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My brother was the one who got me into comics. He bought me my first one when I was five (it was an issue of the UK Transformers series, where Circuit Breaker was trying to kill Jazz but stopped because it was Christmas and even traumatised psychotics in fetish circuit gear who want to kill all machines can appreciate the spirit of Christmas). So it's only fitting that, 32 years later, I'm now the one recommending comics and lending graphic novels to him whenever he visits.

He's just recently finished the entire run of Garth Ennis' Preacher, which he greatly enjoyed (mainly for the side characters, because he felt like Jesse Custer was less a protagonist and more of a hook to hang the story on, which I can't say I disagree with), so it was time to start him on some new ones. I'm currently holding off on showing him The Boys, because I think he needs some more understanding of Garth Ennis outside of 2000AD before we go there, so instead I gave him the introductory graphic novel of Hitman, which Ennis wrote for DC in the 90s. It's about a professional hitman who gets superpowers from an alien source (x-ray vision and limited telepathy) and decides to use them to elevate his hitman game instead of going all heroic. Ennis isn't a big fan of superheroes. It was one of Nick's favourite series, so we'll see how he likes it.

I also gave him the standalone Batman v Alien, the first three books of Ex Machina (guy gets the ability to communicate with and control machines from mysterious source, tries being a superhero for a bit, then gives that up and becomes mayor of New York) and the first four books of Secret Six (which started off as Villains United) which was Nick's absolute favourite comic book series with bells on. Six supervillains of various backgrounds (Deadshot, Catman, Ragdoll, Bane, Scandal Savage and Jeanette were the core six eventually, although there was a fair bit of special guest stars as well) team up as a mercenary group that sometimes does good things and sometimes bad, depending on the pay. It's notable for giving Bane a personality beyond "Break the Bat!" and having the homoerotic relationship between Deadshot ad Catman be all but canon. Oh, and also for portraying Deadshot as absolutely sociopathic, rather than the Will Smith version we saw in the Suicide Squad movie (not that there was a problem with that; I think the comics Deadshot would have been utterly impossible to have as an antihero on the big screen so they had to change things up). We'll see how he finds all of these. After all, as well as Transformers, my brother also introduced me to Judge Dredd, Zenith (by Grant Morrison, and therefore exactly as irreverent and weird as you'd expect), Strontium Dog and The Ballad of Halo Jones, among others. So I'm pretty much honour-bound to up the game now with my recommendations.
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As seem in [ profile] ebon_bear's journal...

If you could assemble your own superteam of any characters (fictional, historical, or modern real people) for some world-spanning epic fantasy adventure, who would they be? Pick your team according to role and function. Some characters can play multiple functions. Who would work well together and who would clash?

TEAM LEADER/ORGANISER: Mina Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Anyone who can control Mr Hyde and make the rest of the League get on (for the most part) has to have a leadership role.

OTHER TEAM LEADER/FIELD LEADER: Six-Pack (Hitman/Section 8). He knows all the other superheroes, he's loyal, brave... and if he's this good drunk, what's he going to be like sober?

GADGETEER/INVENTOR/OCCASIONAL MYSTIC: Forge (X-Men). His mutant power to understand machinery and build just about anything would always come in handy, and he's also got some shamanistic powers (even if he doesn't like to use them). Also useful for reining in the team damage-dealer (see below).

TANK/SIEGE-BREAKER/GENERAL HEAVY-HITTER/TEAM CONSCIENCE: The Thing (Fantastic Four). When it comes to hitting things till they break/fall over, there are very few better. Plus, he's down-to-earth enough to keep the others grounded.

TOO-POWERFUL DAMAGE-DEALER/TELEPATH: Nate Grey (X-Man/X-Men). Oh, come on, you knew he'd be in here somewhere...

DEUX EX MACHINA: Galen (Crusade/Babylon 5). Always turns up at the last minute to save the day with his technomage abilities. Plus he and Forge would get on brilliantly.

SCOUT/NINJA/HACKER: Shadowcat (X-Men). Her ability to phase would be pretty much invaluable in getting into places, plus she can take care of herself if she's ever caught.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/PUBLIC SPEAKER/TANK: Statesman (City of Heroes). He's patriotic and a known and loved superhero symbol. If anything ever goes wrong, he'd be able to talk the authorities out of prosecuting.

COMIC RELIEF: Baytor (Hitman). I am BAYTOR!
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Looks like my comics budget is getting a little bigger for a while...

First off, theres the upcoming 200th issue of X-Men, which is going to feature Mr Sinister (one of my favourite villains full stop, never mind just in comics, if only for the fact that he's teaching whole generations of comic book readers what being Machiavellian is all about), and what's more, it looks like the writer (Mick Carey, who also wrote Lucifer) is actually going to be writing him right (to my standards, at any rate).

Then there's the Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness crossover. Zombie superheroes (and villains!) and Ash... sounds like a good combination to me.
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Here's a few freaky coincidences between the serial killings in Ipswich and a certain quintet of killings in the East End of London a little over 100 years ago...

- five victims each
- one of the Ipswich victims shares a surname with one of Jack the Ripper's victims
- the officer in charge of the Ipswich investigation is called Gull

Eddie Campbell, the artist of the graphic novel From Hell, has also pointed out this strange syncronicity (which is made even stranger when you realise that, in From Hell, Alan Moore made a big deal of names and details reoccurring in the Ripper case...).

Isn't it strange how these things work sometimes?
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I swear [ profile] ebon_bear tagged me because he wanted to see how much he could embarrass me with this...

"List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same::"

1. Seth Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)
2. Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn)
3. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
4. Spike BtVS/Angel)
5. Lilah Morgan (Angel)
6. Dick Grayson (DC comics)
7. Faith (BtVS/Angel)
8. Richard Sharpe (Sharpe)
9. Ash (Evil Dead trilogy)
10. Nate Grey (X-Men)

I'm not tagging anyone. Or I'm tagging everyone. Go nuts with it.
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TITLE: Culture Shock
FANDOM: Fables
CHARACTERS: Red Riding Hood; mentions of Boy Blue and Flycatcher
PROMPT: #037 – Loud
SUMMARY: After arriving in Fabletown, Red Riding Hood has to get used to living in the big city.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Fables and all associated characters are owned by Vertigo and Bill Willingham. I am making no money from this fanfiction.
Contains spoilers for various events up to the end of Homelands.
Written for [ profile] 100_situations


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FANDOM: Fables – General Series
CHARACTERS: Baba Yaga; mentions of Frau Totenkinder, Bigby Wolf, the Adversary and Snow White
PROMPT: #083 – Prison
SUMMARY: After the battle, Baba Yaga reflects on her situation.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Fables and all associated characters are owned by Vertigo and Bill Willingham. I am making no money from this fanfiction.
Contains spoilers for the end of March of the Wooden Soldiers.
Written for [ profile] 100_situations.


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...You see how much Fables has gotten into my brain?

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[ profile] 100_situations


Sep. 13th, 2006 12:18 pm
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Nick's latest comic book discovery is Fables, and of course I've been drawn into it all as well. The story is that all the 'fables' - storybook characters, myths, legends and all that - have been driven our of their homelands by someone known only as The Adversary, and forced to live in a small area of New York known to them as Fabletown, hiding away from the 'mundys' - regular people. Old King Cole is the mayor of Fabletown and Snow White his deputy, while Bigby Wolf is the town sheriff. There's also characters like Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming (who spends his time trying to avoid his three ex-wives and sponging off any pretty girl he can find), Blue Boy and lots of others. Basically, if you can think of a fairy-tale character from your childhood, they're probably in there in some form.

One of the things I like best about Fables is the fact that some of the characters are really quite obscure - almost to the point that I appear to have been one of the few people who even heard of them before the comic book started. The prime example of this is Rose Red, Snow White's fraternal twin. When I was a child I remember reading a story featuring the two of them, but as I grew older I couldn't find anyone else who had heard of her. I even began to think I had made the whole thing up - and then she turns up in Fables. There's also people like Baba Yaga, the Snow Queen, the Wandering Jew... the little references are really good.

Also, the whole idea of fairy-tale characters living hidden in modern-day New York is a great one, as they sometimes have to go to great lengths to hide their presence from the Mundys, and their reactions to living in this world are great as well.

We are fans. Most definitely, we are fans.
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So, Uwe Boll (remember him?) has apparently gotten so sick of people telling him his movies are crap that he's put out a challenge:

He wants his most vocal detractors to meet him in a boxing match. Ten rounds. Footage from the matches will go in his upcoming movie, Postal.

Ctrl-Alt-Del has an idea of how that should go.

Alas, I don't fit Boll's criteria for opponents: I'm female, not exactly healthy, and weigh slightly outside his "140-190 lbs" request... On the other hand, with weight limits like that, he's obviously looking to make it easy on himself... there goes my idea of getting Samoa Joe to pen a few comments on Boll's films...
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Something hit me just now. I was pottering round me room, and happened to glance upon one of my TF/GiJoe comics from a year or so ago (the crossover set in WWII which was actually really cool). This got me to thinking about the current TF comic being put out by IDW, and how it seems at this rate that the only way I can effectively follow the damn story is by reading recaps posted on the TF fansite message boards, because my local comic shop just doesn't get any of the latest comics in any more, it seems.

I was wondering why that was. Then it hit me.

Once upon a time, way back in 1998 when I first came to uni here, the local comic shop here was a small, cramped, kind of dingy little building (really, pretty perfect for a comics and RPG shop, you might say). And it had all the latest stuff from the States. Then, after about a year, they moved to much larger premises, and everything was cool (you didn't have to press up against other sweaty comic book geeks to get past one another in the shop any more, and stuff was actually spaced out and stuff). They know us by name there, we've spent that much time and money there.

And then, a year or two ago, our little comic shop got bought out by Forbidden Planet. And everything started to go downhill.

Forbidden Planet are a good shop/company/whatever, true. When it comes to selling comics and film memorabilia, they're right up there in the top five. problem is, since that seems to really be their primary focus, they tend to neglect everything else. Like RPGs, which have been all but phased out now (with the excpetion of AD&D, a few of the new WoD stuff, and a couple of RPGs that are more board games than anything else). Pretty much the only way we can get RPG books here now is via online stores and the like, which is annoying as fuck when you don't have the money on a card but you do have it in your hand.

In the case of the comics, they still stock a huge, almost ungodly amount... but they're constantly two months behind the States now. It seems to me that FP has always been like this - I remember getting back into comics in a big way when I was 16 when I discovered the FP in Liverpool, and only noticing after a few weeks that they were a month or so behind what was being released in the States. After a while, it got very annoying - even more so after I got jacked in to the Internet pretty much permanently and discovered that I had to make choices as to whether to be spoiled or not on a regular basis.

It is deeply anoying (and maybe a little insulting to comic fans and the like) that a company as big as FP should do things this way, focussing on one area of business and ignoring others.

Anyway. Just wanted to voice that. Off to get milk.
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DC Comics have announced that the latest addition to the Batfamily will actually be a retconned reintroduction - Kathy Kane is turning up as Batwoman, and DC are describing her as a "lipstick lesbian".

The Onion have a few 'comments' on the subject.

My thoughts are twofold:

- One, is DC just doing this to go "Hey, look everybody! We're hip and edgy and stuff because we've got a gay character! Buy our stuff"? Because if they are, I'm annoyed. I mean, I'm cynical at the best of times, but this one seems to be setting off more of my alarms than usual.

- Two, why the Batfamily? For gods' sakes, the subtext between the lot of them sometimes practically reaches Sirius/Remus levels (my benchmark for "Now this is just getting silly", because after watching Prisoner of Azkaban with Nick, who is not a slash fan, he took one look at the two of them together and went, "Oh yeah. They're screwing."). They don't need any more homosexuality!
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