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I watched the first episode of American Gods last night, having forgotten it was going to be on Amazon Prime and thus stumbled across it while looking for something to while away an hour or two.

It was interesting. Intriguing. Certainly enough to make me want to keep watching. Ian McShane was very good as Mr. Wednesday (but let's be fair, there's very little he hasn't been good in) and everyone else was good too. I will say that it's probably less confusing if you've read the book beforehand (or even part of it, like me, because Nick went and lent the book to his brother when I was only one-third through it and I never got round to picking it up again), as when I was trying to explain things to my brother later that evening while also trying not to spoil things, all he knew of the series was that it was "based on that book by Neil Gaiman" and needed to think for a good few moments before he even got the "Mr. Wednesday" reference.

While we were discussing it and other TV shows though, my brother mentioned that he feels like the last of a dying breed in that he doesn't like to binge-watch shows season by season - he still likes the old-fashioned way of watching an episode every week or so. He's just finished watching Line of Duty, which he enjoyed both for the police procedural, the storyline and the opportunity to sit there and pick out the flaws in police operations, and he can't understand why so many of his friends have been waiting till the whole thing was over to watch it all at once. He still likes the episodic nature of TV serieses; the anticipation of having to wait a week to find out what happened with the previous week's cliffhangers.

Me, I'm somewhere inbetween. Some shows I watch in small chunks - Criminal Minds or Supernatural, for example. Then there's the ones I'm happy to watch one episode at a time - Lucifer and American Gods. And then there's the occasional show that I will just wait till the end of the season and then watch over two or three days - Gotham is the big one there. Thing is, I have no idea why I do this with some and not others; why some shows appeal to me in a more episodic fashion than others. Then again, I also watch old episodes of Crimewatch on YouTube, so I guess it can just be put down to me being so wonderfully strange that I just baffle everyone.
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