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So, as the title says, it was an interesting day today.

First off, we roleplayed today. Perry brought round his SLA Industries books yesterday and we created characters, and today we actually got to play them in a brief little 'start-up' adventure.

Brief background for SLA Industries: It's the future, and you're on a planet called Mort. Just about everything is run by this megacorp called... you guessed it, SLA Industries, and its owned and run by the mysterious Mr Slayer. There are humans and several other races - Ebons and Brain Wasters, who are kind of like elves if they were really, really Emo, Stormers, who are bioengineered and kind of like trolls, Wraith Raiders, who are lionine humanoids, and another race whose name I can never remember. The furure is also filled with violence, and so a lot of people working for SLA have to go chacing down gangs, serial killers and the like.

The details of play are here... )

Also this afternoon we had a knock on the door. Yeah, I know, exciting. It turned out to be a man from Provident Personal Credit, because I called them yesterday trying to find out why we got declined last time (I figured it was becuase we weren't on the electoral roll at the time. Turns out it was because they thought the house was empty becuase Nick has black bin-bags on the front room windows in place of curtains.) Despite being slightly scary, the man was impressed by Nick's job and the fact that he had a letter from the owner thanking him for being brilliant, and in the end was willing to give us £300. He's (apparently) coming round on Friday to give us the money, and we then have to pay back £15 a week. Nick's a bit concerned about the weekly doorstep collection and wants to try to pay it off as quick as he can, but it (a) means that we can finally get some more basic furniture like a table and chair for my computer(!) and (b) means that I can get Nick some Christmas presents other than the Mint Chocolate Orange I was scared would be all I could afford.

So like I said, an interesting day.

Hero Corps

Aug. 28th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Updated the profile for one of my villains, Penelope Dreadful.

She's taking a while to level, but it's worth it just to be able to throw cars and forklifts at enemies...
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Had a fun afternoon roleplaying with Nick and Perry (with Jelly watching from her position curled up next to Nick on the sofa and no doubt thinking we were all quite, quite mad). We were playing V:tM (old World of Darkness, none of this new stuff), with Nick GMing because it's one of his special areas (the others being Mage and Conspiracy X. Mine are Abberant and Call of Chthulu and Perry's is Paranoia).

Perry played a loudmouth Giovanni gambler and Rat-Pack wannabe named (yes, really) Vinnie Vegas.

I played a paranoid schitzophrenic Malkavian investigative journalist and conspiracy theorist called Rose MacLeir.

As you might guess, there was a bit of a personality clash, with Vinnie repeatedly trying to hit on Rose and Rose trying to educate Vinnie on all the bugs and trackers the government have installed in his car. Oh, and there was also the small matter of the plot, which involved several Catholic schoolgirls being murdered by means of exsanguination and us having to investigate it because it was endangering the Masquerade.

We ended up breaking into the school - I did so by Obfuscating myself and sneaking in through a second floor window before sneaking into one of the dead girls' rooms and interviewing her grief-stricken friend, while 'Vinnie' gave the security guard some cock-and-bull sotry about intruders on the grounds, stole a shotgun from the security office and broke into another dead girl's room to read her diary. And yes, we were supposed to be working together.

So much fun. We're continuing tomorrow.

In fact, I enjoyed playing Rose so much that I've applied to join an online WoD game with her (I had to work very hard to create her 'realistically' because Nick has strict rules on playing Malks in his games, but I really wanted to try out her concept and it worked). We'll see how that turns out...
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I just got one of the coolest compliments I've had in a while.

Was running around Port Oakes with my latest RP-enabled character, Penelope Dreadful (an anthropomorphic personification of the idea of the 'bad' imaginary friend, the 'other little girl' who's always blamed when kids do something wrong, and a kind of 'dark mirror' to my other main RP character, Imagika - I got the original idea for these two from Terry Pratchett books, particularly Hogfather and Masquerade) when I get a random tell.

Said tell informs me that my character concept is one of the most original they've seen in a long time, and is even better than the orc lawyer.

I'm better than an orc lawyer!

I've also ended up with a potential RP partner in a couple of levels (Penny is currently only level 7, and still takes bloody ages to clean out a mission).

Not bad for what was intended to be only half an hour's play.
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My knees feel like someone's gone at them with a sledgehammer. Actually, they've been feeling like this for several days now, which has made going upstairs to see Nick or go to the bathroom a pretty interesting experience. If they get much worse I think I'm actually going to have to start taking painkillers for them (which is something I've been resisting up till now because I think I'm sleeping enough already and I need a clear head for writing). Bleh.


I have a problem with The Sims 2. I decide I want to play it, load it up... and then spend two hours creating whatever family unit has popped into my head, tweaking clothes and personality till I've got them just right, and then go on to finding and furnishing the perfect house for my new family; working out whose room is whose, what decor each person is going to like, who gets what toys and the like.

Then I actually start playing, and soon discover that my obsessive organising of everything that has come before has completely sapped me of any desire to play.

I can't even keep my attention long enough to get them jobs (although that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have, again, very specific ideas as to who works as what, and waiting for the right career track to come around is a painstaking process).


More evidence of the fact that I have some scary obsessive-compulsive tendencies can be evidenced in the latest project of Nick's that I'm helping him with. You see, Nick, being a great big Babylon 5 geek, collects/collected the card game when it was out several years ago. He has a good few hundred of the cards at this point, filling several boxes. Now he's discovered that people are selling unopened booster packs for the game on eBay, and of course has jumped on the chance to buy some up.

In preparation for all these new cards arriving, Nick decided last night that he was going to catalogue all the cards he already had. So he printed off lists of each of the sets, got a highlighter pen and set to work.

When I found out about this today, I was struck by the urge to help. Not because I like the game or anything (I've never played), but because the prospect of searching through several hundred cards to cross-reference them against lists and mark them off was just too appealing.

Maybe I should become a librarian.
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US Vice-President Shoots Man. "Accident". Yeah, right. Nick's been convinced the man's a serial killer for years; this just strengthens his case... And who the hell hunts quail with a shotgun anyway?

WoW forced to become 'gay-friendly'. Pity it took a whole fortnight for this to be resolved... this is where I heard about it first, and last week apparently Lambda Legal were getting involved... strange how Blizzard doesn't mention that, isn't it?

What amuses me most is Blizzard's reasoning for their original knee-jerk reaction: "Blizzard defended itself by saying that information about players' real lives can lead to harassment in the game and its warning was only intended to limit such harassment."

Yeah, right. That's why the numerous gay-friendly supergroups in CoH are so percecuted... oh, wait...
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Or one of them, at least.

See, this is why you cyber in PRIVATE

I'm so glad that I've only been propositioned on CoH once, and that was just as I was changing zones so I could pretend I didn't see him. Still, this also provides a damn good reason for my continuing to play male characters...

"Gedran trys to disguise himself as a tree and makes crow noises."
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Just had one of my stranger gaming experiences for a while...

I'm leveling up a new alt (Invulnerability/Energy Melee Tanker) and so I have to spend more time than I might like in the newbie zones, Atlas Park and Galaxy City. Popping out of a mission into Atlas, I find myself in the middle of a large Broadcast conversation concerning religion (broadcast being the 'default' channel for the zone). Most people are goofing off with it ("The Rubbermaid is your one true God!" et al.), but I soon get to see that there are a couple of live ones mixed in there.

I actually want to devote more time to the guy who seemed to think that Wicca and Feng Shui were 'exactly the same', but really, what can I say? One is a Pagan path which embraces the Goddess, the other is to do with arranging furniture (massive generalisations, I know). Plus, he didn't actually say much else about this belief of his.

No, the real prize here was the guy who started proselytizing in the middle of a MMORPG. Lots of, "Jesus died for your sins, and you reject him"'s, along with a "I feel sorry for you because you're lost," thrown in for good measure. Plus your usual lot of sub-witnessings. He wasn't going for any one person here, either - just anyone who had the misfortune of listening to him. I wondered at first if he was just playing around, but as he continued I decided he wasn't - if he had been lampooning Christianity, he would have used RANDOM CAPS!, while this guy didn't use any. In fact, I don't even think he used punctuation.

So yeah. First time ever I've 'seen' a Christian witnessing in an online game. Hopefully it'll be the last too, as while I don't have a problem with it in principal, I don't play CoH to be converted.

The things you see online...
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Anarchy Online is down for upgrades till 5pm my time today, so ideally I should be getting stuff done that needs to be done.

Screw that. I'm reading MSTs and listening to VH1. (Interested in what I'm reading? Wander over here)

A few points I've noticed about AO since I've been playing it. Possibly the most obvious point is that MMORPGs attract a disproportionate amount of people who (in my admittedly slightly geeky elitist view) shouldn't be on the internet. One of the problems with online RPGs is that a lot of people get into them knowing little or nothing about online etiquette and the like. For the most part this isn't too bad, but I've started to get a little worried seeing people who honestly don't know what the acronym 'lol' means...) Also, there's the people who seem to have not read the manual before jumping in and playing, and end up asking questions that are beyond even 'newbie' status (I still think my favourite was the guy who seemed to think that every player of AO was in the one city, asnd there was nothing else to go to).

There's also the etiquette question. Now, I don't mind talking to people, helping them out and even teaming up if I'm not in the middle of a mission already. But it really drives me up the wall when I'm sitting around healing or recovering from getting spread all over a wall by something, and the chat window will suddenly be filled with "Do you want to join [nameless gimp]'s team?" No introduction, no, "How're you doing?", just that. I mean, if it was just the one request I wouldn't be bothered, but six or seven in the space of five seconds? Take your finger off the mouse button, pal, it'll wear out quicker.

Anyway, enough of my bitching (mainly because I've forgotten where I was going with it). Nick wants me to go into Hanley for the sole purpose of getting him 'something nice', which makes me feel slightly put out. I'm tired and I ache (I get ten-eleven hours of sleep per day and I'm still tired... I hate CFS); I really don't feel like going out unless there's something other than pain and exhaution in it for me.
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Nick got himself Anarchy Online the other day. Now, AO is basically a sci-fi version of EverQuest - one great big MMORG on the net. Nick's been wanting this for ages, so this week he treated himself to it when he found a copy for £5 and, all excited, came home, spent hours downloading the patches and then settled down to playing it.

A couple of days ago, he tells me that he's going to take the game back. The control system's too difficult to use, he says. The camera angles are all wrong. And he can't kill a single Leet. (Leets are vermin-creatures, names ironically and little more than pests. The very first mission you undertake is to kill a Leet.) Unfortunately the place he got the game can't take it back because it's registered to his IP now, so it looked like he was stuck with it.

This evening, however, I asked if I could have a go at playing it, and Nick agreed with a "If you think you can handle the control system." So I set up a player for myself, and dropped into the world.

Wow, Nick really doesn't have a clue how to play games if they're not real-time historical strategy. The control system and camera angles are easy, just so long as you follow the instructions on the little card that came with the instructions. And so far I've killed nearly 10 Leets and reached level 2. Ha.

Nick is sulking - even my offer to teach him a few tricks to make things easier for him to use the controls didn't seem to appease him...


Mar. 25th, 2003 06:47 pm
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Nick has recently found an RPG called Conspiracy X, and has been raving about it for the last couple of days. Basically, it's an X-Files-esque RPG, with conspiracies (duh), secret bases, aliens, psychics and all manner of weird stuff that the X-Files were so good at in their early serieses (sp?). It's also produced by Eden Studios, who also do the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG which I'm really fond of. (Zombies... need I say more?) Eden Studios is also the RPG company that Nick wants to send his RPG, 'Bloc Runner', to one day, so he's been looking a lot at them lately.

So I've just gone and checked it out, and I have to admit that Conspiracy X does look very cool. But the really, really cool things are the fact that Eden are releasing their own version of a superhero game later in the year, and they're going to make it compatible with All Flesh! Superheroes and zombies... I can see the carnage now...

But I think the best thing is the announcement that there's going to be an Army of Darkness RPG. Legions of fans will get the chance to put their bad Bruce Campbell impressions to good use at long last!

Like I said... Groovy.

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