or is this something that others do as well? Is this also connected to the fact that I consider myself a 'writer' (although I should probably be properly published for that), or not - my bookcases contain books on a writer's "Book of Poisons", a writer's guide to body trauma and a guide to the forensics of a zombie uprising, just to pick three at random. If I'm going to write something, I like to get it right, rather than put in what I hope is a rough approximation or guess and hope it sticks (Dan Brown and the writers of the movie Stigmata, I'm looking at you).

Or maybe it's because, when I find a character I really like and want to play and/or explore, I want to get as much detail as possible into them as possible, right down to birthday, scars or distinguishing features and favourite books. I want to make them both original and stand out - sometimes by not standing out, if the character's supposed to be an introvert as several of mine sometimes turn out to be. And if that involves geeking out and researching information that I'm likely to use only once, then so be it.


Jun. 8th, 2007 08:21 pm
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I haven't posted for a while. I know, it's terrible.

So, what's been happening?

- after a slight problem involving my email not getting the worksheets being sent to me, I got my schedules for this week and next for work. My first job is on Sunday. Then I've got another on Monday (goodbye sleep!) and one on Wednesday. I'm at least glad that I don't have to work next weekend, as there's a double-XP weekend going on CoX that I don't want to miss (and I'm already having to miss a roleplay event happening this Sunday night).

- I've started my planning for Blogathon '07.

- [ profile] learnedrobb is coming down to see us tomorrow and staying overnight, so Jelli can sit on him and Mac can run away whenever he moves (Mac is slightly scared of big people)

- I'm writing porn for [ profile] amara_m/[ profile] phantisma's Inappropriate Content ficathon. You may all start trembling now.

I think that's all the salient points...
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I really need to remember to update this more often sometimes...

So, what have I been up to?

Had a job interview last week, for BHS, which I think went well, but of course I'll only know that if, by the end of this week, I've been called back for a second interview. It't be a good job to get - easy to get to, nice people, good hours... but we'll have to wait and see.

[ profile] jackthecake worked some magic and managed to get us a pair of sofas for the house today. They're very nice indeed, as well as very big - we can't currently open the front door properly, so we're either going to have to enter and leave the house through the back door for a while or rearrange Nick's office. The cats certainly like them though.

Put my back out somehow, so I'm having a few problems standing, walking and sitting at the moment (no word on lying down as I haven't tried it yet). Just waiting now for the painkillers to kick in.

Been neglecting my writing over the last few days, which is especially bad of me as I'm taking part in this year's April Fools. Then again, it's not like I've been consciously doing so - I just keep getting caught up in other stuff whenever I sit down to write, or getting short-term writer's block. I intend to try and fix that this week, though.

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter too, as my RP SG in CoH is meeting, and we're going to be running missions, doing a TF or something like that, all in-character. So I got all my sleeping in this afternoon. It's all go around here sometimes...
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See what happens when two slightly unhinged people are bored?

The saga begins... )

Yes, [ profile] jackthecake decided to join me on Virtue last night, and the two of us created new RP characters for the occasion - Dr Nitrous Brio and his long-suffering lab assistant Ellie Diskordia.

So I just felt I had to do a little something to commemorate the event...
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I spent Friday and Saturday sick and mostly in bed. Nick made me warm Ribena, which I haven't had since I was in single figures.

Today I felt better... so it was Nick's turn to get sick. Thankfully he hasn't gotten it as bad as me, but now I get to repay him for all his fussing over me by making him lots of coffee and Quorn (although admittedly not at the same time).

Continued with my knitting. The scarf I'm knitting for Kerry (if you want an idea of what it looks like, it's similar to the scarf the girl is wearing on this page, except mine is pale purple and more pastel in colours) is now just over a meter long... it needs to be 180cm before it's done.

Passed my trial period with my RP supergroup on CoH (I didn't even know there'd been a trial period!) and got promoted. Which made me feel like I was actually doing well, and therefore made me happy.

Also watched a lot of one-hour documentaries on serial killers with Nick on the Crime and Investigation channel.

And that's about it.
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I'm exhausted today. I stayed up all night doing a combination of RPing on both the hero and villain sides, and then after logging at around 4am I stayed up for another five hours to teach Nick the basics of playing CoV.

...Yes, Nick has finally caved, after two-and-a-half years of wating me and others play and hearing about it non-stop, and he's trying out CoV (EVE's Devs must really be pissing him off, that's all I can say). He's also considering trying out WoW, but as CoX is my area of expertise, I sat with him and walked him though the first few levels with his new Brute.

Having watched him play, I realise now that I'm going to have to re-think my opinions of new players to the game. Because Nick, of course, is far from a little kid or an idiot, but several of the things he did while learning were making me want to leap up, grab the mouse/keyboard from him and scream, "NO! THIS IS HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT!!" Nothing was major, of course, it was all learning curve and playstyle differences, but I've realised that I've become an elitist gamer somewhere along the way.

This worries me slightly. But only slightly.

As to why... )

And finally, although he will never admit it in public... Nick actually enjoyed playing CoV.
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Thanks to Christmas, a whole load of new players have joined the game, and some of them are... well, let's face it, some are newbies and some are n00bs. Over the past week or so I've seen quite a few interesting things while playing...

Cut for the disinterested, which means Nick and most of you, in fact... )

Hmm. I also need a more up-to-date CoH icon...
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So, as the title says, it was an interesting day today.

First off, we roleplayed today. Perry brought round his SLA Industries books yesterday and we created characters, and today we actually got to play them in a brief little 'start-up' adventure.

Brief background for SLA Industries: It's the future, and you're on a planet called Mort. Just about everything is run by this megacorp called... you guessed it, SLA Industries, and its owned and run by the mysterious Mr Slayer. There are humans and several other races - Ebons and Brain Wasters, who are kind of like elves if they were really, really Emo, Stormers, who are bioengineered and kind of like trolls, Wraith Raiders, who are lionine humanoids, and another race whose name I can never remember. The furure is also filled with violence, and so a lot of people working for SLA have to go chacing down gangs, serial killers and the like.

The details of play are here... )

Also this afternoon we had a knock on the door. Yeah, I know, exciting. It turned out to be a man from Provident Personal Credit, because I called them yesterday trying to find out why we got declined last time (I figured it was becuase we weren't on the electoral roll at the time. Turns out it was because they thought the house was empty becuase Nick has black bin-bags on the front room windows in place of curtains.) Despite being slightly scary, the man was impressed by Nick's job and the fact that he had a letter from the owner thanking him for being brilliant, and in the end was willing to give us £300. He's (apparently) coming round on Friday to give us the money, and we then have to pay back £15 a week. Nick's a bit concerned about the weekly doorstep collection and wants to try to pay it off as quick as he can, but it (a) means that we can finally get some more basic furniture like a table and chair for my computer(!) and (b) means that I can get Nick some Christmas presents other than the Mint Chocolate Orange I was scared would be all I could afford.

So like I said, an interesting day.
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(OK, so the definition of 'amusing' may vary from person to person...)

I was reading a couple of the threads on the official CoH boards about PuGs (Pick-up Groups, so called because the team members are usually just picked from the team seek list at random) from hell and n00bs (as opposed to newbies) who say silly things and it reminded me of a couple of things that have happened to me on my various characters:

- My level 32 Empathy defender, who has to take a moment to recover after fighting more than three mobs, gets a tell from a level 16 Tanker in Independence Port.

[16 Tanker]: can u help me kill
[Me] (after trying to work out just what he might be asking; am I being hired for a hit, for example?): Sorry, I have a timed mission.
[16 Tanker]: o

I've heard of the random powerleveling requests that happen to the most unlikely of characters, but I never thought it would happen to me...

- My level 13 Fire/Fire blaster is having to run through Atlas Park on her way to a mission when she gets a tell:

[recruiterperson]: hello
[recruiterperson]: do you want to join a sg?
[Miss FireDancer]: No, I'm fine right now, thanks.
... Long pause ...
[recruiterperson]: are u in a sg?
Miss FireDancer]: No, and I really don't want to be in one right now.
[recruiterperson]: y
... I zone at this point.

I just can't help but notice though; when I get people complimenting me on my RP characters' backgrounds (which happens more and more), they can generally type in complete sentences and use the correct grammar, but the rest of the time I get stuff like this.

And people look down on RPers in-game...

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