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Watched the first episode(s) of the new Twin Peaks today.

Non-spoiler comments: yup, that's a David Lynch production.

I was almost deliriously happy every time one of the original cast turned up in the show. Log Lady (RIP), Hawk, Lucy and Andy, Shelly, James, Ben and Jerry Horne... and of course Special Agent Dale Cooper, who's been both busy and not busy in the intervening 25 years, as the "good" part of him has been sitting in the Black Lodge while the "bad"/Killer BOB version has been out doing... well, just about everything, by the looks of things, including wearing a terrible shirt.

The whole thing starts off with what seem like several completely unconnected things - a glass box that must be watched at all times; a bizarre double murder and the Log Lady calling Deputy Hawk to tell him that "something is missing" - but this is David Lynch territory and you can't go expecting a coherent narrative here. Things had come together pretty well by the end, so I was certainly satisfied. If I had any complaints at all, it's that some of the scenes in the Black Lodge went on a little too long, and at one point did an optical illusion thing that hurt my eyes, but that's just me and my wonky eyesight.

Looking forward to keeping up with this.

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