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Just now Facebook - even though I didn't have it open, because it has somehow wormed its way into my browser - helpfully informed me that today is Nick's birthday.

He'd have been 41 today.

A brief check on Facebook showed a couple of mutual friends saying they wished he was still here, and his brother being about as pissed off/depressed as me about the birthday reminder. Which made me feel slightly guilty, because if I'm memorialised his account when he died then none of us would be getting the reminders and people wouldn't be sad and upset.

A friend asked me why I don't just do that, and I came up with several excuses very quickly. Some of Nick's friends still like to post to him as though he were still here. I think they require proof and that's awkward and time consuming. I'm not a "verified family member" (just his partner) so they might not even take the request from me.

Honestly? Even 18 or so months down the line, memorialising his FB page feels too much like drawing a line under everything and moving on, and I don't think I can do that yet. Turns out I can hoard even virtual memories. Who knew?

In the past, we'd celebrate Nick's birthday with pizza, either superhero movies or otherwise "bad" movies (like Rockula or The Return of Captain Invincible, which people should probably watch anyway because the latter has Christopher Lee singing a musical number) but as today is a Monday my local friend can't come round so I'm probably going to spend the day quietly. Knitting, crocheting and maybe trying to get through the mountain of DVDs and Blu-Rays I found in bags while moving the chair the other day. And trying not to think about Facebook.


May. 22nd, 2007 09:02 pm
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First and foremost...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ebon_bear!
Not to mention a happy honourary birthday to Jelli as well, as it's been a year (give or take a few days) since she decided we were interesting enough people to move in with.

Nick's brother [ profile] wantmybed is up at the moment, gracing his brother with his presence for his birthday and buying him stuff like this month's issue of Powerslam and Green Goblin figurines. Right now they're downstairs playing poker, with Mac occasionally trying to join in by trying to grab the cards as they're dealt or pouncing the chips, which is quite possibly one of the most adorable things ever.

In other news...

I have a job. I got a letter this morning from the stock taker - sorry, contractual auditor - people, and they've put me on their database to get work. It's casual, as and when required, but with any luck I can still get a reasonable amount from it. Even working once a week for them would get about £200 a month for us, which would help a lot.

Becuase it's casual, however, I'm still looking for work, and I've got an assessment-interview on Thurday with BT for a job of "Foundation Billing Advisor", which sounds really good. So at this rate I might end up with two jobs for a while...
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Right, time for more updates as to what happened while we were stuck permanently in the MeatWorld for two weeks...

(As a brief aside, Mac is currently lying on top of my computer monitor, peering over the edge and resting his head in his front paws. It's one of those moments where I'm kicking myself for not having a working camera to hand.)

I turned 27 on the 26th October (a birthday I share with [ profile] mistri, so belated birthday greetings there!), which ended up being a rather low-key affair as we had no money. In the end I was just able to go down to the corner shop and get myself a few chocolate bars, which I ate while Nick and I sprawled on the mattress and watched Versus (I asked to watch it specially, and as it was my birthday Nick couldn't really refuse. In the end, he really liked it). It is slightly depressing that I wasn't really able to do anything for my birthday, but really, it's not like we had many options. Plus Kerry might be coming down this weekend, so that'll be cool if she can manage it.

Also, Halloween was mine and Nick's five-year anniversary (which is wood, for anyone wondering, which led to a lot of "Got wood?" jokes about the house when we found out. We're so juvenile). We never planned it or anything, it was just one of those things that happened.

As has become customary for our anniversaries, I cooked a special meal (bought from M&S, but since they're post and expensive it still counts). Nick had 21-day matured steak with a peppercorn coating, and I had pork medallions with a cider and brambley apple sauce. Nick did lower the tone of the meal ever so slightly by insisting on having Rosti with his steak, but I suppose it could have been worse - he could have wanted chips. Nick also didn't have a dessert because he doesn't like them, but I had a toffee sundae. All in all, it was very nice, even if we did have to eat while Nick was catching up with all his work...

And that's about it for the highlights of our downtime. I'm off to have breakfast now, and see if I can get to 4k before lunch.
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[ profile] amara_m

I meant to post this earlier, but I got caught up in various things. Hope you're having a great day!
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Happy Birthday...

[ profile] snapes_angel!
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Happy Birthday...

[ profile] thorne1966!

Be sure and have a good one!

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