The Mist

Aug. 31st, 2017 12:07 pm
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Last night I watched the first two episodes of The Mist TV series that's now up on Netflix.

Now, before I begin I need to explain that The Mist is one of my all-time favourite Stephen King stories. I first read it when I was 14, and it hooked me so much that I was waking up at 6am in the morning to read it before school, and even then I was getting so distracted by it that I kept nearly missing my bus. I loved every part of it. Second year Film Studies at University, I took a Scriptwriting class for which the final assignment was to adapt a scene from a book into a screenplay, and so I chose the scene where the "Flat Earth Society" leave the safety of the store from The Mist. I had a very specific idea for just about everything for the scene, and the theoretical entire movie - one of which was the idea of the film being shot in black-and-white which occasional flashes of colour - the red of blood, Mrs. Carmody's yellow pantsuit and so on. Years later, when Frank Darabont made his adaptation of the novella, I was delighted to hear that he had had a similar idea and had made a black-and-white version as well.

I was far less impressed with the film's ending, which I still think is one of the most mean-spirited and misjudged endings in cinematic history, but everything up to that point was great. So basically what I'm saying is that I'm possibly a bit biased and picky about this particular story.

With that being said... (spoilers) )

So after two episodes I'm at least interested enough to keep watching, almost overloaded as it is with shitty characters, because I want to see where it's going with the creatures in the Mist and how they're going to continue with the basic plot while still carving their own path, so to speak.


In other news, I'm sot sleeping at all well right now, and it's starting to make me feel unwell on top of everything else. I may have to start taking afternoon naps to try to catch up at this rate.
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Today I made attendance sheets.

Then I shredded documents. And shredded. And shredded. And, just for some variety, shredded some more.

...Then I got binned. Whovever had 'two days' in the pool wins the pot.

Seriously, what is it about me that's apparently so unemployable? No-one says anything to my face, it's all done via the agency. In this case, it was a case of "they just don't feel the work is panning out". They might as well have given the reason as "Well, you know, it's stuff."

So, it's another job to add to the CV with the hope that no-one looks too closely, and back to the hunt...
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My new job isn't with the Workbank.

It's actually in the university. In the Clinical Psychology department, to be exact.

So, today I:

- compiled 80 folders of articles and fliers for an upcoming residential course/workshop/whathaveyou for the people who supervise the DClinPsy students here. Each folder had 10 seperate items in it.

- collected and delivered post.

- used a photocopier that was - I swear to Eris - the length of my kitchen.

- made, printed out and then guillotined 200 business cards.

I also had to walk there and back - which was about 8 miles in total - and I haven't eaten a thing all day.

I had planned to write more, but it turns out I don't have the energy right now.
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For anyone who's wondering, this is who I'm now working for:


The ironic thing is that while I was at university (oh so long ago now...) I actually did temp work with the Workbank - I was a silver service waitress at two functions, despite the fact that I'd no experience whatsoever if silver service or waitressing...
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Yesterday it looked like it was going to be one of those days.

Today it was looking more like one of those weeks.

Then I got a new job.

Details, details... )
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Had a couple of interesting days.

Yesterday I met a drunk woman who was trying to do the splits in the newsagent's for the amusement of the staff there (and who called me "lady" and laughed uproarously every time she did). I also had a most bizarre phone call, which went something like this:

My strange phone call... )

Today I had an appointment with a woman from a company called Maatwork wgo do work with people who are wanting to try to get back to work through the New Deal for Disabled People (I'm now on that, by the way. At least now I can see how it works from the inside rather than just bitching about it from the outside). She's going to be helping me with my CV (I don't have one, since when I was at school the big thing was 'Records of Achievement', which were supposed to be replacing CVs but have died a death in the years since), helping me look and apply for jobs which might be suitable for me and stuff like that. If I get a job, it'll likely start off as 'Permitted work' (under 16 hours a week and/or £86 per week) and go from there - although that could change. If I get anywhere and find I can do the work, that is.

Also this afternoon I got a call from the local college, about the Access to Employment schemes I was looking into last week. They think they can get me on an IT/Customer Service course, so I'm going in tomorrow for an appointment with them about that.

I admit, things are moving along a lot quicker than I had expected. Aside from a few snags, there really do seem to be a good few systems set up to help disabled people who want to try to get back into work but who aren't sure about how to go about it. The limited range of work placement courses is a bit of a problem, but I suspect that that's either down to a regional thing or just that the college can only put on a certain number of courses and so put on their most popular.

Of course, things could still all go horribly wrong. We'll see how tomorrow's appointment goes...
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We appear to be hitting something of a snag.

Yesterday I called the number I'd been given for this college scheme that gets you NVQs while you do work experience and the like to enquire about doing an IT or web design course with them (or, at a pinch, some sort of admin course, although it would eat my brain). Got called back today, but by the sound of things they only do an IT and Business Administration course which is a) short and b) for regularly unemployed people with little or no skills. (They also wanted me to prove which A-levels and GCSEs I had, which I've not been asked since uni and mildly worries me, not least because after all the bloody moves I've done I don't know if I have the certificates any more. Time to go looking on wesites for replacements, methinks...)

So I'm too qualified/intelligent for most course, yet not qualified enough to do other things. Story of my life.

I also looked at the Stoke-on-Trent College website to see what NVQs they offer in general, and it's nearly all stuff like Brickwork, Plastering, Paining and Decorating and the like. It still boggles my mind that you can get a qualification in Call Centre Working, too. But overall very few of the courses were anywhere near suitable for me.

I think I've found my first large flaw in this whole 'Pathways to Work' thing.

The lady who called me today is apparently going to call back on Monday after talking to some people, so we'll see what's up then, but I admit that I'm not holding out too much hope for this avenue...
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Annoyed. Quite spectacularly annoyed, in fact.

I got my registration documents for my OU course this morning. I was slightly surprised at this, becuase I thought I'd done all the registration online, but apparently not.

There's a slight problem with receiving the documents today, however.

The day they have to be back is also today. (The course starts on Monday.)

So I ring the OU, explaining the situation and hoping that, if I can get the documents in the post in the next hour so that they arrive at OU HQ tomorrow morning, then everything will be fine.

Nope. Well, technically yes, but only if I pay the full course amount over the phone before 8pm today - that's £525 - by credit card.

So, that's my time unexpectedly freed up for the next three or so months (and possibly more, because right now I'm pissed off enough to consider just not bothering to try for the Feb 2007 enrollment).

Why the fuck did they send me a time-sensitive document three days before the cut-off date? Why? I mean, I know I'm disorganised a lot of the time, but I kind of expect international universities to have their act together a little better than this...
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Spent most of the past few hours either filling in forms, hanging on hold to speak to people who could tell me how to fill in a particular part of a form, or travelling to places so that I could fill in forms.

What fun.

Part of this involved trying to get a 'responsible person' to sign a copy of my passport for my OU financial form, so that I could prove I wasn't an illegal immigrant trying to cadge some free education - unfortunately the instructions on the form didn't originally say where to sign, which led to a lot of the being-on-hold. Also had to go all the way down to the SAC as they're the only responsible people I know who don't charge a small fortune for signing stuff now (unlike the doctors', hiss boo).

This evening and tomorrow: financial statements and breakdowns. What fun.
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I got an interesting letter from the university this morning. It begins:

I hope you do not mind me contacting you but I am aware of your decision to withdraw from your award...

Huh? I know my memory isn't always the best, but I think I'd remember if I'd withdrawn. I think the university is making decisions for me here.

But then again, this might just have saved some time in the long run. Turns out the people who said they could offer me a loan were in fact loan brokers, and so Nick won't allow me to send the £40 administration fee to them (not that we have it anyway). So if I can't get a loan, then I can't pay off the fees I owe, and I can't go back anyway. So if the university think I'm withdrawing it'll probably save me the trouble of having to tell them.

I was all stressed out when the loan fell through and all, because I'm in no way ready to finish my education yet - I was prepared to go out and get a job, regardless of what it might do to me, but Nick said he doesn't want me to, partly because of my condition and partly because he's apparently old-fashioned enough to believe that a household should only need one person earning all the money, which is sweet but rather impractical in 21st-century Britain under the idiot Blair - but Nick came through for me. He suggested the OU, and even said that he would pay the fees for any course(s) I did.

So now I'm pencilled into study Introduction to Humanities in October.

And it turns out that Nick might not have to pay anything after all, as we could very well fall into the category for Fee Support. All I have to do is work out how to get proof of Nick's earnings, find a 'responsible person' to sign a form saying they've seen my passport (and how many 'responsible people' do we know, huh?), get a letter from the SS saying I'm on Incapacity Benefit, and possibly apply for Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, and I'll have all the proof I need.

...I'm doomed. Why are there so many damned hoops? I feel like a trained poodle.
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I was determined today to get things sorted with the university - changing course (again) and all that. Everything started off well - I rang the department I wanted to transfer to, spoke to a tutor and he said it was fine. In fact, he said that I could come down this afternoon and get the forms done and all that.

A thunderstorm started the moment I put the phone down to him. I should have realised it was a bad omen.

Taxi down to Law school to get transfer form. Law school doesn't have them. I need to see me award tutor, who's of course in another building. Thankfully it's only a three-minute walk, but the rain is sheeting down. Bite down and head off.

See award tutor. Award tutor can't give me form because she's (a) up to her eyeballs in work; and (b) I have outstanding fees. So they won't transfer me. Go to e-mail student advisor.

Can't e-mail student advisor as am now locked out of university system. Decide to go direct to advice centre - ten-minute walk in extremely heavy thunderstorm. I have no jacket or umbrella as I thought this would be a quick job.

Get to advice centre. Dripping wet. No-one is available to see me as all are too busy or not there. Go to ring Nick to try to get him to e-mail advisor.

Phone in students' union eats my money and doesn't give me phone call.

Head over to building where (potential) new award is based to tell (potential) new tutor that I can't get the forms signed today so he shouldn't wait for me. This was about the only high point, as he was really nice. Go to get taxi home.

Get grumpiest taxi driver in the world. Get home. I am no longer dripping wet - now you'd have to wring me out before I could be dripping wet.

Am currently waiting to see if advisor can reply to my e-mail today, and to see if I'm going to catch pneumonia.

Somewhere, Eris is rolling on the floor laughing.

Sod's Law

Mar. 7th, 2006 11:02 am
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Sod's Law is dragging yourself out of bed after having had only five hours sleep and bad dreams, fighting off nausea, headaches, stomach pains and acid in the throat to go into university in the pouring rain...

Only to discover when you get there that the lecturers are on a one-day strike over pay and conditions.

Thank you Eris; I didn't think I needed a reminder about you and your works, but hey, you're the boss...
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Well, that's my first week at university done with. Not too bad all in all - just so long as you don't mind having wo wake up when it's still freakin' dark out two days a week...

Nah, it's really not too bad. I like English Legal System (even if they have now combined it with Legal Study Skills so that the acronym is now ELSSS) and I like Contract, and that's all I have this semester. I only have to come in three times a week, and so far I'm not having any problems with what we're studying. Ok, I did most of it last year, but I've already forgotten most of that so it doesn't count.

Had to resist the urge to shout "Ikle Firsties!" whenever I saw nervous students poking their heads round the door of the lecture room to see if they could come in, and then diving away again and waiting for someone else to go in first, in case they had gotten the room all wrong (I just breezed in and was usually the very first one in the room, which would have given me the pick of the seats except I have to sit at the front anyway). I'm probably going to come down with Freshers' Flu some time in the next week or two, considering how many people there were coughing in my ELSSS lecture - including the guy sitting next to me, who I dubbed Coughing Joe the Amazing Expanding Student because not only did he cough almost non-stop, but he gradually spread his legs wider and wider during the course of the two-hour lecture, expanding more and more into my space until my legs were very nearly in the aisle.

Had a meeting with my personal tutor this morning as well, as well as a bunch of other people on the course. There's about 30 people doing the course this year, which is quite a lot, so we've been split into four groups. Despite this, people kept being surprised to see someone they hadn't seen before in the meeting, and I had two people ask me if I was doing the course, and then, when I answered in the affirmative, said, "But I've not seen you in lectures!", as if I should have been sitting in a lecture room of 150 or so students with a big neon sign above my head for ease of identification. They're going to get really confused when they realise I'm only turning up to half the classes...

Nothing till Tuesday now. Rest...
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...albeit a week late. I got all confused over when enrollment week was, which wasn't helped by not being able to properly check the net last week (I never realised I used it to know which day it was till now), and only realised that Freshers' Week was ongoing on Thursday. Then I was ill on Friday.

Managed to get down to the uni today, however, and with the help of my personal tutor (who's been pretty damn patient, considering some of the disasters that have followed me and my file around) I'm now a Part-Time student, repeating half of my first year in the LLB Advice Work.

First lecture's tomorrow though. At 9am.

Now I just have to do the whole student loan thing, as well as the Access to Learning fund, and everything will be set! Then all I have to do is wait for the university to lose a file, or fail to recognise that I'm actually a student, or get struck by lightning, or something... My record with these things isn't exactly stellar, after all...
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Arrgh. I get ready for my midnight playtime, log into the boards to see what's up... and discover that there's a 262Mb patch to download. That's going to keep me occupied till about half past the hour now. Damn.


People on my Friends list are starting university this week (which I still can't get used to; starting university years in August), which is making me wistful for my university courses. Yes, I'm strange.

My fact-finding session with the SAC on Friday went much better than expected. Due to a strange loophole in LEA financial guidelines, because I am retaking a full-time year as a part-time student, I am still eligible for full-time student support. That means full loans, grants and the like. And because I'll be doing 60 credits, I'm still eligible for funds from the university's Hardship Fund, if they become necessary.

I was just expecting to be able to claim Housing Benefit because I was a part-time student (and yet I can still do that as well, because I'm classed as a 'vulnerable person' because of my disability), and muddle through the year as best we could.

Now all I have to do is contact my LEA to get them to send me the right form (and politely inform them that making students prove that their parents are dead maybe isn't the most tackful way of doing theings) and make it all official at the university. Hopefully this year they'll even put me down in the records...
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I'm sitting here waiting for 11pm to roll around so that I can have my first session of Very Important Game Playing... and I am bored.

Time most definately does not fly when you're waiting for a window.

Got an appointment with my advisor at the SAC tomorrow morning, too, where we'll be looking into the financial pros and cons of studying part-time this year. Mainly it'll be looking in the Benefits books and websites to see if I can claim Housing Benefit (which I think I can from what research I've conducted so far); provided that works out then everything will be fine. With the part-time student loan, Nick's wages and my IB we can cover everything else without a problem.

Hopefully part-time study will be better for my health, too; I've been noticing that over the part month or two I've been getting worse, and when I finally mentioned it to Nick yesterday he said he'd been noticing it too. So it's not just me being neurotic/hypochondriac. Of course, it could just be that I don't do at all well in hot weather, and things will start to improve once things start getting back to normal for this country's weather (ie. bloody freezing).

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