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I saw the new IT at the cinema yesterday, which makes it three times in a week (5 days) that I've been out and interacting with people in public. No wonder I'm exhausted today. Also in this same week I've justified the monthly fee for my Unlimited card at the cinema, and there's still more films out this month that I want to see.

(It's always this way in late summer. Barely anything of interest for most of July and August, and then suddenly the distributors just throw a whole load of films that they didn't want to risk in blockbuster season or Halloween season out there and leave people scrambling to see them. Although IT doesn't really count for that.)

Spoilers, many spoilers... )

I'm also astonished that the filmmakers felt the need to tell people that that scene from the book (and if you've read the book, you'll know exactly what scene that is) wasn't going to be in the movie. I can't imagine anyone actually expecting that to be in the film, much less being upset over it. But apparently it was something that required mentioning. People are strange.


Sep. 15th, 2009 01:29 pm
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After waiting impatiently since I got up at silly o'clock to feed the cats, I got my delivery of books from Amazon just now. My new books consist of:

Zombie Holocaust: How the Living Dead Has Devoured Pop Culture
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance
Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead
Too Good to be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
Body Trauma: A Writer's Guide to Wounds and Injuries
Book of the Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema
How Not to Write a Novel: 200 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs if You Ever Want to Get Published

One of my friends, on hearing this list of books, was silent for a long moment before asking... "please tell me you're not writing violent zombie sodomy..."

These books will soon be going onto my new bookcase, which will no doubt put Suki out somewhat as she's spent the last three days trying to dig through the bottom shelf.
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Campaigning parents plan to burn children't books with grisly endings

...For those unwilling to visit the Daily Anyurism's website (and I can't say I blame you), the story is about a parents' group that wants to effectively censor any children's books where the ending is not of the sunshine and roses, everyone-gets-a-bun type. To this end, they have organised "Bad Book Bonfires" for the end of the month, where parents will be encouraged to burn novels with "negative" endings.

...I don't need to say anything else, do I?
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The world is going mad.

Nick just went out, in the pouring rain, to go into town to pick up a copy.

Meanwhile, I'm having to keep half an eye on the CD board at BNet to make sure that no-one posts spoilers there (deliberately or otherwise).

As for me... I admit, I'm not really all that excited about the last book being out. The only thing I was really looking forward to coming out this month was the Transformers movie, and I've seen that now and can therefore die happy. I mean, I'll read the book (when Nick's done with it)... but it's not going to be something I absolutely have to do.


I think the whole thing's just been over-hyped for me. Or maybe I used up my allotted quota of excitement on the Transformers...

[Note: Comments now contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.]
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I'm attempting to do something at least halfway productive with my time over the next couple of days. To this end, I'm going to be trying to do as much work as I can on my much-planned horror movie book. I've got a good few reviews written out on paper, so I need to type them up and start to put them in some sort of order. I also need to decide what other films I'm going to do and why.

Here's a rough list of what I've got so far (in no particular order):

- 28 Days Later
- Black Christmas (original)
- Bay of Blood
- Freddy Vs Jason
- Profundo Rosso
- Psycho (original)
- A Nightmare on Elm Street
- Nightmare City
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
- Ringu
- The Hills Have Eyes (original)
- Dawn of the Dead (original)
- Death Trap

I've also got a few others that I've either got written but don't know whether to put in, or that I still need to decide on whether I should do reviews of them:

- The Amityville Horror (original)
- Cannibal Apocalype
- The Ring
- I Spit on Your Grave
- Last House on the Left
- Nightmares on a Damaged Brain
- The Evil Dead
- The Driller Killer
- Friday the 13th Part 2
- Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter
- Friday the 13th - A New Beginning
- Demons
- Zombie Flesh Eaters
- Near Dark
- Jason X
- Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
- Dog Soldiers
- Night of the Living Dead (original or remake)
- Day of the Dead
- Land of the Dead
- Braindead
- Phenomena
- Stagefright
- Sleepaway Camp

Any suggestions on what I should or shouldn't do will therefore be gratefully received...
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1. Grab the closest book to you.
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the sentence in your weblog along with these instructions.
5. Don't grab a 'cool' book, just the one closest to you.

"They tell him that its purpose is to destroy insect pests."

- Seduction of the Gullible, by John Martin (the film being described is The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue.)
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Ex-BNP member prepared for 'civil war'

I can think of very little to say about this except...

"Miss Blackwell said they also uncovered a document called the Anarchy Cookbook, which detailed how to make different types of bombs." we might just have a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook... Does that mean we might now be at risk of being detailed under the Terrorist Act? (stupid question - we're likely to be detained simply for breathing in an unpatriotic manner...)
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...can't I find my copy of World War Z? I've turned the house upside down looking for it, but it's just vanished off the face of the earth. Or this house, at any rate.

Last time either of us can remember seeing it was shortly after we moved in, as I'd put it in my overnight bag to read in the first night here (when we had no heat or anything to sleep on). I can even remember reading it.

So where's it gone now?

I really wanted to read it this afternoon while I'm waiting for an appointment with the CAB too...
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I've actually tried to write this entry several times since yesterday evening. Every time, I'd get about two paragraphs in and then Jelli would come and sit on my keyboard, both preventing me from writing and rebooting the computer repeatedly (she managed to set the CMOS settings to 'Clear' at one point, which was quite impressive as you're not supposed to be able to do that with just randomly stepped-on keys). Lifting her off does no good, as she thinks it's a game and just hops straight back on. And getting mad and shouting at her just upsets the both of us (yes, I know, I'm such a soft touch...). So I'm finally able to write this as she's asleep in the corner or my room.

So anyway...

I got myself World War Z yesterday.

I also read the entirety of World War Z yesterday - my speedreading is one of the few things that's apparently remaining untouched by the CFS that's knackering the rest of my body.

It was a bigger book than I expected - softback - because I'd had the idea of it being the size of The Zombie Survival Guide in my head. I'm not complaining or anything, it was just a bit of a shock to find it was the size of your average novel.

It's a great book, of course (it's zombies, and you have to be really a really terrible writer before I won't like anything you write about zombies, and it is Max Brooks to boot) - a little too much like a history book or military journal than I might normally have liked, but that's just the style of the book. The various people who tell the story of the Zombie War are from all parts of the world and all walks of life, and nearly all of them are interesting (there's a couple I didn't like, not because they were written to be dislikable, but because their stories were, compared to the rest, rather boring). The socio-economic implications of the world nearly being overrun by zombies are explored, which is a rarity in books and movies outside of George Romero's work, and the reasearch that Brooks put into the book is incredible. Really incredible.

It has reminded me of one important thing though. In my novel, much as I'd like my MC to be fully up-to-date on all the latest zombie survival techniques and ready to kick ass at a moment's notice, it's not really plausible. My MC does have some martial arts training (kickboxing and capoeira), but hand-to-hand combat with zombies almost never ends well (she will be able to dodge well, but she's not the Hulk so there will be no kicking of heads right off shoulders). She's not going to have any specialised gun knowledge beyond what she's seen on TV. Furthermore, the idea of her knowing how to deal with zombies in the middle of a zombie outbreak strikes me as cliche or a great big deux ex machina, because of course everyone would think they know how to deal with zombies because of all the movies made. If I was willing to go a Return of the Living Dead-route ("I thought you said that if we destroyed the brain, it would die!" / "Well, it worked in the movie!"), it might be amusing, but that would mean I was writing a comedy-satire/farce, and I'm not.

So essentially, I've got to make sure I keep my MC (and everyone else) as 'normal' as possible.
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From "'im upstairs", [ profile] ebon_bear:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

" "Please."
"Then go away." "

Dragon Tears, by Dean Koontz.

(Exciting lines, aren't they? Trust me to get a page that was nearly all dialogue.)
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I was browsing the 'Horror' section of Waterstones this afternoon and I noticed something. The Horror genre is expanding again - huzzah! While in the past the Horror section in your average bookstore would most likely consist of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Anne Rice (with maybe some Richard Laymon or Laurel K. Hamilton thrown in for good measure, or a couple of Buffy books if the bookstore had become a little confused). Today I noticed not only these, but also 'new' (well, they're relatively new to me) authors like Kelley Armstrong, Mary Janice Davidson and Kim Harrison. What's more, they're all writing in the sub-genre I claim - dark urban fantasy or 'urban gothic'.

This fills me with hope - after all, if there's a market for the stuff I write and want to be published with, then I'm a step further up the ladder.

I'm also a little stressed, however. While these books might be in the Horror section, they're also what might be termed... chick lit.

Horror chick lit. You wouldn't think it could exist, but apparently the power of the goth girls' money is great.

The problem I have is this: I'm not sure if I write - or can write, if needed - chick lit. I like dealing more with atmosphere, tension, horror than life and relationships. Yes, my four mains are all in relationships - Rachel and Katrina in one, Kyle and James in a developing one - but they're not among the main foci of the stories (and yes, the fact that all four of my characters have turned out to be gay or at least bisexual has not escaped me, and possibly some serious thought needs to put into that as well). I'm also not sure if I can write female characters who are of the type that your average 'chick lit' reader would identify with.

I'm going to have to look further into this.
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Feeling a lot better today. This is because Nick (also now running low on his meds) went up to the doctors' surgery this morning and sat outside for 20 minutes waiting for it to open at 8am,. then went in an requested an appointment with a doctor to get his perscription. It was the same song and dance as with me at first - "Oh, we've got nothing left for today" (at 8am? Bloody hell, there must be an epidemic!), "Can you see a nurse?" (well, only if nurses can write perscriptions), but Nick was polite and persistant - and over 6 feet tall and bearded - and they eventually said that they'd get his perscription done today and he could call back after 4 to pick it up. No no doubt when he does so they won't have it done and there'll be all sorts of shenanigans, but I've just advised Nick to remind them that these meds are such that people are not supposed to go off them suddenly without medical (read: hospital) supervision because their withdrawl symptoms are so bad, and so he can't wait till Monday/Tuesday.

Yes, the "medical supervision" thing is true, too - Side Effects of discontinuing Effexor suddenly. And yes, I've been suffering all those symptoms over the last several days.

Jelly slept on my bed with me for part of last night, which was nice even if she did take up most of the space (How? How? She's about 5lbs pregnant! How can she manage to take up so much space?)

Got a book in the mail this morning - I've discovered ReadItSwapIt, which is a site where you register your books and then people can swap one of their books (you get to choose) for one of yours that they like the look of. I got The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which I've wanted to read for a while now, but I'm mildly concerned because apparently my swapper hasn't recieved the book I sent out, even though it went 1st class on Wednesday. Hopefully Royal Mail haven't eaten it or something...
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Remember back in May, when I discovered that WWE novel where the superstars are also black-ops specialists in the employ of the government?

Well, it's finally been released.

No, I haven't bought a copy (although that's pretty amazing for me, seeing as I also have copies of Journey Into Darkness (the 'unauthorised' biography of Kane) and two Friday the 13th novels), but I did manage to find an extract from the book online.

How it all begins...

First impression: I know who this 'Rudy Josephs' is. It's the Coach. No-one else would be so shamelessly sucking up to McMahon like this.

A few choice quotes, along with my thoughts on them:

This is hardle Booker (T)-prize material... )

And that's pretty much it. Vince McMahon has an old 'buddy' who's the head of the NSA, and he and the President somehow talk Vince into renting out his Superstars to the government to go shoot up bad guys. Best bit? According to another brief review I've read, the Superstars who make up this super-secret black-ops team are...

Triple H, John Cena, Batista, Chavo Guerrero and Torrie Wilson.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now know why the US sucks so much at international relations and covert ops. They thought it was a good idea to employ two people who can't cut a promo to save their lives, two guy who look like they've been inflated, and Chavo Guerrero.
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I may soon be famous.

"Da Vinci Code drove woman to massacre", the headlines will read.
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I just saw an ad for this in Nick's copy of PowerSlam, and just had to look it up:

Big Apple Takedown: A WWE Novel

"December 2001: Vince McMahon steps out of a snowy night into a diner in upstate New York for a meeting with old friend Phil Thomson, now a highly placed government official. Thomson has a strange proposition: creating a new covert black-ops group using the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE's talented men and women are perfect. Highly skilled athletes with the ideal cover, they travel all across the country and the globe; no one would find it unusual to find them in a town one day and gone the next. The government would train and support the wrestlers in every way possible except one: no one must know the truth. March 2006: The Superstars have been handed their latest assignment - take down a commercial-grade methyl-amphetamine plant that is bankrolling terrorist activities in Europe. Their mission seems simple and straightforward, until a member of their team is taken prisoner. Now all that they've worked so hard for is in jeopardy, and one of their own might be killed..."

Y'know, if books like this can be published, then there's hope for me yet...


Mar. 3rd, 2006 07:31 pm
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I got the new Stephen King book today, after about two months of searching round bookstores whenever I passed one after I read a review of it in the New York Times (Nick gets a daily e-mail of the headlines, reviews, features and the like). It's the first book of King's that I've been interested in for several years - the last book of his that I read and enjoyed was The Green Mile. I tried reading both Black House (which he wrote with Peter Straub) and the Dark Tower series, but I just couldn't get into them. Don't know why, just couldn't.

Anyway, Cell is King's return to horror, and the plot is quite simple. One day, a pulse or signal of some sort gets sent out through every mobile phone in the world (or at the very least America), turning anyone who is using a mobile phone at that time into an insane zombie-type person. The remaining normals (there are approximately 193 million cell phones in the US alone, to give you an idea of how things get divided) have to survive. It owes a great deal to I Am Legend and Dawn of the Dead gets a name-check.

I haven't finished it yet, but I have noticed one interesting thing:

Spoiler contained within )

But yeah, it's a good book so far.
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I made a post yesterday evening... but lj ate it. And then I was too tired (and maybe a little frustrated, since it was quite a long one) to rewrite it all.


Been ill. Spent a lot of time in bed. Still ill. Want to be back in bed (it's cold and I'm still tired).

Got more BPAL stuff this morning. Bottles of Fallen (for Nick), Eris and Mercury, and 'frimps' of Incantation, Omen, Desdemona, Les Fleurs de Mal, Forbidden Fruit and Masabakes. Nick has already appropriated Omen.

Also got some new icons. Using one now.

Saw Kerry on Sunday. Gave her BPAL Christmas present. She gave me books she'd been looking after since I first came to uni (eight years!). These included a book on criminal investigative proceedures, Modern Mysteries of Britain and a very large book on the folklore of the British Isles. I am happy, as I'd forgotten that I even owned the latter two. Kerry also brought photos from long ago, which show me with a waistline and a definable chin. It's kind of scary.

More later, when fog clears from brain.
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Got wind of this from Nick earlier this evening, while he was prowling the various wrestling news sites:

Journey into Darkness: The Unauthorized History Of Kane

I'm trying to work this one out. The books's title proclaims that it's 'Unauthorized', yet it's part of the same WWE series that puts out Shawn Michaels' and Eddie Guerrero's autobiographies, which means that, technically, it is authorized. I guess they're pulling the 'unauthorized' card because they're writing it in character.

What's most horrifying about this, however, is that they're including the Storyline That Shall Not Be Named in this as well. Last I heard, the WWE were so embarrassed about how that had turned out (which is a rarity in itself for Vinnie Mac and co.) that they were trying to pretend it never happened. Putting it in an in-character book about Kane isn't exactly going to help that...

Finally, is it dreadfully sad of me that I'm more than likely going to buy the book when I can?
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Might not want to try this one then.

Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!
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We're ill. Have been for the past few days, to be exact. Which is why I've barely been around lately, 'cause I've been too busy sleeping, feeling dizzy, having bad headaches and generally suffering with stiffness, swollen limph nodes and the like.


Starting to feel better now, though (hey, I'm awake and out of bed, which is a start - even if I do feel ridiculously tired for someone who's spent the majority of the past couple of days asleep). So it's time to catch up on some things...

So, where to begin... I know, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

General thoughts: Hmm. Shorter than OotP (or at least, it felt that way to me) and kind of better, but that was mainly because we didn't have Harry's CAPS LOCK OF RAGE! throughout a lot of the book. The big revelations came as something of a shock to me, as I had been expecting other people to fill certain roles. I totally mis-guessed the identity of the Half-Blood Prince, for one.

Was it worth waiting all this time for? Probably. If only to not be left wondering what was going to happen after OotP. Certainly I think some things could have been investigated further, but hey, that's me. I'm not too sure about the ending, either, because what it's setting up just seems too implausible. But we'll see what happens there.

Spoilerificus! )

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