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FrightFest started in London yesterday and, as usual, I'm not there. FrightFest is a huge horror film festival that happens every year over the August Bank Holiday, and I've wanted to go to it for so many years now. Unfortunately things like cost, timing and my inability to even think about doing things like that by myself without combusting with panic and anxiety have all gotten in the way, so this year (actually just yesterday) I decided to hold my own mini-FrightFest, with movies chosen myself and with chocolate and pizza and cats.

Of course, me picking what movies to watch is never going to end too well.

1 - Armed Response. A collaboration between WWE Films and Wesley Snipes' film company. A team of soldiers head to a mysterious facility where some sort of quantum computer setup interrogates people and can tell if they're lying and read their minds through tasting sweat, biometrics and other fringe science things that were never fully explained. The team running this facility are all dead through mysterious means, and it's up to Wesley Snipes' team (including WWE wrestler Seth Rollins, who's half a head taller and about twice as wide as Snipes, and he's not even one of the bigger guys on the roster) to find out what happened. Of course, one or more of the team have done A Bad Thing in the past, and somehow the facility or ghosts or something (again, this is never made clear) know and are punishing them for it. Not recommended.

2 - The Monster Project. A small group of indie filmmakers decide to make a documentary about "real" monsters. They put out an ad on Craigslist asking for monsters, and somehow only get three responses, all of them genuine. (This is where my suspension of disbelief fell flat - where were all the otherkin, at the very least?) So they go to an old, creepy abandoned house to interview a skinwalker, a vampire and a woman possessed by a demon, duing a lunar eclipse. Of course, everything goes pear-shaped and the crew are trapped in the house with the monsters, and the recovering drug addict PA has to fight to save them. A found footage film, which means of course lots of shaky cam and night vision (and to think, once upon a time I liked found footage movies). Had a semi-interesting twist at the end and was at least more recommendable than Armed Response, but not by much.

3 - Demonic - I'm actually only halfway through this one but I can already see where it's going. A crew of paranormal investigators go to an abandoned house in Louisiana where a woman went crazy and killed a bunch of people then hanged herself 25 years previously. One of the people in the group is the son of the sole survivor of the murders. The film flits between events in the house and the police investigation after the inevitable finding of the dead bodies of the crew, where the sole survivor is the son of the first survivor. We've just gotten to a bit where the guy has revealed that his missing girlfriend is pregnant, and suddenly I'm pretty sure I know how the rest of the plot will go. I'll report back tomorrow as to whether or not I'm right. Also stars Frank Grillo, aka the Purge Punisher.


In other news, Lily is making me share the chair with her. And by "share" I mean she has 80% of the seat.
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It is cold. -6 degrees celsius (that's 21.2 degrees fahrenheit) to be exact. As a result, Nick is wearing socks on his hands a la Jeff Hardy (I've threatened to get some brightly coloured fabric dyes and paint stripes on them) and Jelli, once she's on our laps or in fact anywhere where there's a duvet or chance for warmth, refuses to move. She's perfectly happy to employ her claws in this as well.

In trying to keep my hands unfrozen and have the blood keep running through them, I'm trying to knit gloves. Only I don't have any sircular needles and I don't know how to shape fingers, so they're likely to end up as some sort of freaky handwarmers or something...

Oh, and there's also snow. I hate my country's weather.


Jun. 26th, 2007 06:31 pm
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I get in from work this morning fully intending to have a good ole' bitch about my shift, which was 14 hours long (not including two hours' travel time) and involved three hours working in a garden centre in the pouring, non-stop rain.

The moment I get in, Nick tells me that WWE wrestler Chris Benoit is dead. Not just dead, in fact, but the only suspect in the murder of his wife and son and believed to be have committed suicide as well.


Not only is that all types of fucked-up, it tends to put things into perspective.

Everything is messed up right now.

Online Onslaught link to what's known so far.
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There are few things more annoying for a wrestling fan than sitting down to watch the scheduled TNA PPV on the Wrestling Channel... only to discover that whoever is manning the video suite this evening has no idea what they're doing, as the programme stops and starts at random moments, shows adverts two or three times in a row, and is currently showing the same match (the first one, for some strange reason an hour into the PPV) twice.

Except perhaps three wrestling fans having to put up with this. I fully agree that the Sabu/Abyss Barbed Wire Massacre match was one to watch... just not twice.
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Yesterday I accrued enough Girlfriend points to see me right through to the end of the year.

I got Nick a signed copy of Kendo Nagasaki's new book.

(For the wrestling uninitiated/uninterested, Kendo Nagasaki is/was one of the great wrestlers of the 80s-early 90s.)

How it all happened... )

And that's the story of how I met only the second celebrity I've ever met in my life (and I'm not too sure the first one counts, as it was Fungus the Bogeyman and I was five). And Nick is absolutely delighted with his book.


Nov. 14th, 2005 01:39 pm
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Eddie Guerrerro was found dead in his hotel room yesterday evening. He was 38.

Nick comments here.
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Got wind of this from Nick earlier this evening, while he was prowling the various wrestling news sites:

Journey into Darkness: The Unauthorized History Of Kane

I'm trying to work this one out. The books's title proclaims that it's 'Unauthorized', yet it's part of the same WWE series that puts out Shawn Michaels' and Eddie Guerrero's autobiographies, which means that, technically, it is authorized. I guess they're pulling the 'unauthorized' card because they're writing it in character.

What's most horrifying about this, however, is that they're including the Storyline That Shall Not Be Named in this as well. Last I heard, the WWE were so embarrassed about how that had turned out (which is a rarity in itself for Vinnie Mac and co.) that they were trying to pretend it never happened. Putting it in an in-character book about Kane isn't exactly going to help that...

Finally, is it dreadfully sad of me that I'm more than likely going to buy the book when I can?


Jun. 24th, 2003 09:43 am
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WWE - Last Night's RAW

Kane is going bald?

There's one part of me (the Kane fangirl-mark) who's horrified at this and can't believe they've done this, because they've destroyed his character, etc etc...

The other part of me is just astounded that they've handled something that should have been a PPV-event so badly, as well as disregarded the storyline that's been there since the beginning.

(The small, sadistic part of me is now going to cruise Taker-Kane fanboards to laugh at all the Kane fangirls in hysterics over this.)
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Nick's just alerted me to a couple of trolls on the wrestling message board of his website here who disagreed with an article he wrote about Kane a few months ago. Now, I'm a Kane fan, but I'm also smart enough to realise that the guy's not the best wrestler in the world (that honour falls to Kurt Angle) and I'm not going to go ga-ga over him and flip out at anything negative said about him.

Obviously I'm in the minority. In fact, judging by the majority of the trolls that have turned up on Nick's message board, I'm also in the minority of wrestling fans who can read and write past a second grade level...

It also turns out that Nick got a whole load of hate mail when he wrote an article telling people about what it's really like in wrestling (and as a former shoot wrestler with a former painkiller addiction, he's got a pretty good handle on what happens). People simply didn't want to believe that their beloved staged-endings-but-real-moves sport could be anything but sure as the driven snow.

It makes me laugh.
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Still no ice-cream. The damn pizza place doesn't open till half four (yes, I know it's ten minutes past that, but I've got to go out to get stamps in the rain first), so I get to ring them soon to ask where my frozen treat is. If things get more convoluted I can see free things becoming a placatory gesture... One of the very few things my sister-in-law taught me that didn't rip my self-image apart, leave me with lasting mental scars or wasn't just plain unpleasant was how to complain. Sometimes I'm sad that I have to use this knowledge so often in consumer negotiations/benefit appeals et al...

Judgement Day was petty good overall - which is pretty much average for a WWE PPV. It was certainly better than last month's Backlash. Short observations: they aren't paying Tajiri enough, they missed a chance to have more of a story with the return of the IC Belt, Sean O'Haire is yummy (natch), and Nick and I found ourselves hoping that Triple H had been legitimately injured in his match with Kevin Nash. (Not that we're evil sadists or anything, but it would get rid of Trips' grip on the Raw title and on the company in general for a while at least...)

Oh, and I am amused: I have just found a book about vampire killer rabbits. No, really.
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Well, because it's the WWE PPV tonight, we've decided to treat outselves to pizza and similar to eat while its on. Except that my ice-cream didn't arrive with the reast of the order. To add to that, the pizza place has no closed so, even though we rang them at half eleven and they told us they would get the delivery guy back out to us with the errant ice-cream, we haven't had sight nor sound of them since then.

I will therefore be reduced to eating seedless raspberry jam tonight for my dessert - and words will be had with the pizza place tomorrow...
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There is simply not enough Sean O'Haire on Smackdown. I may have to write in to complain.

Furthermore, I think the storyline to bring in the wrestler with only one leg (whose name currently escapes me, but he just debuted tonight) isn't really doing anyone any favours.

And playing Lex Luger's 911 call? Tacky, guys, tacky.

(I could forgive both these if only I had more Sean... hmm... RVD/Kane/Sean slash...)


Apr. 28th, 2003 03:19 pm
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For my 100th journal entry, I thought I'd put up a picture of Nick's (ok, and mine) latest lust interest... Sean "evil incarnate" O'Haire...

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So far, Nick wants to have Sean O'Haires' babies, The Big Waste O'Space has tried to break Rey Mysterio into lots of little pieces, Scott Steiner has doubtless surprised many fans by being a perfect gentleman and helping Stacy (Steiner's a lot of things, but he's also known for never hitting a lady, even in angles), and Kane and RVD retained the Tag Team Titles. A pretty average Backlash, all in all, considering that this PPV is always something of an disappointing anticlimax after Wretlemania.

Right now, John Cena (the slo-mo Eminem) is going up against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship (Smackdown version). Later on, Trips, Flair and Jericho go up against Shawn Michaels, Bokker T and Kevin Nash. I'm debating whether it's worth my staying up for that one... Oh, and there's that Rock/Goldberg match as well... two bald guys who think they're really big trying to beat the crap out of one another.
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Jeff Hardy got released from the WWE earlier this week. This has casued teenie-marks all over the net to go into seizures of grief, fury and banners - some of which make it seem as if a) Jeff has died, and b) Jeff was five years old. (WWE flaunts child labour laws!)

Reading some of their ramblings was a really good start to the day.

(PS. Ant-Watch Update: The caps of soft drink are still on the kitchen floor, but there are no ants to be seen (apart from a few drowned ones in one of the caps. We are also out of Raid.)
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Well, we're four (five?) matches into this year's Wrestlemania, and I'm afraid to say that I don't think it's worth staying up for the whole four hours for. Of course, it didn't start off too well with RVD and Kane's Tag Team Title match being relegated to Heat, where it was razored to pieces by having a commercial break of all things right in the middle of it. I hate it when they do that with any match, but really, doing it to my babies just isn't going to endear me to you. And of course we ended up with the inevitable screw-job, with the Dudleys making sure that no-one knew what was going on. Bleh.

When Wrestlemania started properly, first match had Rey Mysterio coming out in what appeared to be a PVC fetish Daredevil/Batman outfit and hurtling round the ring with such speed that you could have been forgiven for thinking he wanted the match over to go to the bathroom. But at least his match with Matt Hardy (v1.0) was a good one, if a little short.

Second match, of all things, was Taker and Nathan Jones against the Big Slow and that freak of hirsute nature A-Train. I think it says something when, out of the three people int he ring for most of the match, Taker was the slimmest, quickest and most athletic of the three. Taker won, of course, making it 11-0 for him at Wrestlemania. *sigh*

Third match was the Women's Title, where Trish looked like she was ready to join Rey-Rey at Skin 2 after the match, Jazz came dressed like Xena, and Victoria was still crackers. But I love that hand with the blinking eye.

Fourth match was the other Tag Title match, with Team Angle, Toothless Agression and the Caffene Monster, and Los Guerroes (sp?) - the worst racial stereotype in wrestling since... I don't know... Nick, what's the worst stereotype in wrestling history?


Wow. I didn't know Leroy Brown was a wrestler.

And now Jericho's rest-holding his way round the right with Shawn Michaels, and apparently there's going to be a cat fight in the ring between Stacy, Torrie and two girls who I've never seen before but who apparently advertise Miller Lite beer by fighting with each other. But I can't get the energy up to want to stay up to watch, no matter how scantily-clad and enhanced and pretty they are.

But Nick and I do agree that RVD has a very nice arse.
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So... wonder what the final asking price was?

And is he going to be on RAW or Smackdown? (Please be RAW, please be RAW...)
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OK, I was just about to complain about why Kame and RVD have been reduced of late to curtain-jerking on RAW, but just as I opened up this window the Dudleys appeared and 3D-ed Kane through a table, out of nowhere. Now, I know I've missed a couple of weeks, what with not having any cable TV access, but last I checked, the Dudleys were in a major feud with Chief Morley, who was in the match against RVD and Kane. Even te commentators were going on about it. So what gives?

Actually, I think I know. It's all leading up to a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania between Regal and Storm, the Dudley Boyz and Kane and RVD, probably with Morley as referee. The Dudleys will win and take the Tag Belts, and RVD will be kept from getting anywhere in the WWE some more.

Damn power-Tripper.

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