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Perhaps for once, everything is going to plan. All the presents are wrapped (with help from Mac, who is fascinated by the whole process and alternates between watching intently, trying to pounce stray bits of paper and trying to figure out just what, exactly, sticky tape is...) and, because we don't have a tree this year due to fear that the cats would demolish it, being guarded by the giant stuffed tiger in the living room. Tomorrow's Christmas dinner (steak for him, pork loins for me) is defrosting in the fridge. Even the first part of my big Christmas-timed RP in-game started without a hitch last night.


I have nothing to do now. I don't like this.
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The fic series I've been casually writing for my main RP hero in City of has unexpectedly bloomed. This is mainly because I've finally come up with a workable antagonist for him who fits into the story without too much jigging about.

There is really only one problem with this:

It'll mean I'll be trying to concentrate on this and on NaNo at the same time from now till... whenever it gets finished or the end of November at least, whichever comes sooner.

I suppose I could write City of fanfic for NaNo, using this plot as a springboard and writing big chunks of backstory for both Psychist and Tommy Bedlam (antagonist!) and re-writing (for NaNo) what I've already written to fit in... but I'm loathe to do that. For one, it'll mean I'll be way too easily distracted by the game in the form of "character research" (I know what I'm like). And for two... I'm not sure if I want to do fanfic this year. I mean, I use NaNo as a writing exercise - something to get me to write in large chunks, on a regular/daily basis, because otherwise I'm a sporadic writer at best despite all the stuff I've got on the computer and on paper round my room that needs to be finished - so whether or not I write something that can be published is of no real consquence to me. But on the other hand there's a part of me that always enjoys coming up with the world and new characters and plots and stuff...

Arrgh. Why can't my head just stick with one idea?
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So, the second Rikti invasion is still going strong in City of... right now, with the Rikti coming along in their great big dropships every few hours and carpetbombing a whole load of zones.

Back in the i10 beta, a group of heroes working together actually managed to take down a bunch of the ships (and you can see the video of that here). After they did this, the devs went, "Oh crap, you weren't supposed to be able to do that!" and tinkered with the ships, making them stronger and harder and generally more difficult to bring down.

Still, there's been plenty of talk about actually trying to take down these 'new and improved' dropships... and today we managed it!

...Yes, that does include me, even though my Mind/Kinetics Controller would have done more damage to the ship by simply hurling himself suicidally into its hull, and that's before you take the lag into account.

Here's a thread with some pictures of the event (before we went and pwned the dropship, there was a RP memorial for a character who had died in a Rikti attack the day before, which is what the first picture is about... and you can just about see me there too!), which is totally cool.

I took a couple of pictures myself, although between my computer and the lag they didn't turn out too brilliantly (and one of them got taken as I was plummeting dead from the sky after being hit with a Rikti Fusion Cannon or whatever those ships are equipped with), but they're below the cut if you're interested in my geeking out over this.

Rikti: Do You Want Karate? )

...sorry, I'll go to bed now. Just wanted to brag.

CoH Fun!

Apr. 16th, 2007 03:36 am
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I've been immortalised!

...well, one of my characters has, anyway. (NOT Bruno) Can you guess which one?

(It's just a cameo, really, if that helps, although I do have a speaking role...)

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