The Mist

Aug. 31st, 2017 12:07 pm
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Last night I watched the first two episodes of The Mist TV series that's now up on Netflix.

Now, before I begin I need to explain that The Mist is one of my all-time favourite Stephen King stories. I first read it when I was 14, and it hooked me so much that I was waking up at 6am in the morning to read it before school, and even then I was getting so distracted by it that I kept nearly missing my bus. I loved every part of it. Second year Film Studies at University, I took a Scriptwriting class for which the final assignment was to adapt a scene from a book into a screenplay, and so I chose the scene where the "Flat Earth Society" leave the safety of the store from The Mist. I had a very specific idea for just about everything for the scene, and the theoretical entire movie - one of which was the idea of the film being shot in black-and-white which occasional flashes of colour - the red of blood, Mrs. Carmody's yellow pantsuit and so on. Years later, when Frank Darabont made his adaptation of the novella, I was delighted to hear that he had had a similar idea and had made a black-and-white version as well.

I was far less impressed with the film's ending, which I still think is one of the most mean-spirited and misjudged endings in cinematic history, but everything up to that point was great. So basically what I'm saying is that I'm possibly a bit biased and picky about this particular story.

With that being said... (spoilers) )

So after two episodes I'm at least interested enough to keep watching, almost overloaded as it is with shitty characters, because I want to see where it's going with the creatures in the Mist and how they're going to continue with the basic plot while still carving their own path, so to speak.


In other news, I'm sot sleeping at all well right now, and it's starting to make me feel unwell on top of everything else. I may have to start taking afternoon naps to try to catch up at this rate.
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Lovefilm by Post DVD rental service to close.

This rather sucks. Yes, things are very different from when Lovefilm started a decade or so ago and there are a ton of streaming services now for people to choose from... but Lovefilm's selection was huge, and even with Shudder, Amazon Prime and Netflix combined I wouldn't have anything near the selection of films that Lovefilm had (we're not mentioning Kodi here because of the legal grey area). And I'm not the only one to point out the vast difference in available titles either. Maybe Amazon will listen and be able to make more titles available for streaming, so people won't have to resort to... other sources for films.


In other news I've started on season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow and after two episodes I'm still happily hooked - thus breaking the season 2 curse I've been labouring under lately. Nick would have been all but peeing himself with glee, of course, as we've now got the Justice Society of America which Nick was a total fanboy for. Any questions I might have had about them (such as which was Obsidian and which was Dr Mid-Nite, because they had such similar powersets that I got a bit confused) would have been answered in great detail rather than my having to go to Wikipedia to look things up. The rest of the Legends are still awesome as well - I still miss Captain Cold, but because it's near-impossible to avoid spoilers sometimes I'm aware that isn't a lasting condition - and I love that Sara Lance gets to be a bisexual with an active sex life with both men and women. There's not nearly enough of that in movies and TV.
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Sometimes I go onto Ravelry to idly browse the patterns. This is never a good idea, because I am (a) easily distracted; and (b) easily distracted. I try to limit myself to just adding projects to my favourites list in the hopes that I can one day do some of them, but that just leaves me with huge lists of things I want to do when I can barely focus on finishing what's already on my needles and/or hooks at the moment.

Case in point: two years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I decided to knit a hat for her. She had an "all clear" scan this week. The hat is still not finished (although I picked it up again today and might get it finished tonight...) so I guess it's now more of a "Congratulations on beating cancer!" hat than anything else. That's still good, I guess. But that's just an example of how spotty my ability to keep a focus on one task for a protracted period of time. It's why portions of doing my brother's birthday present and niece's cardigan have been so hard, because my mind just won't stay fixed to them.

I wonder sometimes if this is the depression or something else gone askew in my mind. I remember being able to focus on things to completion in the past... but that was a long time ago. It's probably something I should bring up next time I see someone at the Greenfields Centre (who, incidentally, finally called me back on Tuesday! Huzzah!), although whether there's anything that can be done about it I don't know.


In other news (and see how I flit from topic to topic!) I'm wondering why so many shows I like seem to shoot themselves in the foot when they hit Season 2. Preacher (although to be fair I was having problems with that in Season One; it's just that 2 sealed the deal for me); the new Doctor Who (I much preferred Christopher Eccleston's Doctor); American Horror Story (which made the mistake of putting too many plotlines into one story, so we had aliens, a serial killer, Nazi experiments, demonis possession and an abusive mental asylum all at once) and now The Strain for the latest example, where the supposed protagonist who I was already having problems with becomes even more unpleasant and starts drinking heavily (and yet is still supposed to be the hero and a responsible father, people!) and most of the rest of the cast seem to have taken a beating with the Stupid Stick as well. Thank Eris Fet is still mostly awesome or I'd be giving up on this show as well.
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(Aside from the whole mental illness thing, that is.)

Since I came up with the idea for my video review series last week, my brain has been constantly nagging me with ideas for it. "Hey!" it shrills at me while I'm doing something completely unconnected, like cleaning the litter boxes. "We should totally do American Horror Story for the video series as well! All of them! Starting with Murder HouseMasters of Horror show out of the way first. And, you know, actually make a video, which we can't do right now because the audio panel on the computer doesn't recognise microphone jacks-"

"And The Strain! Do that too! And-"

"Brain, you're getting way too ahead of us here. You're making plans at least a year in advance, and-"

Small spoiler for an episode of The Strain S1 )

"Brain, shut up. I'm wrestling with 30l of cat litter here, you could at least help."

And so on. All week. Eventually I made a compromise and made a list of shows and episodes that I could conceivably do video reviews of, some time in the future, and it seems to have soothed that part of my brain for the time being. But I really do hate it when my brain gets fixated and over-excited about things like this, trying to divert energy and attention from everything else that I want or have to do.
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I am afraid of emergency broadcasts.

But Why? )

tl;dr - I'm very strange and have some strange interests and phobias. But I'm also fascinated by them.
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My brother came down to visit and we went to see Spiderman: Homecoming.

Non-spoiler thoughts: Very good film. Funny in all the right places, with a good-action-to-real life ratio. Michael Keaton is really good as the Vulture - far better, I think, than some of the previous over-the-top villains we've had in previous Spider-Man films.

Spider-Spoilers! )

Last night I also watched up to the end of episode 4 of season One of Preacher, which I'd been meaning to do for some time but I'm easily distracted. I decided to make a go of catching up on everything because I'd been talking with my brother about it on the phone last night, and how much it was different to the graphic novels. Well, I'd already known some of the differences, but I hadn't known how far they went...

Spoilers for the first four episodes of season One of Preacher )

So yeah. I'm going to keep watching Preacher, despite my complaints, because apparently Season Two starts following the books more, and what I've seen so far of the Saint of Killers, Fiore and Leblanc, and Herr Starr (all 30 seconds of him) give me hope that there's still good stuff in there waiting to come out. But I just do not get the reasons for such massive changes to backstories, especially when the changes actually feel weaker, plotwise.
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Despite the fact that I already have more than enough TV shows to try to keep up with (Twin Peaks, American Gods, Supernatural, Criminal Minds and more...) this weekend I started watching The Originals on Netflix. It's a vampire/supernatural show; a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries which I never really got into despite trying twice. But somehow The Originals has drawn me in; I think it's because it tends towards balls-to-the-wall ridiculousness.

The show centres around three vampire siblings, the Mikaelsons, who are 1,000 years old and the very first vampires, hence the title The Originals". One is a dilettante, one is the "honourable" one who tries to keep everyone friendly all the time, and one is psychotic and a hybrid werewolf/vampire. And all three, as well as just about every other main or semi-main character, seems to be a proud graduate of the Starscream School for Backstabbing. Every single episode has at least one character making secret plans against another character (or faction) - usually Klaus, the psychotic one - and nearly all of them end badly for someone who isn't the target. It's like the most bloodthirsty version of speed chess ever.

The show also goes through plot arcs like they're going out of fashion as well, and I think it's this point that's captured my attention the most. It reminds me somehow of the old daytime soap opera Sunset Beach, which I watched when I was a new student last millennium. That was a batshit crazy show as well, the high point of which was a Christmas episode in which someone literally descended into hell (It ruined itself with its final episode, when it was revealed that it was all one character's dream just before her wedding, because you never go with the "It was all just a dream!" resolution unless you're The Wizard of Oz.) I'm only just over halfway through the first season and already we've had about five or six major plot events happen. I think I'm just too curious/fascinated to find out what's going to happen next - 10 Biblical Plagues? Human hunters? Klaus does something nice for selfless reasons?
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Watched the first episode(s) of the new Twin Peaks today.

Non-spoiler comments: yup, that's a David Lynch production.

Spoilers for The Return )

Looking forward to keeping up with this.
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Yesterday while going to the vets', I was reminded by a large billboard that the new Twin Peaks is starting soon (May 22 here in the UK). This in turn reminded me that I had meant to marathon through the original series some time ago, but never quite got around to it.

Mainly it was because of Nick. When the new series was announced a couple of years ago, Nick revealed to me that he had never actually seen the TV series; just the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me. And even then he couldn't remember who had actually killed Laura Palmer. So I made the decision that we would watch the whole thing together so he could be up to speed when the new series began. I think we made it most of the way through the first series before he got distracted by something else, and then he went and died so he never learned the truth about Killer Bob and the one-armed man.

So now with a week or so to go I'm watching the whole thing again with the cats for company, and the very first thing that struck me is how much I loved the music. Seriously, I'm surprised I forgot, but back in my teens I actually had the CD of all the music from the show, because it was just so sad and melodic and haunting. I couldn't get enough of it. I had to pause the first episode just so I could run to Spotify and add half the pieces to a playlist.

The second thing that's struck me is how real the characters are. And by "real" I mean quirky, flawed and human. Much as I love my Criminal Minds and my Supernatural and the like, it sometimes feels as though the characters there don't show themselves to have flaws or weaknesses unless a major plot point relies upon it. Here we get things like Deputy Andy crying every time they find a dead body, and the reactions of Laura's parents upon hearing the news of her death are heartrending even now (of course, Leland Palmer being played by Ray Wise, a man who may have been born to play Satan in later TV shows, certainly helps). It all just helps to draw you in. It's something David Lynch is good at - exposing the dark heart of suburbia for all to see.

And the 90s fashion! And the hairstyles! I remember being so very jealous of Donna Hayward and Audrey Horne for having short curly hair that they could still make look good, while the best I could manage was "not quite Screech from Saved By The Bell". I also had girlcrushes on both of them that I didn't know were girlcrushes, because I hadn't figured out that I was bi at that point. I remember being so very confused about how fascinated I was at Audrey's ability to tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue...
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Well this sounds interesting.

I know Karl Urban had expressed interest in playing Dredd in a TV series, but whether or not that could actually happen is another thing entirely. It will also be very interesting to see what stories and characters they end up bringing into the TV series - the Angel Gang are probably a shoe-in, especially Mean Machine just because he's iconic without being too difficult to adapt; Rico Dredd too. On the other hand, I can see them wanting to do things like the Dark Judges and Judge Caligula, but those might be a bit too big/dark/close to the bone in places.

We shall have to see.

TV Shows

May. 3rd, 2017 02:32 pm
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I watched the first episode of American Gods last night, having forgotten it was going to be on Amazon Prime and thus stumbled across it while looking for something to while away an hour or two.

It was interesting. Intriguing. Certainly enough to make me want to keep watching. Ian McShane was very good as Mr. Wednesday (but let's be fair, there's very little he hasn't been good in) and everyone else was good too. I will say that it's probably less confusing if you've read the book beforehand (or even part of it, like me, because Nick went and lent the book to his brother when I was only one-third through it and I never got round to picking it up again), as when I was trying to explain things to my brother later that evening while also trying not to spoil things, all he knew of the series was that it was "based on that book by Neil Gaiman" and needed to think for a good few moments before he even got the "Mr. Wednesday" reference.

While we were discussing it and other TV shows though, my brother mentioned that he feels like the last of a dying breed in that he doesn't like to binge-watch shows season by season - he still likes the old-fashioned way of watching an episode every week or so. He's just finished watching Line of Duty, which he enjoyed both for the police procedural, the storyline and the opportunity to sit there and pick out the flaws in police operations, and he can't understand why so many of his friends have been waiting till the whole thing was over to watch it all at once. He still likes the episodic nature of TV serieses; the anticipation of having to wait a week to find out what happened with the previous week's cliffhangers.

Me, I'm somewhere inbetween. Some shows I watch in small chunks - Criminal Minds or Supernatural, for example. Then there's the ones I'm happy to watch one episode at a time - Lucifer and American Gods. And then there's the occasional show that I will just wait till the end of the season and then watch over two or three days - Gotham is the big one there. Thing is, I have no idea why I do this with some and not others; why some shows appeal to me in a more episodic fashion than others. Then again, I also watch old episodes of Crimewatch on YouTube, so I guess it can just be put down to me being so wonderfully strange that I just baffle everyone.
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I woke up this morning to find Callie licking my closed eyes. Apparently my role in life now is to be a salt lick for a kitten. It's the hay fever, of course; now that it's May and the weather is grudgingly admitting that it's springtime the pollens are really getting started, and of course I was already allergic to all of them even before the news of "super pollens" (pollens that have mixed with diesel fuels to be extra sticky in the mucous membranes) hit last week. Already my nose is getting runnier, my eyes more sore and prone to sticking closed in the morning (cat licks aside) and most annoyingly, the roof of my mouth itches more and more of the time. At least my life as it currently is minimises my contact with random free-floating pollen in the outside world.

In other news, I managed to be relatively productive around the house today. Did some small amount of tidying, typed up and published a review for the movie blog (The Void, in case you were wondering) and got as far as I currently can with the Shawl of Secrets. I'm now at the point where I have to buy the missing ball of yarn before I can continue, and depending on how things go on Thursday (another vet visit for Lily) will determine whether I can get that this week or at the end of the month. Still, it's a good thing it's not able to distract me right now, as I still have to finish that cardigan for my niece.

Possible Criminal Minds spoilers if you've not seen Season 11 yet )

Knitted shawl in browns, reds, oranges, yellows and greens
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Today I have been mostly crocheting. Well, apart from the past hour or so, when I took a break to transfer some inactive icons from lj to here, because after four hours of crochet the little finger on my right hand had seized up rather painfully. My evening will be filled with more of the same.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with my niece and my brother and the topic of her upcoming birthday came up. And, long story short, I volunteered to make her a cardigan.

Let me be clear, it's not that I don't want to make her a cardigan. It's that, at the best of time, my ability to focus on one task for a protracted period of time is somewhat limited, because the depression/anhedonia makes me lose interest because I either get sad, or something else catches my eye and I want to start that instead, thinking at the time that surely this will cheer me up. At the time, I was about three-quarters of the way through a cardigan for myself, with just the sleeves left to do, and the fact that I'd gotten that far was impressive in itself. But of course I've now put that on hold to make my niece's cardigan for her birthday in mid-May. And the focus problem is starting to raise its head. There's a couple of scarves I was working on I'd like to go back to. There's a cross-stitch piece I'd like to go back to. There's a whole bunch of other projects lying about the house that I should get finished at some point that suddenly all want attention. But I have to finish this cardigan before I can touch anything else. I have to.

It helps to watch stuff while I'm working on it. I had planned to watch an episode of the new MST3K this afternoon as I crocheted, but instead I got drawn into a True Crime Lists channel on YouTube that - for the most part - manages to stay away from all the usual cases that nearly every other channel ends up covering, often in inaccurate detail. No doubt I'll end up creeping myself out by the end of the night (possibly ending up watching old Crimewatch episodes as well for added unease) but for now it's okay. Mainly because it's daylight out.

Oh, and Callie is helping with the crochet as well. By "helping" I mean she keeps trying to eat the cotton yarn, then curls up on my legs and goes to sleep, leaving me unable to properly move my legs for hours until the cramping gets too much and I have to tip her off. Then she bites the yarn again in protest and we start all over again.

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There is an ad that plays regularly when Nick watches his various politics shows on the internet lately. It's for Duracell batteries, and it's had several different versions, each dealing with a different type of technology that's supposed to be life-saving/incredibly important, that wouldn't be as efficient without Duracell batteries. Their latest one apparently has to do with night-vision goggles, and finishes with the line (or something very much like it), "Even in the blackest night..."

So now Nick and I have decided that Duracell power the Green Lantern rings.

"In brightest day,
In darkest night...
Duracell Batteries, proud sponsors of the Green Lantern Corps."


Jul. 11th, 2009 04:23 pm
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I have a friend by the name of Ardy. Ardy is a sci-fi geek, much the same as me. Earlier this week, Ardy discovered that I had never actually bothered to watch Torchwood, mainly because I was feeling disappointed at the way the new Doctor Who series had not lived up to my childhood expectations and memories. As the new Torchwood series was starting that night, he encouraged me to give some of the earlier stuff a try and see what I thought.

Well, I did. And I found myself hooked in pretty short order, which was a pleasant surprise. And, as is always the case with any TV series, I quickly developed a favourite character or two, favourite pairing and all the stuff that goes along with that.

...Anyone who saw Children of Earth, the latest Torchwood series, can maybe guess where this is going.

But here's a cut for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to remain spoiler-free )
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Nick does not like and will not allow me to get the DVDs of the TV series Lexx.

I don't even know him any more.

TV Woes

Dec. 28th, 2007 04:30 pm
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Slightly pissy right now, for several reasons. The most obvious of these reasons is our attempts to tune in our new freeview box.

Nick's mother got us a freeview box for Christmas. Which was great - we'd been meaning to get one ourselves for a while because at the very least, our regular reception is so bad that we lose the TV picture every time someone walks past the house.

First though, we had to buy an adaptor because of some male-to-female inconsistency with the sockets (which apparently happens with every piece of TV equipment known to man, according to Nick). Then I spent 45 minutes trying to tune into to the menu page before we figured we'd try switching the SCART leads around.

Finally we get the menu page and set it to find the channels.

It finds 8 of them. And of those 8, half of them have since dropped off the screen as well. By the look of things, either we have the world's crappiest aerial (which is a distinct possibility) or the weather is affecting the reception. Which, when you consider where we live, isn't a particularly good prospect for us.

I think, when you can't receive the Teletext channel or BBC News 24, you're officially in trouble.
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So, last night's Eurovision was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. Not because we lost, because four vacuous 20-somethings pretending to be air steward/esses and singing some bland europop number isn't going to win any prizes (and I still think we should have had the guy from the Darkness, if only so that we gould have had a glam rock-off between him and the Swedish entry), so that didn't bother me. And hey, it wasn't as if we came away with nil points, because Ireland and Malta (gods bless that George Cross-wearing country!) both gave us points.

No, it was a disappointment because of the overwhelming weight of the Eastern Bloc. There were barely any countries from Western Europe this year (most of them got knocked out in the semi-finals, and France, Spain and the UK only got through because we basically bankroll the thing), which led to some of the most obvious 'neighbour voting' I've seen in quite a while.

This isn't meant to sound bitter, because as I've said, I don't think the UK had a hope in hell's chance of winning (and neither did France or Spain, if you want my personal opinion), but I find myself wondering if Eurovision is getting judged on actual talent any more (yes, I said 'talent' in the same sentence as 'Eurovision').

Nick and I though that the Slovenian entry should have won (hot opera bondage), or maybe the Finnish entry (Elvira meets Evanescence) or Hungary (electro blues). I mean, the Serbian entry that won wasn't bad, but I'm not sure it it was winning quality.

Maybe they need to ditch telephone voting and go back to the judges panel of old. That might also discourage entries like this year's Ukranian entry which, as I had no alcohol in the house, simply wouldn't have been able to cope with if it had won.

I suppose the only positive side to this whole issue of bloc voting is that, ten or fifteen years ago, most of the countries voting for each other were busy blowing the shit out of each other instead. Eurovision brings people together, causes world peace, perhaps?
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If I look out my kitchen window I can just about see the lunar eclipse that's going on right now (the moon is currently very high in the sky, so unless I actually go out into the back yard - and scare off all the cats in our shed-cum-bunkhouse - I'm not going to be able to see much more). According to the BBC News article, it's about to enter 'totality'.

There's your topical post for the day.


Also, after a week of this damned flu and coughing my guts up till my head hurts and all the skin has gone from the tip of my tongue, I now sound like Lois from Family Guy.
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...and to [ profile] amara_m, I have a question...

Am I going to find out what John whispered to Dean any time soon? I'm pretty sure I know what he told him, but it's still going to drive me up the bloody wall if I have to hang on for most of the series for it to become 'public' (as it were) knowledge.

Also mildly annoyed because Nick doesn't watch the episodes with me because he says he'll watch them when we get the series on DVD. Never mind that that's likely not coming out over here for several months at least...

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