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It's St. George's day, and so of course the BNP chose today to launch their election manifesto. I plan to pick through that, but I think that's going to require alcohol and/or chocolate to fuel me through it, so that will have to wait for a later date (possibly tomorrow). Instead, let's have a look at their election leaflet that also came through the door today (with an added bonus feature of a look at some of the other leaflets we've gotten this week).

Where to begin... )

And now, a brief break while I go play computer games with Nick to calm down.
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Yesterday I found out that the British National Party are going to be contesting the seat held by our local Labour MP Mark Fisher.

This will not do.

It disturbs me that the area I live seems to have such a growing number of BNP supporters - they managed to win 9 seats on the local council at the last local election. Between this and the fact that the English Defence League (exactly what the fuck do we need defending from anyway?) are planning a demonstration in the city centre next week, it's almost enough to make a Discordian depressed.

Almost. But I am a Discordian, and I like having something to campaign about. Nick and I might be Liberal Democrat in our politics in general, but Mark Fisher has helped us in the past and done some good things in general (voting against the Iraq war, and then personally responding to Nick's e-mail to him about it for one), and so we have no problems with him. I mean, come on - even the BNP is struggling to come up with something when the only mud they can sling is that he claimed for a Kit-Kat and a bottle of Toilet Duck on his expenses! So I guess I'm just going to have to start ripping the BNP to pieces at every chance I get again.

(And their main complaint about the Tory candidate appears to be that's she's a "Pakistani belly dancer" who was earning £260 an hour for her dancing, to which I can only say that she must have been bloody good at it then.)

Mark Fisher has said that he's "ready to fight" the BNP. While I hope he has more of a plan than "I hope people will stick with me," but I do like his final line in the article.
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It's local election time here soon, and this morning we got the British National Party's "vote for us!" flyer in the mail. Here's a few choice quotes from it, complete with my... translation/rebuttal/snarking:

There isn't a single white person on the flyer )
All in all, this is a rather disappointing flyer from the BNP. Hardly anything to rip apart in it - well, apart from the above and the rather insulting "Battle for Britain 2009" logo with a WWII bomber they've got. Because, you know, WWII was all about fighting to allow facism in Britain wasn't it? It's almost enough to make me want to miss some of their earlier gems (snarked here and here).
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Ex-BNP member prepared for 'civil war'

I can think of very little to say about this except...

"Miss Blackwell said they also uncovered a document called the Anarchy Cookbook, which detailed how to make different types of bombs." we might just have a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook... Does that mean we might now be at risk of being detailed under the Terrorist Act? (stupid question - we're likely to be detained simply for breathing in an unpatriotic manner...)
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It's time for another edition of Laugh at the Fascists!

From their website:

Once again, British people are being inconvenienced by the activities of home grown Muslim terrorists who, it appears, have conspired to plant bombs on passenger planes leaving the UK.

The British National Party Executive's solution to this problem is to ban immediately, ALL MUSLIMS from flying out of (and in to) Britain until the security situation has been fully resolved.

During recent international football competitions, a similar ban on English football hooligans was carried out, when many football fans had their passports confiscated and travel restricted.

If white working class men can be treated in this fashion it must be possible to apply a similar ban to Muslims. We need firm Government action to resolve this crisis which will thus restore confidence in air travel and remove the serious inconvenience effecting air passengers at the height of the summer school holidays.

1. "Home-grown" means they're British. So British people are being inconvenienced by British people.

2. Not all football supporters are hooligans (regardless of what Nick might tell you). This was why only known football hooligans were banned from travelling to the World Cup. Furthermore, not all Muslims are terrorists. Therefore, only Muslim terrorists should be banned from planes.

3. By not stating that it was only hooligans who were prevented from flying, the BNP is (a) denying hooliganism is a problem; (b) indirectly endorsing hooliganism; and (c) talking out of their arses.

4. affected, not effected!

5. Find me three random people who have full confidence in air travel in regular circumstances. Go on. I dare you.
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Well yesterday (4th, although I'm still up) was local election day. Nick complained because we had to walk a whole three streets to get to the polling station, but we did our duty or whatever you want to call it.

Wasn't expecting the results to be up yet but a quick check of the BBC website tells me that the Stoke-on-Trent local council has gone from being Labour-controlled to No Overall Control. Which sounds good at first - Labour lost two seats and we even get a mention in the main story on the election results 'cause Stoke-on-Trent is a very blue collar, working-class area which is usually staunchly Labour - but a closer look at the results shows that both the Lib Dems didn't lose or gain anything, the Conservatives gained one, SALT (Who they? Oh, BBC says they're "Socialist Alternative", which I guess is what you could call old-school Labour) lost one... and the BNP gained three seats.

whatthefuck? whatthefuck? whatthefuckingfuckingfuck?

I'm living in an area where the bloody BNP hold five council seats. Five. Gods. It's enough to drive a girl to drink. Except I'm not allowed - although I'm sure when I tell Nick the results in a bit he'll probably relent due to the direness of the situation...

Despite the apparent rise of the facists in my area, however, it looks like Labour aren't doing too well at all in these elections. So far they've lost control of 8 councils, leaving them with 18. And only 96 councils have declared so far, so those losses are probably going to get bigger...

Serves them right, I say.

Edit: Holy fucking Christ! Nick Griffin is in the area! Get me a gun - I'm going out!

(Disclaimer: Much as I loathe the BNP and its leader, I'm not advocating violence here. Really. Just having a nice fantasy...)

Oh, and there are also some loud and probably drunk teenagers outside being generally loud and annoying. Grr.
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Woke up to find a flyer stuck through the letterbox. Its title, in great big bold black letters, is "Is This What You Want For Stoke?", complete with a silhoette of a row of houses with a huge minaret next to them.

Oh good, I thought. Something to kill.

So I read through the leaflet. Twice, since I had literally only just woken up when I found it and I wanted to make sure I was understanding everything correctly. So, the facts are:

- There's going to be a new mosque built in the area.
- This mosque will be bigger than the mosques we already have in the area.
- Umm...

So, the BNP have gotten themselves all worked up about this (and here I was thinking that the impending procecution of their leader would have them occupied for a while. Silly me) and are launching a campaign against it. Sneakily, they've provided very little actual details on their flyer, so that people can get all worked up about the situation without actually knowing whet they're getting worked up about. For example:

Dissection of facists here )

I do hope I get to meet some of the BNP fuckwits who are protesting over this, so I can cheerfully shred them. It would really make my day to be able to do that...
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A few things here; trying to catch up over the last few days.

Cut because this got long... )
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Well, here's something deeply silly...

The OFFICIAL UK Citizenship Test

I scored 9 out of 15. I'm not sure if I should be proud of that or not...

And on a bizarrely ironic note: BNP leaders in court over race hate charges

I can't help but smile at that...
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Eww - BNP propoganda came through the door this morning. With my name on it! I know they've only got the electoral roll for that, but it's still making me feel kind of dirty, seeing that they've got hold of my name somehow.


The BNP manifesto! )

Some might wonder why I spend so much time on ranting about the BNP. It's just that I find their ideals and plans for this country so utterly abhorrant that I feel I have to speak my mind about them. As someone who grew up in a white, working-class home (my mother was a nurse, before she became disabled, and my father was a manual worker) they claim to speak for me and represent my views. They most certainly do not. I never heard these views growing up, and when I first heard of the BNP in my teens I was horrified that people could even hold such views. So I speak my mind about them, whenever I get the opportunity, because the idea of staying silent and letting them just spread their poison unchecked is just too much for me.

Seig Heil!

Apr. 23rd, 2005 03:23 pm
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Here we have the BNP's election manifesto for the upcoming election. Let's have a look through it, shall we?

Nick Griffen Uber Alles... )

Oh, those crazy fascists! Thing is, there's usually a BNP canditate for this area whenever there's an election; I wonder if he'll do some door-to-door polling? At the very least, I could ask him whether I'd be liable to be kicked out for being half-paddy...

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